The Most Loving Marriage In History: Master Mu’s Pampered Wife Chapter 2150

    Chapter 2150:

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    Waiting for the summer night, a few people are busy, and they are also starting to bake.

    For a time, the air was full of enticing barbecue aroma, and soon the childrens laughter was added.

    The children are playing around with them, except for Mu Yushu, and Su Jingling, they are a pair of children of Qi Lei...

    Xi Xia night is a time when I havent caught up with such a long time. It seems that my heart is also a bit of joy.

    "Look at them having a good time. When they see them, they think of themselves as a child. I only hope that they can have a happy childhood."

    It is Qin Su who speaks.

    Qin Su has become gentler in recent years. It is no longer as chilly as before. Zhou Zimo loves her very much. Iron is the heart to heat her. Although Qin Su is passive, Zhou Zimo is good to her, she also They are all in sight.

    "Now the children are more happy than our generation. I am letting them play now. I dont want to force them to master a lot of things. I just hope that they can learn to play hard, their way. Let them go by themselves."

    The oriental stream is also faint, and the eyes are filled with a touch of softness.

    "It seems that our views are also consistent."

    Xi Xia night also smiled happily.

    "Mom, Aunt Yunyun, Dad and Uncle Qi Lei let you eat barbecue in the past."

    At this moment, Mu Yushu came over and urged.

    "Good! We will pass now."


    When a group of people is surrounded, they can also form a large long table. The table is full of food.

    Mu Xiaochen was sitting in front of the barbecue grill, and Qi Lei and Zhou Zimo were fighting the landlords, while they were drinking and drinking, so it was cozy.

    "I am coming, are you going to talk to them?"

    Seeing Mu Xiaochen alone is busy, the summer night girl also sat down.

    "Let them play by themselves, sit down."

    Mu Xiaochen moved a little bit of his position and pointed to the position beside him.

    Xi Xia night also sat down very submissively, took the raw materials on the side and handed it to him.

    He reached out and handed a string of freshly roasted chicken shoulders to Xi Xia night. It also had a sweet and fragrant aroma. "Try, you didn't eat anything."

    Mu Xiaochen naturally noticed that she had just said that Xia Xia was not very keen on the barbecue. Zhou Zimo and Su Chen did very much like this.


    Xi Xia night came over, took a bite carefully, nodded, "The taste is not bad, your technology has not gone backwards, you try?"

    She said, and also handed the chicken shoulder to his mouth. "Be careful."

    Mu Yanchen gave her a slant, and then smiled and took a bite. She pulled a paper towel and wiped her mouth. "Not bad."

    Xi Xia night continued to eat alone, watching him busy.

    "anything else?"

    Mu Xiaochen asked her to drop the bamboo stick and asked.

    Shi Xia night shook his head, just gave them a plate, she was a little full.

    "Take this bite and eat more."

    Mu Xiaochen handed her a grilled wing.

    "No, you said a few days ago that I am mellow."

    "Ghosts have said this, eat this again, you are a little better, life should have experienced fat and thin, or white."

    Hearing this, Xi Xia night couldn't help but smile. Many times, listening to him is such a serious nonsense, it seems to be a kind of enjoyment.

    "I really don't see you anymore. I clearly said that day is so determined. Now I am going to change now, and only people like you."

    "I didn't remember what I said, you will be when my menopause is over."

    Mu Xiaochen did not argue with her, and directly handed the chicken wings to her, but she could only pick up the summer night.

    "I am worried that you are not eating enough. Are you still not happy? I always hope that you can remember me too."

    "Mr. Mu, how do I find out that you are a little bit tempered?"

    "I thought you always found out that I was like this."

    Someone does not refute, but is directly and generously admitted.


    I have been with him for ten years, and I found out that she has never been able to take advantage of his cheapness in the tongue.


    A group of people played until the evening to leave, Lan Xiu and cold hearted they left first, followed by Su Chen and Zhou Zimo also followed, Mu Xichen and Xi Xia night because of the proximity to the holy water villa area, so it is later go away.

    At this moment, Qi Lei just dipped a pot of chrysanthemum tea, and Mu Chen was sitting on the side.

    Xi Xia night was pulled by the oriental stream to see a few sets of embroidered dresses. Dongfang Liuyun was very interested in embroidery recently. He just had some interest in summer nights, so two people can often talk together.

    "I went to see the film and television base a few days ago and met Amo. He seems to manage Huigu very well. It seems that you have left the prosperous years a few years ago. It seems to be a very correct decision."

    Qi Lei said to Mu Yuchen to pour a cup of flower tea.

    "After he married Ling Shi, he should have returned to the ancient family with Ling Shi. At the beginning, he was worried that he could not adapt to it at all, and it was not good to let the brothers have a gap. So he used an excuse to transfer him to B. Let him adapt slowly. He never let me down."

    When Mu Xiaochen said this, his eyes were a touch of gratification.

    "Amo is very good, and Ling Shi has him, and he will have a good time."

    After the last trip to B City, Amo and Ling Shi invited him to eat. I can see that they also lived very well.

    "The film and television base has been operating very well in the past few years, so we made this decision correctly."

    "Well, the projects in my hands are on the channel, and I feel that the pressure is not that big."

    Mu Yanchen nodded and raised his hand and patted Qi Leis shoulder. "Its not easy to live a quiet life. Cherish it."

    Qi Lei also reached out and shook hands with Mu Xiaochen. Mu Xiaochen had a little smile on his face, took a sip of tea, and then put down the cup. "Okay, time is not early, I am with summer." The night should go back."

    Said, also stood up.

    Qi Lei also followed up.


    Qi Lei and Dongliu Liuyun are still the same as before, and they are sent to the door outside the summer night.

    "Go back, there is still some cold at night, when will Weier come back and make a call, let the driver pick you up, do you know?"

    "Okay, mom!"

    Qi Weier should have a sentence.

    Soon, the black car shadow slowly disappeared into the twilight ahead.

    "Let's go back."

    After a while, Qi Lei turned to look at the eastern stream.

    Dongfang Liuyun nodded, and followed Qi Lei turned around, hand in hand Qi Weier, went to the villa in front.

    "Uncle, I want to go to Grandpa tomorrow and see Grandpa."

    "Well, let you drive you to the past."


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