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    The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 1149

    Chapter 1149 Who Let You In?

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    Tan Bengbeng was holding onto the pajamas that the butler had given her. She stared at Qi Yan who hadnt allowed her to enter the bathroom.

    His reason was. You are too tired today, if you bath alone, you may faint in there. Anyway, I have to bath too, why not bath together? What do you think?


    Tan Bengbeng did not give him any reaction and walked straight into the bathroom, she hung her clothes up and Qi Yan followed her in.

    Bengbeng, I didnt tell you the truth. Actually, I am the one that is tired. The bathroom is not well ventilated, it is easy to suffer from a lack of oxygen, especially with the steam. I am afraid that I will faint in the bathroom, can you accompany me?

    He sounded pathetic and looked as if he could start crying at any moment.

    Qi Yan had figured out Tan Bengbengs character. She was very slow to show her feelings. It had to do with the environment she grew up in and the training she had gone through.

    However, she was not really cold. Acting weak would normally get her to give in.

    Qi Yan had tried it many times.

    The moment he finished his sentence, Tan Bengbeng looked at him hesitantly.

    She took his clean clothes, hung them up in the bathroom and filled the bathtub with warm water.

    Then, she walked up to him. When Qi Yan thought that they could bathe together, she stuffed the towel into his arms.

    She pulled a chair over and sat in front of the bathroom and glanced at him coldly.

    Bath in peace, I am just going to sit here. If you faint, I can rush in to save you immediately.

    A cold woman was not scary, a cold and intelligent woman was scary!

    Qi Yan tried to lure Tan Bengbeng into coming in by pretending to fall.

    He even left the door unlocked.

    However, the moment he shouted, the unlocked door was kicked open!

    He was pleased as he laid in the most alluring position waiting for her to scream. Then, he realized that the person who had come in was the mansions bodyguard.

    He was staring at him in shock

    Qi Yans smile froze as he jumped up from the ground and wrapped himself up in a towel. He shouted, Who asked you to come in? Where is Tan Bengbeng!

    The bodyguard answered innocently, Miss Tan said that she was going to bathe in another room and asked me to keep an eye on you. If I were to hear any noise from the bathroom, barge in immediately and help you out

    Qi Yans face turned black.

    He asked the bodyguard to get out, bathed and lay on the bed.

    He posed in his most alluring position and waited for Tan Bengbeng to come back. Half an hour passed and she wasnt back.

    An hour passed and she was still not back.

    He narrowed his eyes which let off a dangerous glint under the lights.

    Had she slept in another room after bathing there

    What about him?

    Qi Yan sat up from the bed immediately.

    He hadnt even got dressed after he had bathed, he had only wrapped himself up in a bathrobe.

    He wore slippers and wanted to go out to find her.

    He walked to the door and saw that Tan Bengbeng was about to knock on the door with her leg.

    There was a tray with two bowls of dumplings in her hand.

    They were freshly cooked dumplings that were still steaming.

    The steam blurred her cold features but it also gave her a sense of softness.

    The hostility in Qi Yans eyes disappeared instantly.

    He opened the door for her and took the tray from her.