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The King's Avatar Chapter 1373

Chapter 1373 Peak Skill

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Fight justly and fairly?

Chen Guo trusted Su Mucheng’s words more than Wei Chen’s. Then again, she really couldn’t tell the difference between fair and shameless in a match.

Crusader’s Trial!

At this moment, Bai Shu suddenly cast a powerful high-level skill at an extremely close distance. Tide crashed forward with a Charge, his sword and shield brandished.

Shining Cut!

Lord Grim flashed by with a cold light.

The direction of Crusader’s Trial could be controlled though. The moment Lord Grim flitted to the right, Bai Shu had Tide cut across from the left.

Charge and Crusader’s Trial moved at the same speed, which didn’t lose to Shining Cut. Even though the first stage missed, the second stage of the skill smashed towards Lord Grim.


Ye Xiu used another movement skill. Lord Grim switched directions, dodging the second stage.

Colliding Stab!

Shadow Clone Technique!

Slide Kick!

Ye Xiu used multiple movement skills in a row in an attempt to escape from Tide, but in the end, he failed. Bai Shu’s controls were extremely fast and precise. He immediately adjusted his Crusader’s Trial with every escape attempt from Lord Grim. The viewers were dumbstruck as they watched these two characters shuffle around a small area in a blur. Ye Xiu was clearly using a variety of skills from different classes, but by chaining them together in a single breath, it was hard to believe that there were multiple skills being used; it looked like one smooth yet messy movement. On the other hand, Bai Shu was using just a single skill, so his movements were naturally smooth. However, he was the one reacting to Ye Xiu’s actions. Being able to stick so tightly to Ye Xiu despite these circumstances was truly a terrifying display of technique.

Multiple movement skills had been linked together in an instant. Sometimes, a skill wouldn’t even complete before the next skill began. But after the Slide Kick, the attentive viewers noticed Lord Grim’s skill bar. The first skill he had used, Shining Cut, was still on cooldown.

Players had already figured out which low-level movement skills Lord Grim possessed. He had the Assassin’s Shining Cut, the Kinght’s Charge, the Berserker’s Colliding Stab, the Sharpshooter’s Slide Kick, and the Ninja’s Shadow Clone Technique.

Five skills on rotation was usually more than enough. But today, Ye Xiu had been forced by Bai Shu to use all five skills consecutively, yet he still couldn’t escape. The Level 75 Crusader’s Trial had a maximum of nine stages. Tide had only used five stages so far and still had four more stages to call upon.

This time, what high-level skill had Ye Xiu added onto his Myriad Manifestations Umbrella? Perhaps a Teleport? People began thinking of the possibilities. However, those who had noticed Lord Grim’s skill bar suddenly realized that apart from these five movement skills, Lord Grim also had Spike Trap on cooldown.

If it was on cooldown, it meant it had been used. But when?

No one had any time to ponder over this question. The pace of the battle was extremely fast. Tide had chased Lord Grim to the sixth stage of Crusader’s Trial, when a sudden “ka” sounded. Tide could still swing his weapon, but his feet wouldn’t budge an inch.

Spike Trap was triggered just like this. Everyone was dumbfounded. Besides those who had been paying attention to Lord Grim’s skill bar, everyone else had been caught off guard. Judging from the position of the Spike Trap, Lord Grim must have placed it while Slide Kicking.

Spike Trap only restricted movement. It did not interrupt skills. Tide could continue his Crusader’s Trial, but he could only do it in place. Lord Grim jumped back nimbly, and Tide’s attack could no longer reach him. Ye Xiu was just about to counterattack, when Tide’s sword suddenly flew out towards Lord Grim.

Spirit Guidance!

The Exorcist’s Spirit Guidance gave the ability to throw your weapon. Exorcists and Knights were both Priest classes and could learn each other’s low-level skills.

This attack had been quite sudden. Happy’s home crowd cried out in alarm. Lord Grim promptly rolled though, and evaded the attack.

Grenade, Shuriken, Mechanical Seeker. As Lord Grim rolled, he threw a bunch of things at Tide, who who had no way of dodging due to the Spike Trap. However, he still had his shield. Tide immediately crouched down and raised his shield, Silver Life. The Grenade and Mechanical Seeker exploded on his shield, while the Shuriken was deflected.

“See, dirty!” Wei Chen shouted excitedly.

He wasn’t talking about Tide and his shield, or Lord Grim’s chain of attacks. These were far from being qualified. Wei Chen was talking about how Ye Xiu was having his Lord Grim approach while sticking close to the ground.

