The Martial Emperor With Dragon Blood Chapter 48

Chapter 48: The Mysterious Lolita

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When Ye Mo woke up, he noticed he was in a cave surrounded by a stone bench, a bed, and a table. Ye Mo was lying on the stone bed.

A naked lolita was sitting on top of his chest, kissing him.

Ye Mo pushed the little girl away. The lolita's hair was as white as snow and both of her cheeks on her face were pink. She looked like a living doll, even cuter than Xiao Cao.

Yet Ye Mo was not attracted to the little girl in front of him. The girl had sucked all of his Spiritual Energy. Even his Five-Elements Energy was depleted.

If not for his Dragon Energy maintaining his body, a depleted Energy Center could cause his power to decrease drastically.

Ye Qin had once told Ye Mo that there existed spirits or beasts that could suck human's energy to increase their own strength.

What surprised Ye Mo was that the girl in front of him was not the girl with the shining armor he'd seen before.

"What an odd one. You still have the strength to push me away even after I'd sucked your energy dry." The girl said and tilted her head while casually standing in front of Ye Mo.

"You fiend. How dare you suck my energy!" Ye Mo scolded. "All the bodies in this cave died because you'd suck them dry, am I right? I'm going to kill you right now and stop your evil deeds."

Ye Mo summoned the Formation-Breaking Spear into his hand and controlled all 25 Dragon Energies into all five of his Mortal Gates. His power suddenly heightened, and everything in the cave began to shake.

The little girl became angry when she saw the spear Ye Mo was holding. "You mere human! The spear in your hand was that woman's weapon! It's a waste on you!"

"It's enough to kill you!" Ye Mo spun the spear and held it with both of his hand. He thrust it towards the ,olita and evoked the martial technique, Twin Dragons Frolicking with a Pearl. Two Spear Projections merged together to form a massive projection and shot towards the Lolita. The power from the spear could destroy a mountain or overturn an ocean.

"A mere Spirit Cultivating First Realm human would dare challenge me?" A charm suddenly appeared in the little girl's hand. Even though the charm was not big, it was still a considerable size in the hands of a little girl. Yet the girl moved like a professional and thrust both of her arms out. The charm grew bigger and attacked Ye Mo, binding him like a mummy.

"A mere human challenging me? Even that woman was no match for me. I'm going to suck you dry, then I can ignore the Evil Energy and leave this cave!" The lolita started walking towards Ye Mo.

Just before she was about to touch him, the charm suddenly loosened and Ye Mo shot the spear towards her.

Shocked, the little girl quickly manifested a yellow charm and formed a shield to block his attack.

"Intriguing. Looks like there's a treasure in your body. I'll be studying it once I've sealed you," the Lolita said as she pulled out a black charm and attacked Ye Mo's Energy Center.

Who is this girl? It's not normal for a person to simply pull out charms from nowhere.

The charms the girl has used could be used to block his attack and restrain him. Yet, Ye Mo was not worried by the incoming attack. As long as the charm was drawn using energy, he could use the Rising Dragon Pillar to absorb all the energies from the charm.

Ye Mo did not evade the attack and allowed the charm to stick onto his Energy Center.

The lolita saw that the charm had successfully sealed Ye Mo's Energy Center and pointed at Ye Mo's nose. "You're done, you human. Your Energy Center has been sealed with my Sealing Charm!"

Ye Mo acted like he was panicking, but in reality, he was secretly absorbing the Magical Beast manifested from the charm inside his body. The beast has taken the shape of a magical mink. Its size was larger than any Magical Beasts that Ye Mo had encountered before. It could even hold its own when facing the Rising Dragon Pillar.

The charm that was used was definitely a high-level charm.

The little girl was glad to see Ye Mo struggling with the charm. She sat on the stone chair and crossed her legs. "Hey, human. That charm is a Rank Seven Sealing Charm," she said. "If you try to use your energy, that mink will grow bigger and explode from inside. Now, you'll have to obey my orders if you want me to remove the charm."

This lolita is definitely not a normal little girl. Is she an extraordinary Charm Master or something? She could even use a Rank Seven Charm! Ye Mo continued to act scared and asked, "What do you want me to do?"

The little girl nodded and clasped her hands. "Since you can enter this cave, that means you aren't afraid of the Evil Energy outside," the girl said. "Go and remove the Sky Blood Pearl from the woman outside and bring it to me. And bring me some Beast Cores. I'll remove the seal once I'm satisfied with your performance."

"This is a Rank Seven Charm. It's not that easy to remove, is it?" Ye Mo asked as he knew that removing a charm was harder than implementing one.

"A mere Rank Seven Charm would pose no challenge to me. Go and bring me the Sky Blood Pearl. I want to see how dead the woman is!" The little girl ordered.

Ye Mo nodded. The cave he was in was a small cave inside the Evil Cave. The huge pit was next to the small cave's entrance, and in it laid the body of the silver armored girl. In her hand was the Sky Blood Pearl.

The little girl must've been terrified of the Evil Energy, or else she wouldn't be stuck in this cave.

Ye Mo jumped into the pit. The little girl must've used some charm to block the Evil Energy out from the small cave.

Ye Mo took the Sky Blood Pearl, and blood red lights began to shine from it. The armored girl turned to ashes under the light. Even her bones were gone. The only thing left behind was her silver armor.

The Sky Blood Pearl began to suck in all the Evil Energy it was emitting. In an instant, the vast amount of Evil Energy was gone.

Ye Mo held the Sky Blood Pearl in his hand with excitement. If he could absorb all of the Evil Energy in the pearl, it could increase his power significantly.

"So her body turned to ashes without the protection from the Sky Blood Pearl. I'm finally free!" The little girl smiled as she exited the small cave.

"What is this pearl? Why would it emit such powerful Evil Energies? Those energies could even kill a True Energy Realm martial artist!" Ye Mo asked.

"Don't worry about it, since you're going to die anyway!"