The Indomitable Master Of Elixirs Webnovel Chapter 992

    Chapter 992 Kingdom Of Fu Xiang 4

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    "If if it is inconvenient for you I I I can leave at night" Mai Ya hesitated for a while before she expressed the worry she had in mind. She was afraid of death, but she did not want to be a burden. Even though she had only been to Hua Xia for half a day, she still felt safe and warm from this place.

    And it may be this warmth that made her unwilling to drag anyone into her troubles.


    Ji Fengyan suddenly raised her hands and rubbed Mai Yas head.

    "You are a kind girl. The Kingdom of Hua Xia welcomes you. So long as you are in Hua Xia, no one could harm you."

    If Mai Ya had been insistent on Ji Fengyans help, Ji Fengyan might not have protected her wholeheartedly. But just as what Ji Fengyan had said, Mai Ya, who had been growing up under the shelter of her parents love, had a kind and pure heart. This innocent and lovely soul made Ji Fengyan decide to help her.

    Mai Ya looked up in shock and her eyes were already welling with tears.

    Ji Fengyan laughed. "All right, its late, get some rest now." After she said that, she transferred some of her vital energy into Mai Yas body unknowingly, allowing her to ease her anxiety and fear.

    Mai Ya felt that she was feeling better. With Ji Fengyans company, she reached her room and Ji Fengyan had even helped her close the door kindly. Before the door shut close, Mai Ya uttered softly.

    "Thank you."

    Ji Fengyan closed the door with a grin on her face. The feeling of helping a person sometimes was actually not bad.

    On the other hand, the troops that had been frightened away by Yang Jians ferocity had escaped back to the capital city of the Kingdom of Fu Xiang.

    In the majestic and beautiful palace, there was a very gorgeous and attractive woman standing.

    A soldier ran over in a hurry with a panicked look on his face as he said, "Consort an incident occurred."

    The beautiful woman turned around immediately and her eyes seemed displeased.

    "An incident?"

    "The princess has she has escaped to the Free Valley," the soldier said in fear.

    The woman frowned slightly as she recalled what she had heard about the Free Valley. Then, she said, "Send someone to pass a message to Gong Qiang in the Free Valley. Did that lowly person think that she would be safe after escaping to the Free Valley? Tell Gong Qiang that so long as he hands over that lowly girl to me, I will provide him with half a years worth of medicinal herbs."

    However, the soldier hesitated when he said, "Gong Qiang seems to be in trouble."

    "What?" the woman was slightly taken aback.

    The soldier quickly explained.

    The soldiers all knew about the agreement between Kingdom of Fu Xiang and Zhai Xing Lou, so after escaping from the Free Valley, they immediately sent people to hear for news about Gong Qiang and had intended on bringing the person back with his help.

    But the news they heard about had left them extremely shocked.

    The group of bounty hunters who had been camping outside the Free Valley usually had told them something appalling.

    There had been an earth-shaking change to the Free Valley. Zhai Xing Lou, which had been very powerful in the Free Valley in the past, had been exterminated and a kingdom called Hua Xia had been established quietly in the Free Valley.

    "Kingdom of Hua Xia?" the woman frowned. She had obviously not expected such an immense change in the Free Valley, but soon, she snorted.

    "Someone actually dared to build a kingdom in such a place like Free Valley? They are just a motley of people and cant be considered anything."

    After she said that, the woman turned around gracefully and lifted her chin slightly. "You guys shall head off tomorrow and head to the Free Valley. That lowly girl is someone wanted by the Kingdom of Fu Xiang. If the Kingdom of Hua Xia wants to establish themselves here, theyd better hand over her."