The Most Loving Marriage In History: Master Mu’s Pampered Wife Chapter 2152

    Chapter 2152: end Of The Article

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    Mu Xiaochen squatted, and Junmei was also a singer, and looked thoughtfully at Xixia Night.

    Xia Xia shrugged and pulled him straight into the room, closing the door.

    "Come, show me!"

    Mu Xiaochen said, and sat down on the sofa directly on the side, and reached for the summer night.

    Xi Xia night also handed over, and as he sat down, Mu Mochen quickly opened the envelope and pulled the letter inside to see it -


    It was the girls who wrote a love letter to their sons, and the literary talents of these little girls made him a little surprised. They were shocked at the summer night and couldnt help but take the letter, one after the other. After reading it, I admire the dust and said it.

    "The charm of this kid is really not small, so many seals, it is only this week, count, there are more than a dozen, feed, Mr. Mu, you said that he will not be in school to fall in love? Although I It is not very opposed to early love, but is this not so good?"

    When Xi Xia night said it, I couldnt help but worry.

    Mu Chenchen was a little disapproving and gave her a slant. "Don't guess, I really want to know if I want to ask my son directly."

    "Does this matter if he asks him?"

    "The son is not so impetuous, you can rest assured."

    Mu Xiaochen is confident in his son. Isn't he the same in the past?

    "Look at you like this, you still have a very enjoyable look, presumably you were also..."

    "The only thing I have chased is that you have one."

    Without waiting for her to finish talking, Mu Chenchen had already cut off her words. When Xia night suddenly stopped talking, thinking about it, when she wanted to say something, Mu Xiaochen suddenly threw away the letter in her hand and leaned over. She didn't wait for her to react and kissed her soft lip line...

    "I...we haven't taken a shower yet..."

    Capricorn, the two of them were in a mess, and they struggled for the summer night.

    The man heard the words, smiled low, and immediately got up and picked her up -

    "If you wait anyway, you have to wash it again..."


    The summer night protest was invalid. Ten years later, she still has no right to speak. In this way, the man wants to come, how can he come, and he is definitely not going to grieve himself. Connotation!

    Xi Xia night had some sad reminders to think about it.


    A week later, the new semester began and the children returned to school.

    Mu Tang Chuanzhuang Shu Rong, as well as Xi Mushan and Shen Wenna travel abroad to travel arrangements are also arranged.

    They were the plane at 9 o'clock on Monday morning, and Mu Xichen and Xi Xia came to the plane personally.

    "Mother, when you get there, you will have fun. You don't have to worry about things here. The news of Xi Xinyi must have made you and your father stiff. I hope this opportunity will be eased. How is my father's heart?" Think, you know in your own heart, don't care too much, people have gone, and some things should be put down."

    Xi Xia night took Shen Wenna and said, she lowered her voice.

    Shen Wenna is an elegant blue-and-white cheongsam today. The charm is still there. The years have not left too many traces on her body. Even though this is a lot of age, it is still well maintained.

    Listening to Xi Xia night, Shen Wennas face also had a little smile. "Do not worry, I have never cared about it. Anyway, your father is with me now, I figured it out, too. Only this is the most important thing. Your father is actually reflecting on himself, so..."

    When I heard Shen Wennas words, Xi Xia night was a lot of relief.

    "You and Mu Chen should also take mutual care to understand each other. I don't think there will be a situation between me and your father. Summer night, for me, your happiness is crucial."

    Shen Wenna is actually very happy, because there is such a daughter.

    Xi Xia night smiled and smiled and nodded.

    "Okay, board the plane, it's almost time."

    Suddenly, the low voice of Mu Chen was heard.

    "Well, you have to go back quickly, you have to go to work, we will be there, we will give you a call, the children should take care of it, and give us a call if there is anything."

    Zhuang Shurong also said.

    "Well, you boarded the plane."


    The group of people was not on the plane.

    The plane quickly rushed out of the runway and rushed to the blue sky.

    Xi Xia night did not leave immediately, but always watched the plane take off.

    After a while, the voice of Mu Chen was heard behind him.

    "Don't look at it, it's already invisible. Let's go, we are still rushing to work."

    "A long time ago, I expected them to go out with such carefree care. I can't think of it. This wish can only be realized now, but they are all old and we are old."

    Xi Xia night said faintly.

    "Don't you hear such a sentence? Before you want to do something, think about whether it is late, actually it is early, and it is just beginning."

    "If you say this, it makes sense to think about it. I hope they can have fun this time."

    "Will do."

    Mu Xiaochen said slowly, and reached out to ring the shoulders of Xia night.

    The eyes of Xia Xia night still stopped in the blue sky in front. After a while, I sighed. "When we are old, will it be like this?"

    "Of course, the children are bigger and can take over our business. We will travel around the world."

    "How long will it take?"

    Xi Xia night sighed, "The children are still very small."

    "Take another ten years."

    Mu Xiaochen said, the big hand on her shoulder was also slightly tightened, bowed her head and kissed her hair. "The years are still very long. Are you still worried about not having a chance? At that time, where do you want to go, I will be with you."

    "After I am married to you, you have not wronged me, Mr. Mu, sometimes you will think that I am a burden?"

    When Xia Xia said this, he turned his head and looked at him. There was a faint affection in the stars.

    Mu Xiaochen also looked down at her, smiled and smiled, clutching her, and turned around, and had to follow his footsteps in the summer night.

    There is a deep affection in the low and soft voice. "The summer night is unique in this world. The wife of Mu Xiaochen, the mother of my child, who can't grievances, can be a burden?"

    His tone is full of unquestionable resoluteness, listening to the summer night, and my heart is also inexplicably soft.

    She is probably old, and more and more like to hear him say that he cares about her.

    "I... I often think that if all the suffering in the first place is to wait for you, then those are not anything, as long as the person who can finally be with me is you, then that's fine."

    Xi Xia night tightened his hand.

    Mu Zhenchen stunned and immediately hugged her. "Do you want to be with me for three lifes? Summer night?"

    "it is good."

    "What is eternal life forever?"

    "This, I have to think about it..."

    "Promise, marry me, I won't let you suffer..."

    It seems that many years ago, when she decided to marry him, he said so too -

    Will not let her suffer.

    he made it.

    And she -

    At this moment, she finally thought of the word forever...

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