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    The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 1145

    Chapter 1145 Pronounce Him Dead

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    Perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) on him, lets see if that will help to get his heartbeat back. Qi Yan instructed indifferently.

    Just as Tan Bengbeng was about to proceed with the resuscitation, he pulled her back.

    He gestured for the doctor-in-charge who was standing by the side to do it.

    The moment Tan Bengbeng cast him a displeased glance, he immediately raised the white flag to surrender and said, Your body is not well, I would be worried if you insist on helping. Once I worry, I get distracted easily, and if I am distracted, then Tang Yuansis life would be

    Stop speaking. Didnt you see that Shangxin is already so afraid? Tan Bengbeng gritted her teeth and reminded him.

    It was only then that Qi Yan looked up and cast Shangxin a glance. Thereafter, he looked toward Tan Bengbeng again and spoke with curled lips.

    I am only concerned about you, the life and death of others does not concern me.

    He was always acting like this. As such, one could never see through what he was thinking, with that casual yet demonic behavior of his.

    He seemed like a heartless person, but yet he was being so nice to her now

    Tan Bengbeng shook her head to stop her wild thoughts.

    Right now, nothing else mattered more than Tang Yuansis life.

    The doctor and nurses were all trying their utmost best to perform CPR on Tang Yuansi.

    However, there were no changes to the data on the electrocardiogram.

    Time ticked by.

    Tang Yuansi would be pronounced dead very soon if his heart continued to stop beating!

    Brother Xiaosi

    Shangxin was about to faint as she opened her mouth to speak.

    As she gritted her teeth, she pushed Nian Xiaomu away and rushed to the side of Tang Yuansis bed.

    Brother Xiaosi, you have promised me that you would definitely be fine. You said that you wanted to witness the birth of our child with your own eyes, you also wanted to accompany me home and beg Daddy to agree to our marriage What should I do if you fail to wake up

    Everyone felt a tight wrench in their hearts upon seeing the unresponsive Tang Yuansi as well as hearing Shangxins pitiful wails.

    They felt awful.

    Just as Nian Xiaomu was about to head forward to pull her aside, the beeping sounds of the machine suddenly rang beside her ears.

    She was stunned. Then, she heard the doctors agitated cheers.

    It worked! President Tangs heart has continued to beat!

    As Qi Yan headed forward, he took a glance and instructed coldly, The medicine has started to take effect. The drug resistance in his body is at the lowest state now, prepare the operating theater and operate on him right now!

    I can help! The moment Tan Bengbeng heard that Tang Yuansi could be operated on, she stepped forward immediately and followed behind Qi Yan.

    Qi Yan turned around and cast a glance at her; it was rare that he did not object and allowed her to follow him into the operating theater.

    He reminded her that she was only allowed to sit in the wheelchair and observe the process; if she did not listen to him, he would not save Tang Yuansi.

    The operation commenced in no time.

    Neither Qi Yan and Tan Bengbeng were in the waiting room.

    Only Shangxins sobbing could be heard outside the operating theater.

    Xiao Mumu, Brother Xiaosi would be fine, right?

    He has managed to get through so many difficulties, he would surely be able to do so this time around too

    He had promised me that he would survive, and that he would always be with me and the baby

    Nian Xiaomus nose turned a little sour as she hugged Shangxin and witnessed how she was so upset, but yet still forced herself not to cry.

    At this point in time, even a mentally strong person would break down a little.

    It was the last bit of hope in Shangxin that kept her going.

    As Nian Xiaomu bit her lips, she nodded her head with certainty and said, Things will definitely be fine. You have mentioned that you believe in miracles; since we have already managed to get the King of Hell to help us, Tang Yuansi will surely live to see the miracle!

    Yes, the King of Hell is Brother Xiaosis miracle, he will definitely survive

    Shangxin reached out to wipe her tears away and fixed her gaze on the operating theater. Then, she lowered her head and started to pray.

    Nian Xiaomu did not say anything and merely raised her head to look at Yu Yuehan, who was standing by her side.