The Monk That Wanted To Renounce Asceticism Chapter 1344

    Chapter 1344 How Domineering

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    Sure enough, when Hu Xiaoye said that it was Yu Nian, Hu Xiaoyes father immediately rushed over. Before he arrived, they heard his voice. "Why is he here? Get lost, stay away from my Xiaoye!"

    Yu Nian angrily said, "I wont want your daughter even if you pay me! Now, return the money and the house!"

    Salted Fish praised. "Thats a real man!"

    Old Hu sneered and said, "What are you talking about? Our family doesnt owe you anything. Ive already called the police. This is harassment!"

    Yu Nian said, "I bought the house. I gave the betrothal money. How do you not owe me?"

    Old Hu pursed his lips and said, "Are extortionists and blackmailers so lacking in skill these days? You trash, a dreg of society, how are you to buy a house? And betrothal money? Are you dreaming? Before you say anything, lets see if theres any evidence. If theres nothing, get lost! Ive already called the police. Just wait to be caught!"

    When Yu Nian heard this, he was about to explode with anger. He knew that Old Hu might look rough, but he was scheming.

    This fellow was very careful with his words. He did not mention that Yu Nian had purchased a house or had given a betrothal gift because he was afraid that Yu Nian would sue him after making a recording.

    If Yu Nian did not have any evidence, what could he do to him?

    The police arrived. Yu Nian was indeed suspected for causing trouble.

    After all, even if the police sympathized with him, the law needed evidence.

    It was a fact that Yu Nian was causing trouble, so he was the one suffering.

    Yu Nian clenched his fists. "Can you be any more shameless?"

    Old Hu said, "Are you shameless or am I shameless? Do you still have the cheek to walk on the streets?"

    Hearing this, Yu Nian was instantly infuriated and was about to strike.

    Salted Fish held him back and said with a voice transmission, "Dont do anything. Calm down! You are a civilized man and Im a monk. We are civilized!"

    Old Hu continued, "The house belongs to my daughter, the money is mine, youre just a piece of trash Get it? Scram as far as you can. A reporter is here today, so I told them about how Ive canceled the engagement. I reckon that tomorrow, everyone will know how trash like you was kicked out of the house"

    With that said, Old Hu turned around and said to Hu Xiaoye, "Ive told you long ago that you should find a reliable boyfriend. This sort of hooligan who doesnt do proper work isnt reliable at all. He thinks hes some phoenix after earning some money when hes nothing but a chicken. A chicken is a chicken; trash is trash. They will never be presentable."

    Yu Nian was so angry that his teeth were chattering

    Just then, someone pushed him from behind. Yu Nian was just about to ask what was that for when he heard Salted Fish say, "Holy sh*t! This fellow is too much! If you can tolerate it, I cant tolerate it. F*ck him!"

    Then, Yu Nian was pushed forward. When Old Hu saw this, he was shocked and said angrily, "What are you doing?"

    Salted Fish shouted from behind. "Ill help you. He cant beat you!"

    As soon as he said that, Yu Nian was filled with rage. He threw a punch and said angrily, "Youve gone too far!"

    However, Old Hu jumped back to dodge and raised his leg. Yu Nian screamed in pain and fell to the ground.

    Over his years of typing without any exercise, how could his physique compare to someone who worked for years?

    Yu Nian clutched his stomach as he sat on the ground. He was in so much pain that he was sweating. He shot a glance at Salted Fish beside him, as though he was saying: Arent you helping me? Didnt you say that I could defeat him? Whats happening?

    Salted Fish threw up his fins and said, "I havent even told you to start and you attacked. Are you blaming me for being hit? You need to give me some preparation time to help you!!"

    Yu Nian was so angry that he wanted to bite this unreliable salted fish to death. He was about to curse about how unreliable he was.

    Then, Salted Fish shouted. "Hes here again. This time, Ive blessed you. Go!"

    Yu Nian refused to believe this unreliable salted fish. He could only stare helplessly as he saw the incoming punch reach his nose

    Old Hu didnt hold back on his bunch.

    At the same time, Old Hu said to Hu Xiaoye, "You found trash like that? Its fine if he doesnt do proper work, but he doesnt even have any strength. What the hell is this?"

    As he spoke, he punched Yu Nians nose!

    Since when had Yu Nian fought with someone? After being punched on the nose, he did not even manage to react and scream twice. He glared at Old Hu angrily and stared at him without moving an inch.

    But at the next moment


    With a dull thud, Old Hus punch seemed to hit steel. His soft nose was like an iron hammer!

    Old Hu let out a cry as he clenched his fists and cried out, "Aiya, it hurts so much"

    Although Yu Nian didnt know what was going on, it was obvious that he had gained supernatural powers since his nose wasnt injured while the other partys hand was injured!

    As a web novelist, he didnt lack the ability to adapt to cheating powers. Therefore, he immediately realized that Salted Fish was reliable!

    Thus, he roared and climbed up. "Do you think I cant beat someone up?"

    Then, after Yu Nian threw a punch, Old Hu couldnt even dodge it. He was hit in the nose and fresh blood gushed out! With a loud bang, he flew out and slammed heavily onto the table. He covered his face and cried, unable to get up.

    Yu Nian looked at his fist in surprise. Then, he raised his middle finger at Old Hu and Hu Xiaoye and said, "I earned money with my talent. What did you rely on? A small companys accountant, a little owner of a mahjong house, and youre looking down on me? How much do you earn in a month? More than two thousand yuan! How much can your dad earn in a month? Less than ten thousand yuan! Your whole family combined cant even earn as much as me alone, yet youre still complaining that I do nothing?

    "Let me tell you, Im a member of the Writers Association. Im a member of the online Writers Association, and Im a cultured person! What are you guys?

    "Let me tell you guys, those whose inspiration dry up after a few years of writing are those who cant engage in proper work!

    "The more you use your brain, the better it is. I have plenty of things to write! The world that you are used to seeing lives and breathes under my pen! The furor you watch is a model for my stories!

    "My book can be read and discussed by tens or hundreds of thousands of people.

    "What about you? Will anyone care about your thoughts?


    "As a bunch of useless people who dont have any imagination, only capable of using ways to cheat others of their money, what right do you have to insult me?

    "Look down on me? Wait and see. Lets see who will be the one looked down upon in three years!"

    After a roar, Yu Nian shook his head and turned to leave!

    Salted Fish looked over before looking back at Yu Nian. He then hurriedly followed.

    Downstairs, Salted Fish asked, "Youre leaving?"

    Yu Nian did not say anything. Instead, he clenched his fists and growled, "Damn it! Ive lived for more than twenty years, but Ive never been as manly as I am today! How was it? Were you stunned by how domineering I was?"