The Insatiable

The Insatiable Chapter 38

38 Do You Not Like Me?

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The two separated after a long time, both flushed red in the faces and trying to catch their breaths.

Nanako then settles down on his lap and nestled within his embrace, her head resting on his chest.

Seeing her act like this, Haruhiro didn't know what else to do but let her remain there. Anyway, they did decide to take a break from fighting.

Haruhiro then closed his eyes as his arms embraced Nanako. He feels at ease, they both do. Haruhiro has not seen Nanako be too anxious even when they were talking about their plans back then.

She always had this smile in her face that Haruhiro neglected the possibility of her feeling afraid and helpless just like Anna or Yasumi. He did think of that possibility but he didn't delve too deeply in it.

He also never got the chance to talk to her alone before they transferred to the base camp. Yasumi and Anna would always be by his side back then. There was never time for Nanako.

Haruhiro caressed her back gently, making Nanako's spine shiver from the excitement. Her breathing started to get rough and her hug around Haruhiro tightened.


Nanako called his name playfully, her tone is somewhat flirty and her eyes misty. Haruhiro felt her body heating up making his body react in unison. He really wanted to push her down right now but he shot that thought right down.

This really isn't the ideal place for such an act, he kissed her forehead.

"A few more minutes and let's go to that basement. It seems both the core of this dungeon and the boss monster is in that place."

Nanako's face is still flushed but looking closely one would see that her eyes have a layer of disappointment in them. However, she also understands that this place isn't suitable. That though will not let her feel at ease. Understanding and expectations of reality are different things.

Because what Nanako thought should be happening right now is the two of them making their relationship bloom but Haruhiro has been focusing too much on this dungeon. This caused anxiety to grow in her heart, she fears that maybe he doesn't want her.

Haruhiro didn't see the disappointment in her eyes, he continued to gently caress her back. Right now he's thinking of what the dungeon boss might be.

They've been fighting undead so far so he's guessing that some sort of undead monster is waiting for them at the basement. However, that seems improbable. It's been mentioned in the journal that both Lancer Beverdrine and Clergyman Ibanhiel were the last lines of defense.

If they really were the last line of defense of this place and Haruhiro already took care of them both, what could possibly be the boss monster?

He has a few guesses but that's all it really is. Just some random guess. It would help with the fight against the boss monster if he knew what kind of enemy it is.

Seeing Haruhiro frowning, Nanako thought she did something wrong. Tears started to form and her eyes started to change colors once more. From her usual black to dark blue and once again changing back to black, this cycle repeated slowly.

Haruhiro noticed the change in the atmosphere. He looked at Nanako and is shocked, 'What's with this sudden gloomy atmosphere?'

"Nanako?" Haruhiro asked worriedly, he doesn't understand why she's like this all of a sudden. He tried to recall their interactions for the past couple of minutes and finally understood.

'Is she mad because I didn't want to do it here? Did Nanako really want to do it right here? But that doesn't seem appropriate. Is it because she's just really ho...' Haruhiro threw that thought away before finishing it. He doesn't want to think of Nanako as a woman who would always be in heat.

No doubt that if Nanako knows what Haruhiro is thinking, her state of mind will worsen. Who told him that she wanted to do it? Wasn't she just worried that he didn't really want her because of their age gap? Was she not thinking that on that day when they first kissed he was only impulsive and didn't really have any real deep feelings for her just like he has with Yasumi and Anna?

"Do you not like me Haru-chan?"

"What? How could I possibly not like you? You're smart, beautiful, and always took care of me. You would always be there for me and guide me whenever I feel lost."

"That sounds a lot like a mother would do... I'm your lover Haru-chan."

He suddenly found himself in a pit, a pit that he dug himself. He cursed himself for blurting out such things without any thoughts. However, he calmed himself quickly. He knows that this is not the time to panic, panicking will only lead to even greater danger for sure.

"That's not really a demerit, right?"

As soon as he blurted that sentence out, he instantly regretted it. That sounded like he was actually happy that she is like a mother to him, doesn't that mean he likes to do that to his mother? Won't this just bring more trouble for him?

Just as he expected, Nanako looked at him weirdly however that then became a smile. "Really Haru-chan?" She held on to both his hands and asked him excitedly. Haruhiro didn't know why she'll suddenly act like this. He then realized that he doesn't seem to know too much about her.

Haruhiro has his original memories of Yasumi from his timeline, their interactions and their conversations from back then. Which is why Haruhiro instantly felt at ease when he once again saw Yasumi, she wasn't a stranger to him.

He has the previous Haruhiro's memory with his time with Anna and from that instantly learned many things about her, making him fall for her just like the Haruhiro back then did. However, Nanako was never really that close with the previous Haruhiro. She also didn't really talk about herself that much, Anna never talked that much regarding her adoptive mother as well.

"Yes?," Haruhiro answered doubtfully. Hearing his answer Nanako nodded and returned her head on his chest. He doesn't understand what just happened but when he saw that Nanako seems satisfied with his answer he didn't think too much about it and just let it go.

He shook his head and returned to his rest.

After a few more minutes, Haruhiro and Nanako are both standing in front of the exit. Haruhiro has already collected his few remaining throwing knives and held a pair in each hand. Nanako has that one throwing knife that Haruhiro gave him earlier.

They opened the doors and finally arrived at the temple's altar. This place just like the rest of it, run down. The altar is in tatters, chairs are all ruined, and even the statue of goddess Terra behind the altar didn't escape this devastation. The only remaining piece that seems to be functioning is the light stone right above their heads that is embedded on the ceiling and walls.

Haruhiro can see how large that piece of light stone is and wants to take it for himself, however, he first wants to finish the battle with the boss monster first. Haruhiro led Nanako towards the statue behind the altar, as they walked the two saw pieces of what seems to be bones of the people who stayed here for the temple's protection or so what the setting for this dungeon is set.

When they reached the statue Haruhiro took the journal out from his Inventory. He then removed the embedded green gem at the middle of the journal. He returned the journal to his Inventory and started to observe the small piece of gem on his palm.