The Lighter And Princess Gown Book 1: Barren Grasslands Chapter 58

    Chapter 58:

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    Li Lan became more ill due to freezing.

    She is not as good as Zhu Yun's health. She has a low fever for several days and vomits everything she eats. Li Dao sent her to the hospital, and Li Lan ran out secretly again, saying that it was too trivial, and that this minor illness, they did not go to the hospital.

    She was afraid of infecting Li Qiu, so she hid in a hotel and raised it.

    After waiting a few days for Li Jiao to see it again, he found that he was thin.

    "What's the matter?" Li Xiao frowned. "Did you say you didn't burn when I called?"

    Li Lanren was already confused and shook his head forcibly, his voice as small as a mosquito.

    "It's okay ..."

    "No, go to the hospital." Li Dao pulled her up, Li Lan still wanted to refuse, but dizzy even had the strength to speak.

    Li Yao led her downstairs, and as soon as he left the hotel, he received a phone call from Teacher Lin and greeted him to go back to school.

    "what's up?"

    Teacher Lin hurriedly said: "Oh, come on, you are short of people!" And hung up the phone.

    Li Xiao frowned, looked at the confused Li Lan around him, and dragged her to a roadside restaurant.

    "You wait here for me first, and I will come back immediately."

    Li Yao hurried back to the school and was taken directly to the Administrative Report Hall by Mr. Lin.

    Tomorrow's finals will be held here. The venue has basically been set up, and several participating teams are undergoing final equipment debugging. On a cold day, Old Man Lin was so busy with sweating that he explained to Li Zhi that there were a few volunteers going to the city and was blocked on the way back. Now all kinds of things are burning their eyebrows.

    Old man Lin is the general manager of the school. He stuffed Li Qiu with a lot of information. He was terribly anxious and said: "You put the catalogue of entries, I can't separate them."

    Li Yao looked at the material and found that there were many things to be entered. He anxiously took Li Lan to the hospital and put the information aside, "You can find someone else."

    Old man Lin stared at him: "If I can find someone else, I will still look for you? You are the last option!"

    Li Yaotian smiled shamelessly, just about to push again, and a man came by. Fang Zhijing took the material from Li Yao and said to the old man Lin: "Teacher, let me help you."

    The old man Lin quickly recognized Fang Zhijing. After all, Li Yi s actions on the field two years ago were too shocking. Fang Zhijing, as the object of his killing, left a deep impression on old man Lin.

    At this time, when the two parties meet again, Old Man Lin will inevitably feel a little nervous, but looking at the two parties, there is no special performance.

    When Old Man Lin was busy and embarrassed, Fang Zhijing had already come to the computer. He turned back and asked, "Teacher, just record it? Do you have anything to pay attention to, please tell me."

    Old man Lin returned to his mind and quickly said: "Well, don't use it, you are a guest anyway. We still have people." He said that he was going to pull Li Deng, who took a step back and didn't pull it to him, and said with a smile: If he is willing, let him do it, so that I do nt see anything that I should nt see, and it s troublesome if my hand is itchy again. "

    Lin's back was cold, and the sweat on his forehead almost ran down. He secretly looked at Fang Zhijing, who was busy recording, and he didn't seem to hear what Li Qiu said.

    Old Man Lin pulled Li Geng aside and pointed at him fiercely.

    "People are kind enough to help, how can you stimulate him so much."

    Dao Li said: "The software in so many groups in the front has not been tested well. How can he select you as a judge teacher to help?"

    Old man Lin frowned, "Don't be so scornful."

    Li Yao shrugged, "I'm going first."

    "Don't think about it!" Old Lin said angrily, "You can help me test the machine and make sure that all the team's software can run before leaving!"


    Li Yao looked at the time and felt that it was too late. He didn't talk to Old Man Lin anymore and turned to test the machine.

    Old Man Lin returned to Fang Zhijing, and after thinking about it, he calmed down: "He is just like this person, so mixed up, don't go to your heart."

    Fang Zhijing raised his eyes, "Look at how long you have said, I haven't cared about it for a long time."

    Old Man Lin calmed down and sighed: "You still have to be like this, and you can go far with both ability and integrity. How can you not tell him how to listen?"

    Fang Zhijing said in a good voice: "I didn't blame him for the previous things. I also realized my own shortcomings. He is actually quite good."

    Old Man Lin heard him say this, and he immediately felt that the student was disregarding his suspicions, his heart was broad, and his feelings were greatly increased. He whispered to the other party, Zhi Jing said: "I read your work this year, it is still very good."

    Fang Zhijing is a little embarrassed, "Can you give us some more guidance?"

    Mr. Lin talked with Fang Zhijing about the details of their entries. Finally, Fang Zhijing said: "There are indeed problems with these points. Thank you for reminding us. I have heard that the computer department of this school has many talents. Li, Li has always been under your guidance, not to blame his strength. "

    Old man Lin said with a smile: "Hey, he is in a special situation."

    Fang Zhijing looked at him and said nothing.

    Old Man Lin couldn't help but talk about Li Xiao.

    Although Old Man Lin usually scolds Li Dong when he sees it, everyone in the school who knows him knows that for him, the students of the whole department are probably not as important as a single Li Dong. He likes Li Yio so much that he didn't even put the word "eccentric" on his head, just like him as his own son, he couldn't help showing off when he had a chance.

    Mr. Lin is here with interest. He talks endlessly about what Li Yao wants to do, about the company he wants to start, about the technical problems he has overcome, and those large manufacturers who are looking for home cooperation.

    "Now it's really your young people's world." Mr. Lin said at the end of his blood boiling, "Your thinking ability and guts are all different from ours then."