When Bai Shu used his shield, he made sure to give himself an open line of sight. But with Lord Grim crouching down, the line of sight that the shield allowed him to have wasn’t quite enough. He couldn’t see the target, so he subconsciously lowered his shield a bit. Right after he did so, he heard a gunshot.

Bai Shu reacted extremely fast and hastily lifted up his Silver Life again. However, he then heard a “pu”, a hit.

Bai Shu looked down in disbelief and saw a bullet wound at his feet. This opening hadn’t been there originally. When he raised his shield instinctively to protect his head, a small crack had appeared in his defense. To think his opponent could grasp that tiny opening…

No, it wasn’t his opponent grasping an opening. Bai Shu had clearly heard the gunshot before lifting his shield. In other words, the other side had shot at his feet, predicting that he wouldn’t be able to see the attack and would lift his shield thinking it would be a headshot…

To think there was someone who could calculate this many steps ahead.

Bai Shu was amazed.

He had only started playing Glory after going abroad. He had played in the European servers and then joined England’s Pro League. As a pro player, he could be considered a locally born and bred European player. However, his homeland was still China, so he paid some attention to the Glory scene there as well. But because of China’s mediocrity at popular sports like football and basketball, he didn’t think very highly of the skill level of China’s competitive Glory scene. As a result, he mainly followed the scene out of curiosity and didn’t take it seriously.

When Team 301 sent out a formal invitation to him, he had been both surprised and proud. To think I could receive attention from a competitive league on a completely different continent, it looks like my skill and fame is quite high!

Along with a feeling of intimacy for his homeland, in the end, Bai Shu was moved by Team 301’s detailed plans for him, especially after knowing that Team 301’s situation wasn’t too great. Instead of disappointment, he was rather excited to be the savior for a team.

As a result, he returned to his home country and joined Team 301. He began adapting to China’s competitive league and helped Team 301 form a new tactical system.

Much of this came from the strategies and techniques that Bai Shu had learned from his career in Europe. After combining these with Team 301, the team’s win record improved drastically. Win after win, the spotlight shone on him.

Bai Shu felt great. Sure enough, Europe was the superior region. After joining the Alliance, Team 301 became like a fish in the water. They had originally been dozens of points away from top eight, but they quickly squeezed their way in a huge reversal.

However, near the end of the season, Team 301 had been caught into an intense struggle for playoffs, a bit far from Bai Shu’s goal of sweeping through the league. Bai Shu wasn’t discouraged though. After all, he had only been a part of 301 for half a season. Both sides needed more time to synergize to reach their peak condition. Team 301 had made a huge comeback within this half a season. To be able to do that was more than enough for Bai Shu. After his arrival, 301 had only lost to two opponents. One was Wind Howl and their sudden improvement. 301 hadn’t been prepared and lost. The other one was the Alliance’s current number one, Samsara. Bai Shu very much recognized their strength. It would truly be quite challenging for Team 301 to win over them.

Apart from those two though, the powerhouses in the Alliance such as Tyranny, Blue Rain, and Tiny Herb had all fallen to 301. From Bai Shu’s perspective, those teams were on par with each other. Neither team was better than the other by much.

Their teams were like so, the individuals were like so. Bai Shu hadn’t noticed anyone who could make him feel fear. The so-called number one Knight, Xu Bin, had apparently come from 301. But in their 1v1 match, Bai Shu won quite easily. He was nothing impressive.

Finally, in this last round, Team 301 would meet Team Happy.

Ye Xiu had won 36 individual rounds in a row. Just this win record alone made it so Bai Shu could not underestimate him. After doing some research on him, he learned about his legendary history.

But isn’t he a bit old?

Whether it was in China or Europe or anywhere else, the pro players were all around the same age. Ye Xiu’s 27 years of age was a genuine old general in any competitive scene.

To let such an old general keep winning in the individual competition?

When Bai Shu first came over and heard about his win streak, he had a hard time understanding. Then, he heard about the unspecialized’s playstyle as well as his strange weapon, which made him quite curious.

At that time, he had made a decision. This Ye Xiu needed to be taught a lesson. However, Team 301 and Team Happy would only be meeting each other again in Round 38, at the end of the regular season. It would only be then would Bai Shu be able to realize his long-cherished wish.

During this half a season, he had personally watched quite a few of Ye Xiu’s and Lord Grim’s matches, and made ample preparation. That ultra fast speed made many people’s heads hurt, but wasn’t he keeping up with it just fine?

But in the process, he had fallen for a trap that had been placed who knew when.

Then, he was hit by a bullet that had completely seen through his thoughts.

So this is someone who won 36 individual rounds in a row… China’s peak skill?