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    Raine's eyes were glued to the storm outside the window where the heavy rain had created weird patterns on the surface of the glass.

    It has been a day since Torak disappeared and no one knew his whereabouts.

    That night, after Torak tucked Raine on the bed, they were having a meeting and Torak would occasionally come to the bedroom to check on her.

    However, the last time he went to check her, Torak didn't return for some time until they heard an ear- piercing sound from the back yard. A woman's voice.

    At first they thought it was Raine, but second latter, they knew it wasn't her voice.

    Yet, when they arrived at the backyard, Torak had disappeared and only left a dead body of a woman, whose face had crushed and was hard to recognize.

    They knew, it was Torak doing, but the Alpha was nowhere to be found until they heard another whimper from the direction of Raine's bedroom.

    As soon as they saw her, she was trashing in her sleep as if she was having a nightmare.

    And the first question that came from her mouth the moment she was awake made them realized something must have happened toward Torak.

    "Still no clue?" Raine asked Calleb, who approached her with a bowl of rice and meat. Raine had not yet had a proper meal since Torak was missing.

    "He will be fine." Calleb reassured Raine. "He is not a weak Lycan. He will come back to you as soon as possible."

    Raine didn't budge when Calleb gave her the bowl in his hand. "You have to eat something," he tried to coax her.

    "I don't have appetite to eat." Raine pulled her legs and wrapped her arms around them, hugging herself.

    "You have to." Calleb was being stubborn. "You will not get anything if you act this way."

    Raine buried her face on her knees. She really couldn't swallow anything.

    "Stop that act!" there was this irritating voice that one could easily guess whose voice was belong to. "Eat your food or I will shove it down your throat!"

    Raine raised her head, annoyed by her overbearing character, but didn't have strength to confront the witch.

    "What!?" Serefina sat down on the sofa opposite from her, her green lime eyes ablaze with irk. "Do you really think by starving yourself you will get what you want?! Your act doesn't help in this case, you only make people around you worry! Like Torak's disappearance is not enough to give us a headache." Serefina grumbled loudly as she

    "So, can you use some of your magic to find him since you are a great witch?!" Raine retorted angrily, she had had enough with Serefina's bossy attitude, especially at times like this.

    Serefina raised an eyebrow. "You are his mate. Why? Can't your mate bond do something about this?" the witch bit back snidely.

    Serefina snarky remarks made Raine stood up and stomped her feet toward her bedroom.

    Seeing the quarreled between the women, Calleb only could sigh helplessly. He hoped Raphael was here, so he would know what to do about this situation.

    Calleb then sat down and ate the food inside the bowl that supposed to be Raine's. "So, do you have any idea what happened to Torak? Or better, where he is now?"

    Serefina glowered at the Gamma and closed her eyes. "The body of the girl in the backyard last night had a trace of dark magic, my guess" Serefina drawled as her mind formed an opinion. "They used magic to lure Torak out of the house."

    "With a girl?" Callebb rolled his eyes. "You know, there is no woman in this world could make the Alpha infatuated except his own mate."

    Serefina threw Calle a look that saying; idiot. "What if the girl looks like his own mate?"

    When Serefina said this, there was something click in Calleb's mind as he started form an understanding of this entire situation. "Do you mean"

    "Whatever you think right now." Serefina solidified Calleb's conjecture after she saw he had formed an understanding.

    Their situation didn't get any better after knowing this.

    There were around ten Alphas with their own pack whose looking for Torak's whereabouts since the Supreme Alpha had gone missing since last night, yet until this very second no one gave a satisfying information.

    Meanwhile, Raphael, Jack and the other Lycan stayed in the Fulbright city, they didn't continue to come here because they were also looking for Torak there.

    Since dark magic and witches involved in this chaotic situation, then everything could happen. For Torak to move to Fulbright city in matter of second, it wasn't impossible for that to happen.

    There were many unpredictable things that, even, Serefina couldn't pinpoint.

    Calleb sighed in frustration when he thought about this.

    But, when Serefina and Calleb were in deep thought, they heard rushing footsteps that came from Raine's room direction, not so long, the Luna came while holding something in her hands. Her expression was very panicked.

    "Serefina, what happen to this?!" Raine's voice laced with fear as she showed the creature in her palms.

    "What?" Serefina opened her green lime eyes and gazed at something in Raine's hand.

    "The bird's feathers keep falling." Raine's voice was stuck in her throat.

    The bird was fine when the last time she saw it. Weak, but fine. However, when Raine checked on it just now, the bird looked like it was in its last breath and it beautiful golden feathers kept falling.

    The bird was the one that Torak gave to her and she was told to heal it, yet it didn't heal as fast as Raine wanted, but because Torak said the bird was a supernatural creature so it took longer.

    Raine didn't know why she felt very sad when she looked the weak bird. She was afraid of something.

    Somehow, Raine felt the bird has some connection with Torak. Thus, if the bird was like this, so

    Raine tried to get rid of this thought when she heard Serefina mumbled.

    "This is not good."