The Most Loving Marriage In History: Master Mu’s Pampered Wife Chapter 2151

    Chapter 2151:

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    The hot summer season soon passed, and in the last days of the summer vacation, Mu Ruirui and Mu Xicheng brothers finally returned home.

    Mu Xiaochen and the summer night personally pick them up.

    The car just entered the entrance of the campus, and the old man looked at Mu Ruirui and Mu Yucheng standing under the tree on the side of the road. Mu Ruirui has grown very tall, dressed in a military green, holding in his hand. A camouflage backpack, Mu Xicheng is a gray-black casual wear, with a black backpack on his right shoulder and a casual hand in his trouser pocket.

    Mu Ruirui is more and more handsome and handsome, but his age is different. He is very close to Mu Xichens summer night and Muyu City. Mu Yucheng also respects him. Big Brother's, although the identity of Mu Ruirui is very clear to everyone in the Mujia, but it is very strange that everyone did not give birth to him, just like Mu Xiaochen and Amo.

    "Dad, Mom!"

    Mu Ruirui also saw the car of Mu Chenchen, and he clearly saw the people in the car -

    Driving the car is Mu Chenchen, Xi Xia night is in the passenger seat.


    Mu Ruirui swept the city of Muyu, and the two brothers stepped forward.

    Mu Xiaochen quickly stopped the car in front of the road, and the brothers also directly opened the back door and got on the bus.

    Mu Xiaochen also got off the bus and took a few bottles of water in the trunk.

    "Awaiting for a long time? Don't be hungry? Blame your dad for going out for a drink last night, and only came back in the middle of the night. I can't get up like a dead pig this morning."

    Xi Xia turned around and took the two sons behind him, and his face was a little bit pleasing.

    Mu Xiaochen also handed the water in his hand. "Its half an hour late, all the way, no time, no time for a few minutes, drink some water, what do you want to eat?"

    "How did Xiao Shu not come?"

    The brothers soon found out that there was no such small bad bag, and they looked at each other, Mu Ruirui asked.

    "She went back to the old house, and your grandmother is going to your aunt. In the past few days, Xiaoshu will follow the past."

    Xi Xia night replied, "It has already passed at noon, or find a place to eat first."

    "Mom, I want to go home to eat, Dad, you have made us delicious, I haven't eaten the dishes you have made for a long time, and I have dinner directly."

    Muyu City has never liked to eat outside, no wonder, there is a master-level dad at home, he usually does not care about the general food, it is better to go home directly.

    "This is just the right place to buy food at dinner. Otherwise, go directly to the supermarket and see what they have to eat."

    Xi Xia night thought about it, but also agreed.

    Mu Yanchen squinted at her, and Xiao Nizi and the children have already regarded him as a cook for cooking!

    However, Mu Xiaochen still has no implementation of any opinions.

    In the evening, the maple is inside and the lights are bright.

    In the kitchen, Mu Xiaochen is preparing dinner, and the side of Muyu City is playing.

    "Dad, big brother said that he wants to test the military school, you will not really give him a test?"

    Mu Yucheng handed the washed **** to Mu Chenchen.

    "Where do you want to go, I am afraid that it will not stop, but you are not the same as the small town. Dad hopes that you can think further in the enlightenment."

    "I understand, Dad, I will be like you, a person who can protect my family."

    Mu Xiaochen listened, and Juns face was also a little gratified. He turned his head and looked at his son quietly. He suddenly found out that his sons body seemed to have his own shadow, but he understood that his son The temper should have more things than him. What is specific? He cant say it, maybe its with his mother, summer night.

    "Although you are still small, but the conceptual things in your bones still need to be accepted as early as possible. Does it blame Dad for being too strict with you?"

    Mu Xiaochen said, and also looked at his son deeply.

    Mu Yucheng shook his head. "I know Dad's mind. If it is not for me, I won't want me to go the same way as you. Grandpa said, there are things that always need someone to do, some of the responsibilities. Someone needs to be responsible."

    "Your grandfather is right. He taught me that way."

    Mu Xiaochen listened, and the smile on his face became more and more intense.


    Dinner is very rich, Mu Tangchuan also came over, the family is also Zhuang Shurong and Mu Yushu are not, Qi Weier is still on the side of Qi Lei, so now they are five people sitting around.

    During the dinner, Mu Tangchuan was very concerned about the education of two children. Mu Tangchuan had already retired for some time, but the spirit was very good. Maybe it was because there was no pressure. With his wife, he felt it. Unprecedented pleasure.

    "After a few moments, I caught up with the children to start school. I discussed it with your mother. I want to go to the Maldives. You know, I havent been with her for many years, and I owe her too much. "

    After dinner, when Xi Xia night was packing the dishes, Mu Tangchuan said to Mu Mochen in the sofa.

    Mu Zhenchen paused. It was a bit of an accident for Mu Tangchuans speech. But when I thought about it, I smiled at the moment. "Well, then I will let Li Si arrange it for you. Go to Europe after visiting the country, France, Italy, Germany, a lap down, play for three or two months or half a year, now you can have a little easier, Xiaorui they stay in school, Xiao Shu is very good, and parents have them."

    "Your mom means, let your parents be together, just four of us, and a partner."

    Mu Tangchuan said.

    Mu Zhenchen thought about it and replied, "Well, if this is the case, I will arrange it. If you go out, I will not rest assured that I will arrange a few bodyguard guides for you."

    "Well, this is your arrangement. We are going to play for a few months this time and come back at the end of the year. It is not so busy now, we can rest assured."

    "Do not worry, Dad."


    Mu Tangchuan did not stay overnight here, but insisted on going back, but it was already late when he went back. Mu Chenchen had to personally send him back, but Mu Tangchuan let the driver come over, so he refused.

    I sent Mu Tangchuan back to the room, just in time for the summer night to come out of the children's room.

    "The children are sleeping?"

    Mu Xiaochen asked in a low voice.

    "Well, I played for a while. Right, I found this from the small city bag and asked him, he actually let me throw it directly, this..."

    Xi Xia night said, while handing a few pink, nice-looking envelopes to Mu Xiaochen, I knew what the girl used when I saw it -

    There are also butterflies dancing on the envelope...