The Rest Of My Life Is For You
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    The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 1148

    Chapter 1148 Xiao Liulius Little Brother

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    Nian Xiaomu saw that she looked pale and was worried. As long as she was fine, everything could be solved slowly.

    You guys are tired too, why not go back and rest. We can talk later.

    That was Qi Yans goal!

    Tan Bengbeng didnt allow him to get close, he couldnt make it too obvious and insist on her doing a checkup.

    However, judging from her condition yesterday, she needed to rest. If she were to talk about important matters now, it would only get her agitated.

    He heard Nian Xiaomu and started to nudge Tan Bengbeng back into the room to rest.

    Although Tan Bengbeng was in a hurry to speak to Nian Xiaomu, she couldnt do it in front of Qi Yan.

    She decided to wait until he was asleep.

    Then I shall go back now. Tan Bengbeng nodded and pushed Qi Yan towards the guest rooms on level one.

    They had come back late and it was already past midnight.

    Xiao Liuliu was sound asleep. Nian Xiaomu had missed her and went to check on Xiao liuliu after changing out of her clothes.

    Xiao Liuliu wrapped herself around a pillow as she slept. She was also hugging her favorite piglet toy and was talking in her dreams.

    Xiao Tiantian has a little brother Xiao Liuliu wants a little brother too

    Xiao Tiantian was Xiao Liuliu classmate from kindergarten.

    Nian Xiaomu heard her and kissed her on the cheeks.

    Xiao Liuliu continued to mumble.

    Xiao Liuliu made a snowman for little brother in the fridge mummy gave birth to a little brother

    She was insistent on having a little brother.

    Nian Xiaomu tucked Xiao Liuliu under the blankets and stood up from the bed.

    She couldnt help but look at her own tummy.

    The situation in the Mo Family was complicated and she had not figured out her identity, it was not the best time to be pregnant. But, after hearing Xiao Liuliu, she felt down.

    Yu Yuehan and she had not been using safety precautions for a while.

    Why isnt she pregnant?

    Familiar footsteps came from the door.

    Nian Xiaomu turned back to see Yu Yuehan walk in and the next moment he hugged her from behind.

    Werent you here to look at Xiao Liuliu? Why are you staring at your own stomach?

    Nian Xiaomu frowned and told him about her doubts.

    Shangxin told me that she was pregnant just by having sex with Tang Yuansi once. We have been together for so long, even Xiao Liuliu wants a little brother

    Nian Xiaomu pointed at Xiao Liuliu who was still talking in her dream.

    Yu Yuehans gaze fell.

    He stared at her bewildered face and turned her around to look at her in the eyes.

    His mouth opened slightly and spoke with pauses between his words. Nian Xiaomu are you trying to say that I havent been working hard enough?

    Nian Xiaomu was in disbelief.

    It is my fault for neglecting you recently, I will make up for it tonight.

    Yu Yuehan, calm down. I didnt mean that, I Ah!

    Before Nian Xiaomu could finish her sentence, she was carried out of Xiao Liulius room and into her own.

    When Nian Xiaomu was so tired that she couldnt even lift a finger, she reflected on herself. Why didnt she live her life peacefully? Why did she provoke a hungry wolf

    In the guest room.

    It was different from the peaceful atmosphere in the master bedroom.