The God Of Ice Snow And Water In The Mcu Rewrite Of The Original Chapter 2

    2 Chapter 2

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    I let out a huge breath I had just finished the last page of my math homework I got Up and started to head home I Pulled out my Iphone and decided to watch Thor ragnorok on the way home

    when I was walking home when I realized that the edges of my phone was glowing blue I was so enhanced by it

    as I looked I noticed a truck about to hit two kids. the parents were not paying attention and the driver seemed to be drunk

    I instinctively ran and push them out of the way. t

    as it hit me a seal that I always thought was a birth mark came off and I tumbled off the car and hit the ground unconscious as the seal that I allways thought was a birth Mark disapeared the horified screams of the girls echoed across the area alerting the people in the area

    "oh my God" the father screamed "somebody get the medic" the mother yelled as she started doing CPR on my chest

    suddenly the edges of my body started to glow white

    look" the younger girl said in awe

    my blood was turning to gold as. the light shined brighter

    people started to crowd in they all gasp some even took out phones and started to record

    winds started to grow fierce as a portal appeared. out of nowhere

    every ones eyes widen quick everybody "get out of the way" the older girl shouted

    everybody quickly moved out of the way the girl tried to grab me but it was futile as the wind picked me up and started

    sucking me inside

    little did i know I became a huge celebrity. and was held a hero for my heroic actions


    My body was falling I was still unconscious I grew to about 6 ft 5 when originally i was 5 ft 7. my wounds and my blood was gone but my clothes were still a mess

    My muscle mass grew to the point where my clothes started ripping apart

    Iplashed into the water right where captain america had crashed

    20 minutes later I was floating right next to Steve Rodgers

    my eyes snapped open they were glowing white as I created a sphere of ice surrounding both me and steve ( I did all this unconscious and it was similar to the last airbender) ( plus in this fanfiction steve would of drowned if I did not create it so I basically saved him)


    time skip
    20 years later

    2men were walking through a cave when 1 dude bumped into something once he looked his eyes widened it was a teenager strong. athelitic build blond hair blue eyes. what's starange was his whisker marks

    "hey Ben come take a look at this" he said to his partner

    "what is it C- HOLY SHIT"

    is that. a kid"

    "a teenager Ben"

    "all the same to me"

    he then spotted something 2ft away curiousity peeped his interest as he went to check it out

    once he for their he rubbed the dust off

    his eyes widen

    "OH MY GOD"

    Carl call the corporea- he gasped when he saw the kids eyes open up they were glowing white


    He hurridly grabbed his hammer and went to break the ice

    "HEY BEN WAIT WE DONT KNOW IF ITS-" on the fith slam the ice started to crack then exploded as a beam of light shot into the sky

    the 2 men gazed up at it in awe

    "OH man the corporeal is not going to believe this"

    Carl didn't say anything he just sat their speechless

    unknown to them the entire world saw it -----------------------

    50 years later.

    "ugh" i groaned as I woke up

    "were am i" i thought as I looked around "it looks like a. hosipital"

    all of a sudden a nurse came in. she looked pretty cute too

    her eyes widen in shock as she saw me awake

    hello I said nicely "do you know where I am"

    "y-your in t-the. h-hosipital" she said nervously

    "no like where am I what state"

    she was hesitant to speak

    I smiled at her "it's ok I won't hurt you"

    she blushed at my intense gaze

    she was about to awnser when a. voice spoke up from the entercome


    my eyes widen. in shock. and hada look of disbelief

    n-no way" I thought

    where am I nurse I asked a little more forceful this time

    y-your in Brooklyn New York Sir.

    how long. was I out"

    she gulped a little nervously and spoke

    "w-we dont really know how long but you've bean asleep for at least 50 years "

    my eyes widen in disbelief

    "y- your joking right. please tell me this is a prank " I shouted desperately at her

    she sadly shook her head

    my eyes grew so large they looked like they were about to come out before I fainted from the shock
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