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    Volume 1 Chapter 413 The a Plan

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    After screaming and run round like somebody who was on fire, Lory managed to disconnect from Girsha. It used to be a simple matter to disconnected their consciousness but because Lory is shocked and utterly panic she tookmore times to disconnect from Girsha, just imagine you suddenly watch the video you don't to and you become panic and try to turn it off but instead you make it louder or accidentally enlarged the screen..that is what happened with Lory.

    Lory is laying listless on her bed while Girsha make a creepy sound [Lory you must see this, this is amazing! The grandpa has some skill] Girsha applauds the old man, people said the older you become the more experience you have, and that old man is living proof!

    Lory shuddered as she feel goosebumps all over her body [I need to take a bad.a long long bath.] she mumble to herself.

    Girsha didn't care what Lory said [Yeah-yeah, you do that, I need to watch them so we don't miss anything] he shoo Lory with his wings.

    Lory back hunch as she prepares her own bath, using spell Lory able to fill the tub with water automatically and uses another spell to heated the water after she takes off the robes she crouches inside the tub, meanwhile she tries to divert her minds by summarizing the information she knows so far.

    First, Mo Ning Yuan is a very strong cultivator, she has long grudged with Xie family who she believes involved in her brother demise, then she seduces the Chen family to be her backer and she also seduced the..elder from Xie family too, but something didn't add up if Mong Ning Yuang as strong as she thought she would be so why she slept with all these men?

    Because she likes it? unlikely.her subordinated and the man from Chen family are young people, Lory could understand if she mixed business with pleasure but the elder from the Xie family? Lory covers her mouth from the sudden burp, she still feel disgusted by the image.

    Unless Mo Ning Yuan has gerontophilia1, she will believe Mo Ning Yuan is scheming something more than just power, something very beneficial for her. Lory let out a long sigh as she rests her head on the side of the tub.

    'I need longer bath.and a lot of scrubs'

    After two hours she finally finishes her bath, she returns to the room while rubbing her wet hair with a towel. Girsha reminds on the same position on the table but this time he eating from the plate. Lory was flabbergasted [Is not over yet!] she shocked.

    Girsha snickered [Are you kidding me, they just got to the main course!]

    [What you mean they just got to..what are they doing for two hours before?!] Lory didn't know should she praise them or degrading them. Lory shakes her head as she pulls the stool she takes out the lunch box, just when she opens the lit the imaged of Mo Ning Yuan's happy face and Elder Xie excited face flashed on her imaged and suddenly she loses her appetite. Lory pinched the bridged between her eyebrows, she realizes she can't look old people the same way again.

    [Okay they have done now!] Girsha suddenly exclaimed.

    Lory frown in disgusted [See what they're up to]

    [Uhm, she asked about permits for the forbidden library]

    [Is he give it to her?] Lory asked but then his mouth hangs open, she feel there's something wrong with her words.

    [He does, is quite easy actually] Girsha shrug his wings, the old man is overly satisfied in this situation he probably would agree for anything, but Gitsha notices something is wrong with the old man [Lory, I think there's something wrong with the old man]

    Lory pursed her lips [I don't think anything is right about them] Lory shuddered again from the dirty imaged flashes on her mind, she might need a therapist after this.

    [No, Lory I'm serious here] Girsha said again as she squinted his eyes to the old man [His life force fluctuates]

    Lory realizes Girsha is not joking [What do you mean?]

    For living things not only for humans, a life force is very important for animals, plants and every kind of life forms, whether it was Qi or Mana everything is moves and control by the life forces and where is this Life forces coming from? No one really knows, for religious people they would say it's a divined existence that existed within the body and for the scientific person said is a form of living things but no one knows for sure.

    [What do you see?] Lory carefully asked.

    Girsha shakes his head feeling bewildered [Not just his life forces that were sucked but there's something inside of that man brains, Lory...this is not right there's a demon parasite inside of him!]

    As is she was struck by lightning, Lory jaw fall as her eyes bulged from her socket [No, you wrong, that can't be true!] she shakes her head profusely [Demon parasite does not exist, that damn thing cannot exist in this world! Girsha are you sure, can't you be wrong?] Lory squeezes her head with panic-stricken expression.

    Girsha is in the same panic state as her but as the elder, he is more calmed than Lory [Calmed down girl, we can't think clearly if we got panic] Girsha said solemnly.

    [Yeah yeah, you right, I need to calm down- need to calm down.] Lory gulped as she inhaled and exhales her breathing and tries to calm her beating heart. Lory back and forth as she stabilizes her breathing as she shakes her hands to ease the tension.

    [We've been questioning this for a long time, none of us dare to voice it out] Girsha narrowed his eyes [Is Lazarus here, how long that demon been here?]

    Lory feel her heart drop [If he's herehe should know the cursed he planted on me is getting weaker, why don't he looking for me, what is he waiting for?]

    Lory and Girsha look at each other in a silent no one dare to make a sound. Lory crosses her arms on her chest as her face turns dark from anxiety, even if her power returns and somehow the trinity staff able to fix there's no guarantee she would able to kill that demon. And if she failed to kill that demon anyone and everything in this world will be gone and it's all because of her.

    Lory plops on the stool she rubs her face and sighs [What should we do?]

    [What we do best, we fight on!]

    [This is different, I don't mind dying but if I failed, Li Xin, Yue Yin, Mong Ki, Mong Yi and everyone else will be dead because of me!] Lory distressed by the possibility to harmed everyone she cares in this world, she doesn't regret saving her brother but not with the expensed of other people in this world not with Zhao Li Xin life!

    [There's still another way, our main plan, the 'A' plan] Lory stares at Girsha deeply.

    [I don't like the 'A' Plan, perhaps there's another way, Arthea might know something, oh heck she might know this all along] Girsha scoffed angrily.

    [You have an idea how to contact the Seeress?] Lory raised her eyebrows and Girsha didn't answer, the Seeress come and go whenever they like, at least at that time they can search her in Djevelskrin temple but now, where the hell to find her.

    {Whatever] Girsha snort [We do what we know, Search your fragments, get rid the cursed and figure it out how to fix the Trinity staff, and figure it out how to cut the snake head]

    Lory nods her head slowly as she fixes her eyes on Girsha [But if we failed.we do the 'A' Plan] Lory insists she will not gives Girsha a chance to rebuke, this is not just her life they put on the line but also all the living things in this world, she will not be blamed for the destruction of this world, especially when she started to grow fond of this world.

    Girsha nods, he reluctantly agrees with her [We do the 'A' Plan, but we need to see the bigger question here, where the hell that demon parasite coming from?]

    [Mo Ning Yuan?] Lory frown as she can believe what she said either.

    [You think she connected with Lazarus? I don't want to praise that demon but I don't think Mo Ning Yuan soul is something he would be attracted to] is the primary s.e.x.u.a.l attraction to the elderly