The Insatiable

The Insatiable Chapter 19

19 Mysterious People

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Haruhiro felt pain on his left shoulder, he managed to avoid the bullet with his improved body but completely avoiding it is still too much for his current body condition.

He recalled all his shadows and looked at the gunman. Haruhiro could see the big hole that he created by stabbing it with his shadow but... No blood.

It looks like what he realized is correct. Since he's fighting with the Undead King then these two "people" that's been making their moves are zombies. However, how could they possibly move that fast?

He wasn't given any time to think of this issue since the gunman moved once again. The person circled around Haruhiro and didn't attack him, it only pointed its gun at him as it made its way to Sloth's side.

When it reached Sloth's side it remained vigilant, it even took out another handgun. Haruhiro observed it properly and discovered that both guns are New Nambu Model 60 handguns, standard guns for police officers. He knitted his brows when he discovered this.

Sloth either already killed people before he saw him or he could somehow obtain this kind of guns easily. He once again set his gaze at Sloth, Haruhiro now observed how he was dressed.

He wasn't dressed that differently from his so-called Agents. Sloth is wearing a plain white shirt paired with a black tie and black colored jeans, along with it is a British style long black double-breasted trench coat. Pairing his outfit with his good looks, Haruhiro is sure that many women would want to be with him. The only possible drawback on this guy is that his skin color seems too pale that he appears somewhat sickly. However, that doesn't really affect the way he looks that much.

His appearance somewhat made Haruhiro firm his determination in killing this handsome guy. Also, from how Haruhiro sees it since he's dressed this formally it seems to him that Sloth is a person of power or at least he has connections.

Does this mean that Sloth has been going around the world infecting people and turning them into zombies running rampant, all the while people with power supporting him from behind the scenes?

No matter what, he will have to find out about this.

"You're annoying. I hate wasting my time. Let's do this next time when I'm not so sleepy."

Haruhiro is then woken up by Sloth's suddenly speaking. He said these words with a yawn at the end of the sentence, showing for the first time why he's called Sloth.

His eyes then gleamed with seriousness for the first time. He moved fast, he and his Agent first threw hidden blades at Haruhiro before the Agent moved towards Haruhiro. Sloth, on the other hand, started to retreat, clearly, he's trying to buy time by using his zombie to stall Haruhiro.

This time Haruhiro didn't dare to be negligent. He moved at the same time as Sloth did, he runs towards the incoming zombie his fists raised and ready to launch an attack. The zombie continued to make bullets rain, annoying Haruhiro.

It alternated between its left and right gun as runs toward Haruhiro. Haruhiro, of course, can't let this zombie-like thing to continue wasting his time and let Sloth get away. He decided to go all in and made use of his shadow again, he transformed his shadow into the shape of a hand. This hand grabbed the zombie whole and crushed its body. Bones cracked and organs came out but somehow no blood was shed.

Haruhiro didn't stop at this, he continued to chase after Sloth who was already starting to gain some distance. He tried controlling his shadows and grabbing Sloth but it would seem like Sloth has an eye at the back of his head because he would always be able to avoid certain doom by dodging Haruhiro's shadows.

Sloth tried to lose Haruhiro's pursuit by turning into different streets but Haruhiro is determined to kill Sloth now. They have only chased each other for a few seconds when Sloth jumped to his right side, Haruhiro then followed Sloth's strange behavior by rolling on the ground.

As he did, a white object almost grazed his back. It would seem that someone just tried to kill the two of them at the same time. When Haruhiro finished his rolling on the ground, he looked at where the object landed and felt shocked. The object is actually a long spear, this spear has a simple design. Its painted in all white and right now it's pinned to the ground because of the force that it was thrown with. The spear then started to shine and fade until it completely disappeared. The only evidence that the spear existed is the hole left on the road.


In a not too far away place where Haruhiro started his battle, two people stood on top of a building's ledge. These two people seemed ordinary at first glance but if looked at closely something would feel different from them. Something that makes them stand out even in a crowd with the two just standing.

Both people are dressed casually, simple clothes that won't make them stand out in a crowd. One person has brown hair and bright green eyes exuding a mysterious light when looking at it, the other has golden hair and eyes that seem majestic.

They looked down upon the city that's currently in chaos and acted indifferent about all they could see, it is like the city before them doesn't exist and they are looking at somewhere different.

"This is Earth? Why does it feel so different here?"

The one with golden hair asked to the other, his voice filled with doubt as he looked around.

"This is Earth but not the Earth where we lived before. A parallel world, this Earth is many times bigger than the Earth before. A lot of that Earth's historical events didn't happen or changed. You know how it works."

He said that as the person with brown hair fiddles with a holographic screen that appeared out of nowhere in front of him. On the screen are websites about the "Earth" that the man with brown hair is saying.

"Not really interested in any of those. So, what did he say to you that you actually agreed to leave your lab?"

"The worlds are changing."

The man with golden hair looked at the other with a raised eyebrow. "The worlds have always been changing, isn't that the reason why we're all here?" He is then reminded of the first time he learned of the truth. The man with golden hair smiled.

"I know what you're thinking... However, if it's really just the usual changes then "he" won't even bother in reminding us but he did and that's why we're here to find out. Also, since Subject#1 is here it would be easier for me to be the one to do the job."

"He just told you it's troublesome to go out of that cave of his didn't he?"


Both fell silent when they remembered how troublesome that person is when he's inside the "cave" the man with golden hair mentioned.

"Did you not ask his crazy sister?" The man with golden hair suddenly asked as if enlightened. He looked excited but when he saw the way the man with brown hair is looking at him with disdain he was then reminded of why he added "crazy" to his way of addressing the person's sister.

"If you want that little girl to chop your head off then be my guest."

The man with golden hair shivered when he heard this. He hurriedly said, "There's no way I want that... Their family is really full of weird people."

"....Aren't we part of their family?"

The man with golden hair heard this and was instantly dumbfounded. That's right, isn't it? Aren't they both part of their family? Did he just call himself weird?

"Well, we are anyway... We are no longer what we were..."

The man with brown hair then disappeared, seeing this the man with golden hair sighed and disappeared as well.