    He spoke eloquently, Fang Zhijing over there was embarrassed and said: "That, teacher ... I will go to the bathroom first. There is too much water when I eat at noon."

    "Ah, good! You go."

    Fang Zhijing got up and inadvertently glanced at Li Dong, who was helping people debug the machine not far away, his eyes low and dark.

    He came to the restroom silently, and there was no one in it. He locked the door with his backhand, washed his face with cold water next to the sink, and shivered with anger.

    It seems that countless ants are crawling in his head, and Fang Zhijing's efforts to adjust his mind are still useless.

    Seeing that the people who hated to die lived brilliantly, he felt that there could be nothing more painful than this in this world, and he would be tortured insane.

    "Stupid teacher ..." He narrowed his eyes and cursed fiercely. "No eyesight, no wonder he is not even mixed up with the title of this age."

    An ironic smile appeared again in his mind, and there was another block in his heart, and he even struggled to breathe. He pushed open the window violently to blow the wind, and inadvertently saw a surging figure standing downstairs.


    Li Lan came out after sitting in the store for more than ten minutes.

    The reason was that the waiter saw that she hadn't ordered food and came over and asked. When Li Lan was afraid, he left, forgetting that Li Diao left her money.

    She continued to have a low fever and had been unable to eat for several days. She burned until her body was light and she stood dizzy.

    Li Lan had been standing in front of the school gate for a long time, only to remember that she could call Li Zhi. She trembled and took out her mobile phone. As a result, the mobile phone was too old. The cold weather freezes and the electricity goes out instantly.

    At that time, I just met a kind volunteer and led her outside the venue. Li Lan didn't dare to enter, just waiting at the door. She didn't wear too much. Only ten minutes later, she was numb by the cold wind, confused, and could not tell whether it was cold or hot.

    She instinctively walked into the building, trying to find a place in the corridor to rest for a while.

    Just then, a man came out of the building.

    He came in front of her and asked unkindly: "Who let you in, who are you looking for here?"

    The tone of this person is very indifferent, with a sense of alienation unique to urban people, Li Lan is a little nervous.

    The man was impatient: "Ask who are you looking for?"

    Li Lan's voice couldn't be softer, "Brother ... I'm looking for my brother."

    "It turns out to be my younger brother."

    The man looked around, the campus on vacation was quiet, and there was no one on the road.

    He said officially: "The venue is being arranged in the building, you can't enter casually. Are you a member of the competition, show me your entry certificate."

    "Participating? No, no, I'm not ..." Li Lan was even more afraid of being asked by him, "I'm just looking for someone, I'm not a match, I'm not a match ..."

    Fang Zhijing looked coldly at the woman in front of him.

    Inexpensive, lowly, and old, a woman who can make all men straighten their waists.

    And such a woman is Li Jie's sister-

    As long as you think about it, the tortured feeling of being bitten by ants just now is much lighter.

    Fang Zhijing saw that Li Lan was very sick and unconscious. He approached slowly and said softly, "Do you recognize me?"

    Li Lan shook her head unconsciously. She burned and fluttered all over her body, making her look blurred, let alone thinking and remembering.

    Fang Zhijing is also aware of this and is even more unscrupulous. "You can't go in. There are people in the game. If you go in casually, you may interrupt the game and have a bad influence on your brother."

    Li Lan's lips were pale and trembling helplessly.

    Fang Zhijing wanted her to be a little bit miserable. He looked at the corner where no one was behind and said, "You can wait in the corner where no one is behind.

    Li Lan did not respond.

    Fang Zhijing scolded: "Hear no, hurry up!"

    Li Lan only understood that someone was chasing her, trembling, turning around mechanically.

    Fang Zhijing's own coat was placed in the building. As soon as he said such a conversation, he felt cold. He ignored her and turned back.

    The sky is hazy, the sun is not visible, the wind blows up the broken grass, and the world becomes muddy.


    Zhu Yun was at home for a few days and had a headache.

    More and more painful, but things can not be dragged on like this, there must always be a solution.

    She tirelessly explained to her mother what they were going to do and explained their goals and ideals. She wanted to let her mother know that they were definitely not planning to start a business on a whim without a plan.

    It's a pity that his mother didn't get a piece of oil and salt. No matter what she said, her mother would not accept it, and she could pick out a bunch of reasons from the corners to refute.

    Finally, Zhu Yun also ignited.

    "I don't care whether you accept it or not. Anyway, I have made a good decision and will never change."

    The mother said with a smile: "You are young, don't always put words like" absolute "and" affirmation "without retreat in your mouth, and later you will know how naive you are.

    Zhu Yun never told Li Zong the attitude of his family, and he never wanted him to intervene to solve these problems.

    Now the company has started to get on the right track. In addition to being his girlfriend, she is also his helper. She always tells herself that she wants to help him, not to cause trouble.

    At a time when things were deadlocked, one night, my mother suddenly changed her mind and became interested in their company.

    "You sort out your company's development direction and plans for the next few years, write a plan, I will go out tomorrow, and come back to see the most detailed content."

    Zhu Yun couldn't believe her ears. As if she saw hope in a desperate situation, she immediately shut down and began to sum up everything, not only the company's development, but also the projects they had done before.

    The mother didn't even wait for the next day. She told Zhu Guangyi something and left the house that night. Zhu Yun focused on the plan without paying attention.

    A few days later my mother came back, and as soon as she entered the door, Zhu Yun submitted a plan that was checked repeatedly until the last minute.

    Unexpectedly, my mother took it, didn't look at it, and threw it aside.

    She sat on the sofa, made herself a pot of tea, picked up the cup and looked at her daughter, examined it for a moment, and said with a smile: "Zhu Yun, you look away again."