The Problem With Marrying Rich: Out Of The Way Ex Chapter 72

    Chapter 72: She Was A Mother

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    In the hospital, He Xiyan continued to lie on the bed. She had spent 10 months carrying her child and an entire morning in labor so she was left completely exhausted. She did not even have the energy to speak.

    She looked at the confinement nanny who held her child, her son who was born at 3.5 kilograms.

    "Aunty, let me have a look at him." She said in a small voice but Aunty Yang heard her anyway.

    She carefully placed the child by He Xiyan's side.

    He Xiyan turned to look at her child. His features were not defined yet and his skin was flushed red but nonetheless, she could already see that he would be a beautiful and cute child with exquisite features. The baby woke up and stared at the lights in the ceiling with his small fists clenched tightly. His eyelashes were very long and as he blinked once in a while, he looked very cute.

    "Miss He, your child is very beautiful and cute. When he grows up, he would definitely take after his tall and handsome father and steal the hearts of many." Aunty Yang said. She was an experienced confinement nanny but when she said the word 'father', it was like a needle through that woman's heart.

    He Xiyan pursed her lips into a bitter laugh and sniffed a few times as she forced her tears back.

    She knew that this aunty was mistaken.

    Her child had no father. His biological father was currently holding a grand wedding ceremony with another woman and their son was even a month older than her child.

    Nonetheless, she would love her baby so much that he wouldn't miss having a father.

    Ye Hao brought congee and some fruits over when he came to visit.

    He placed the fruits aside and took out the freshly made eight-treasure congee.

    "Please eat something, or you might faint again." He sat by her bedside and carefully helped the woman up. He could not bear to see her so frail and pale as she was right now.

    He scooped up a spoonful of congee and brought it to her mouth as though he was feeding a child.

    "Eat." He commanded her. There was some other emotion other than concern for her in his eyes.

    He did not even realize when he had started caring so much for her.

    As He Xiyan ate the congee that he fed her, she blinked as tears welled up once again in her eyes. Her eyes turned misty under the lamplight.

    She opened her mouth to eat the food that he fed her.

    This man who she had known for less than a year had kept her company when she was at her most fragile and helpless state. He had never asked for anything in return but always silently extended his assistance whenever she needed it.

    "What are you looking at?" Ye Hao asked with a smile. He felt a little awkward as she stared at him but warmth filled his heart. The child was not his and he had resented its existence whilst it was still an unborn child.

    However, after the child was born, he found that he did not dislike the child. In fact, he even thought that the little baby was very cute and it activated the fatherly love in him.

    He fed her some more congee, then tucked her under her blankets and turned to look at the child in the confinement nanny's arms.

    The child was so tiny he didn't know why He Xiyan had such a hard time giving birth to him.

    "Give him to me!" He said as he stretched out his arms.

    Aunty Yang held back and smile and carefully placed the child in the arms of a man who was 30 centimeters taller than herself.

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