The Irregular In Atg
OngoingBook 1 Chapter 53

    The Irregular In Atg Book 1 Chapter 53

    Volume 1 Chapter 53 Dao Heart

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    A young man with calm demeanor sat in the center of a room. There were beads of sweat in his face, because of the exhaustion he was experiencing. He had already stayed inside this room for consecutive two days.

    There was a trace of dragon aura around his figure. An aura filled with authority and power. This aura was feeble and weak for some reason. It can't move freely like how it could before.

    This was because of the Divine Sense of the two dragons who were far stronger than Fenlong. He, as a dragon, had an innate fear from his own kin who's stronger than him. This fear isn't something that could be conquered in a single week.

    Fenlong understood his weakness. He was grateful that Tatsuya allowed him to get used to the suffocating pressure. He can't help but feel disappointed over himself, because he knew that he was being a burden.


    Suddenly, Fenlong's pair of eyes opened. The dragon aura around him tried to resist the terrifying Divine Sense that hovered across the whole country. His willpower and determination can't help but tremble before the terrifying might.

    He could feel his innate fear towards his powerful kin, as he suppressed it with his all might. He could feel his struggle gradually becoming useless. He can't resist the Divine Sense even after staking everything he had.

    He felt gloomy, as his eyes darkened. He can't give up just because of his many failed attempts. Tatsuya, his master, came here with him to find and hunt someone. This someone was powerful enough to threaten Tatsuya, and Fenlong can't stand the thought that he's still a burden!

    "I can't give up!"

    He shouted with determination. The dragon aura around his body suddenly gained some vitality, as it attempted to resist the terrifying Dragon Aura that covered the whole country. His eyes looked back at the ceiling, seeing through to the sky.


    A very powerful dragon howl resounded across the whole Grass Leaf Village. This roar reached the neighboring regions, as they all looked with alertness on their gaze.

    The howl was filled with stubbornness, seemingly ready to defy the heavens. The sky retreated and made way for the howl to reach the sky.

    However, it wasn't so easy. The terrifying Divine Sense of the two Divine Dragons, who were the lackeys of the Dragon God, immediately intercepted the howl. The howl seemed feeble before the terrifying Dragon Aura.

    Even then, Fenlong isn't the kind of dragon who would just give up. He knew that if he retreated right now, he would sustain injuries beyond saving. Injury that can't be healed, because if he gave up, the fact that he didn't fought till the end, will destroy his Dao Heart.

    Dao Heart is something that all cultivators possess. It can be the said as the pride of cultivators. Cultivators are beings who are destined to defy the heavens, and ultimately surpass it. Something like an obstacle shouldn't be enough to stop them!


    Lightning streaked across the sky, as Fenlong resisted the astonishing dragon aura. His dragon aura seemed weak and little before the gigantic and powerful aura of the two Divine Dragons. But, his aura contained the sense of stubbornness that no calamity could affect.

    Tatsuya, who was watching all of this, has a smile on his face. He watched the turning point of Fenlong's life, as he could sense that Fenlong was evolving. It was an evolution that would shake the heavens and earth upon completion. Fenlong was reaching the stage where dragons would be become true dragons that could make everything tremble!

    The dragon aura from Fenlong gazed back at the terrifying Divine Sense that covered the whole sky. His dragon aura formed a translucent golden dragon figure that emitted a heaven-defying aura. It was bowing down even before the Divine Sense that could rip across the entire Blue Pole Star if it wanted to.


    The golden dragon figure roared against the heavens, as it resisted the Divine Sense until it ultimately broke the chains that was bounding him to the earth. The sound of chains shattering could be heard from the sky.

    The howl of the dragon resounded across the whole country, shaking the citizens, cultivators, and profound beasts. They were astonished, as they all looked at the sky with alertness and awe.

    "You dare!"

    A resounding shout suddenly echoed across the sky. This shout made Fenlong tremble in agitation. His golden dragon aura suddenly become unstable, it could break any moment now!

    The shout actually came from the dragon who was one of the two dragons who deployed the terrifying Divine Sense. The authority and disdain was evident in the tone. The shout was challenging Fenlong to attempt his resistance again, while threatening him.

    Fenlong tried to resist, but he found that he couldn't do it at all. He was far too weak to resist someone of Divine Tribulation Realm. He could already sense the stability of his aura, crumbling before the terrifying shout.

    Fenlong felt gloomy, as he questioned whether everything he had done till now is nothing. He felt very sad and disappointed over himself. He had done everything, yet he still can't do it.

    But, someone suddenly tapped his shoulders. Fenlong instantly reacted, as he turned his head at the young man who appeared beside him. His expression brightened, as he realized that it was Tatsuya, however, his face soon went gloomy.

    "M-master… I…"

    "Don't worry…"

    Fenlong's eyes went wide, as he felt shocked. His dragon aura went stable in a single instant, as it hovered in the sky without any care for the terrifying Divine Sense.

    Fenlong looked at Tatsuya, speechless over the sudden turn of events. He tried to speak, but couldn't say any words. What Tatsuya just did is something that proved Fenlong's prior suspicion. Tatsuya's current strength had already tapped into the strength of those two dragons, or even stronger!

    "Do it, Fenlong."

    "Yes, master!"

    Fenlong's eyes brightened with willpower, as he resisted the Divine Sense using his own power. The golden dragon in the sky gazed at the heavens with disdain. It was a disdain that said, "No one can stop my ascension even if it were devil, demon, or god!


    The golden dragon finally broke free from the shackles of the Divine Sense, as it flew across the sky without any care. Golden particles came down from the sky, like a golden snow that filled the air.

    Everyone looked at the sky, and felt something within their very soul. Someone had just crossed the boundary that could allow them to ascend to the god realm. It won't happen immediately, but it would soon!

    The golden dragon then coiled across the sky, as it flew down to the ground. It slowly vanished, turning into golden particles that dispersed into the air.

    The said golden dragon was now coiling in Fenlong's soul, as it hovered tyrannically without any fear. It is Fenlong's Dao Heart that could defy the heavens and earth. No one can bound him to something, he was free to decide everything for himself. From now on, he fully controls his fate!

    "Congratulations, Fenlong."

    Tatsuya, who watched everything happen, from start to finish, had a smile on his face, as he congratulated the young man sitting just in front of him. He felt proud that his comrade could cross the boundary that almost all dragons couldn't cross in their lifetime.

    "It was all thanks to Master's help."

    Fenlong humbly said, as he quickly stood up from the ground. He stretched his limbs, as he felt the astonishing flow of power across his entire being. He had become stronger. His cultivation base stabled further, as he felt that no bottlenecks could stop him now.

    "Consolidate and cultivate for a week, Fenlong. We'll live after your preparations."

    "Thank you, Master."

    Fenlong sat again on the ground, as he rotated the profound energy inside his body. He had begun cultivating, as he knew that it would be a waste to not do so.

    Tatsuya vanished from his side, as he appeared in the sky. He looked down at everything with his eyes, while deploying his godly sense. He was inspecting the entire country, without letting anything escape his senses.

    After a while, he suddenly vanished from the sky, and appeared inside his room again. He had pinpointed the Divine Practitioner's and Xiao Che's location. All he needed to do now is wait for Fenlong to finish his preparation.

    Thankfully, he already deployed powerful stealth formation diagram around Fenlong, and as such, no Monarch could hope to find Fenlong's location. Even if they did find it, Tatsuya is there to intercept and protect Fenlong.