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    The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 1144

    Chapter 1144 Magnanimous Vs Petty

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    A few seconds later, she probably thought that it was a little foolish to starve herself when there was obviously nice food around her.

    She pursed her lips and spoke.

    Yu Yuehan, you should know that a magnanimous man would not starve his fiance just because he was jealous, right?

    Yu Yuehan replied, I am petty like this. I feel uncomfortable when I watch you eat the steamed pastries that another man bought, and I would rather you continue to starve.

    At that moment, she was about to let things slide by saying that she would not be eating anymore and that she would instruct the assistant to buy food for her later on.

    However, the next second, she watched as Yu Yuehan took the steamed pastry from her hands and started to munch on it, right before her.

    Mouthful by mouthful, he ate in a graceful and calm manner He seemed to be savoring the food too!

    The big steamed pastry was about to be completely devoured by him.

    As Nian Xiaomu snapped back to her senses, she hurriedly grabbed onto his arm and confronted him, Werent you the one who said that the steamed pastry that was purchased by another man could not be eaten!

    Yeah, you cannot eat it, but I can. The King of Hell would surely be p*ssed off if he knew that I had eaten the steamed pastry that he had bought to appease you. As Yu Yuehan spoke, he popped the last mouthful of steamed pastry into his mouth.

    He had finished everything.

    Nian Xiaomu did not understand any of his crooked reasonings.

    However, she had seen with her own eyes how he had finished the steamed pastry that was meant for her Without even leaving a single bite behind!

    She did not know if the King of Hell would be p*ssed off by his action, but there was one thing for sureshe was absolutely mad!

    On the other side.

    Tan Bengbeng, who had been stuffed with food of all sorts, was on the verge of bursting out in anger.

    The conversation between both of them was as follows:

    Have one more mouthful of porridge.

    I have had my fill.

    Do you want to have some steamed dumpling?


    Have some red date cake?


    Have one bite of the pastry

    Finally, Tan Bengbeng could no longer endure it and cut him off, I am really full, you can have them yourself!

    Alright, Ill eat them, dont get angry! Without a second word, Qi Yan picked up the pastry and popped it into his mouth.

    He continued to soothe her even before he had swallowed the food fully.

    It seemed as though he would dutifully fulfill all of Tan Bengbengs instructions, but yet, such action from him made her feel extremely uneasy.

    There seemed to be something off.

    However, Qi Yan had never once acted normal.

    He had always done whatever he wanted to do, and his happiness was all that mattered.

    He had previously kept her as a slave, just because he felt bored and wanted a toy that he could play with.

    And now, he was probably being nice to her all of a sudden because he was sick of that method of treatment and wanted to change to something different.

    It must have been like this.

    She should not get too affected by him.


    Everyones heart skipped a beat the moment they heard the sudden beep of the medical equipment in the hospital ward.

    Shangxin was the first to leap up. When she saw that there were some changes to the electrocardiograph that was placed at the side of Tang Yuansis bed, she panicked and got ready to call the doctor over.

    She snapped back to her senses when she saw the King of Hell standing up.

    She immediately paused.

    Tan Bengbengs reaction was even faster than that of Qi Yans. When she walked forward and noticed the data on the machine, as well as the electrocardiogram that was on the verge of turning into a straight line, her expression changed!

    His heart has stopped, we must resuscitate him immediately!

    Tan Bengbeng turned around to look at Qi Yan. As he walked forward slowly, he cast her a glance.

    At this moment, the electrocardiogram that displayed Tang Yuansis sign of life suddenly turned into one straight line

    Even Tang Yuansis doctor-in-charge had charged into the room at this point of time.

    Nian Xiaomu could not be bothered about other things as she rushed forward immediately and held onto Shangxin.

    When she saw her extremely pale face, she was already starting to worry that if Tang Yuansi could not be revived, the baby in Shangxins tummy might just perish together with its mother!