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    Chapter 305 Govern

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    One punch. The recruits who had entered the top eight had various expressions. Confusion, shock, joy, all appeared quickly on everyones faces.

    Bai Sheng had a smile in his eyes. It would usually be a little easier for a high star-level martial artist to fight a low star-level martial artist. With his strength that was higher than the other, he would be able to control the rhythm of the battle in his hands, thus beating the opponent up by leading him by his nose.

    What truly deserved to be admired from the punch earlier was not the unstoppable explosive power, but the intention of the fist that was like the endless waves of a river. This caused Alice to have no way to evade and could only make a forced judgment upfront.

    One punch was enough to govern the whole battlefield completely! That was something that overrode the control of rhythm, something of a higher level.

    The smile in Bai Shengs eyes grew bigger and bigger. No doubt he is someone who caught my eye! While many ten-star martial artists were still studying the knowledge of controlling the rhythm of battles, QIn Fen had already started learning how to govern the battle. Indeed, what was most terrifying about this kid was not his martial senses, but his innate understanding of battles.

    "Good! Old Qin!" Xue Tian waved his arm up high, "Beautiful!"

    Bai Shengs index finger that was touching his chin was sliding back and forth. If Xue Tians martial dao practice was said to be the kind with excellent talent, then Qin Fen would be the legendary battle god!

    Besides Xue Tians high pitch cheer, there were no other sounds in the huge battlefield.

    The mobile armor warriors threw their incomprehensible gaze onto the top eight recruits from various regions. Alice was still one of the best among the seven-star martial artists. How was she not able to even withstand Qin Fens one punch?

    A sudden night breeze blew across the ground, picking up faint sand and dust from the ground. The scene got even quieter.

    Golden Lion Pat glanced at Vortex Tigers gaze that stopped him from entering the field and shook the blonde hair on his head gently.

    The use of the gunmen in the battle of mobile armors had already caused the entire African recruits to lose face. If they didnt dare to go into battle to face the tyrannical Qin Fen, then the African Military Region would then become an embarrassment of the Recruit Tournament that would never fade.

    Defeat?Golden Lion Pat bit the corner of his mouth to show a disdainful smile.What about the defeat? Whats most important was to be able to take Qin Fens three punches! To take his seemingly unstoppable three punches in a situation where no one dared to fight! Then, they could more or less erase some shame in the mobile armor battle.

    "Let me."

    On the quiet field, Golden Lion Pats deep shout broke the original silence. He walked into the field and didnt say anything more to Qin Fen. His eyes opened suddenly, like the angered eyes of a temples keumgang. The true energy in his body spurred continuously as he opened his mouth to spurt a breath of foul gas, making a low growl like an ox in the middle of a field.

    With an ox-like exhalation, Golden Lion Pat sat down gently. His body trembled all of a sudden and the concrete plane under his feet cracked automatically. His whole person seemed like a nail that was hit hard by a heavy hammer; it was as if he was going to plunge deeply into the ground.

    Not retreating! Not retreating even if I die!

    For a moment, everyone who was present felt Pats burning determination. The African recruits stared at Pat with a confused gaze. This man was fighting for the last remaining glory of the African Military Region.

    "I admire your determination." Qin Fens eyes had some admiration and he nodded a few times gently. With an attitude like a teacher praising his student, he said, "Unfortunately you cant either. You are also not able to block my punch."

    Qin Fen straightened his spine a little, then strode toward Golden Lion Pat. His shoulders shook slightly at the same time.

    With every step he took, it could be seen with the naked eye that the ground near his feet was shaking gently. The rubble attached to the ground would also shake constantly on the ground.

    With every step he took, the hearts of the African recruits tightened inexplicably. That sound seemed like it was not the sound of walking, but rather a countdown timer of the God of Fate declaring Golden Lion Pats impending defeat.

    Hong Quans Soaring Cannon force discharge method?Golden Lion Pats eyes quilted. His pupils shrank into the size of a needle tip and were glowing with a bright light.Is this kid really human? He actually practiced Soaring Cannons force discharge method to such levels? He is completely a humanoid Jungle Ranger!

    The smile in Bai Shengs eyes had spread to every corner of his face. This times Recruit Tournament was interesting beyond imagination. If one were to close his eyes and not look, one would definitely think that this was a large-caliber cannon that was firing bullets continuously just by feeling Qin Fens kicks force discharge method of Hong Quans Soaring Cannon.

    The two were less than fifteen meters apart. Soaring Cannon force discharge method once again shot out from underneath Qin Fens feet. The cement skin beside Qin Fens feet blew up with a "pa" sound. His whole person turned into a cannonball within the same moment, and the friction between his clothes and the air turned into the roaring sounds of the cannon.

    Its coming!Pat took in a deep breath, and his eyes quilted almost to the point where they were almost closed completely. A sharp light burst out of his pupils and stared deadly at Qin Fens figure. Just by taking this first fist, Qin Fens prophecy will be considered broken!

    Boom!The ground under the feet in front of Pat made a loud noise. Qin Fens right leg landed and shook the ground together with his left foot. His right arm went from the inside of his left arm and gave a straight upward flying punch!

    The wind from the fist stormed up gushing sounds on the field. The wind was like thunder and was carried into everyones ear.

    Dodge?Bai Sheng knew that it wasnt that Golden Lion Pat didnt want to dodge this powerful fist, he knew that there was no way for him to dodge it anyway. Qin Fens speed and fist intent was governing the battle completely, and was also governing him.

    Boom!The arm and fist smashed into each other. The sleeve on Pats arm split open into pieces at once, like there was some kind of hidden explosives in his sleeve. The sleeve at Qin Fens wrist split into dozens of slits, as if it was being tailored deliberately with a pair of scissors.


    Pat snorted. His feet left the ground and retreated two meters back onto the ground. His left and right feet kept retreating, only stabilizing himself after a continuous retreat of twelve steps. The hood of these pair of special war boots that were extremely durable and suitable for almost any environment had split open almost completely after the series of continuous retreating. It flipped outward, revealing his black soles.

    Even his socks were completely torn after that series of force-redirecting retreat!

    Pu Pu

    Pat opened his mouth and spat two arrows of blood. His tanned skin showed a hint of paleness that couldnt be seen.

    In order to be able to retreat as little as possible and no longer lose badly like how Alice did, Pat repressed his injuries from retreating forcefully. He was injured much more than Alice, but the distance retreated was not as shocking as Alices distance.

    "Is there anyone else who thinks that they can take my three punches one-on-one?" Qin Fen put his hands behind his back. His calm voice carried a sense that did not allow for anyone to doubt his words.

    After losing, Pats arms were trembling slightly. The force of that punch poured straight into his arms. He felt as if the arm that took the hit did not come from Qin Fens fist, but an actual bomb!

    At this moment, everyone had their gaze locked on Caesar. As the other eight-star martial artist among the top eight, he was the only candidate who could stop Qin Fens atrocity.


    Caesar walked out of the spectators seats. The pace of his feet was not as stern as Pat, yet it carried indescribable stability.

    He stopped his pace in a position not far from Qin Fen. People once again focused their gaze on Qin Fen, wanting to see what kind of reaction this person who kept boasting previously would give.

    "You?" Qin Fens expression had some pity, "Cant take three punches."

    Being looked down on by another eight-star, Caesars expression did not increase much in gloominess. Instead, he smiled.

    "If you want me to lose the three punches, then please be a little more serious." Caesars lips curled upward. He exercised his neck left and right twice,"A fist like the one earlier is not effective to me."

    Serious? Not serious?Pats scalp twitched continuously.The fierce punch by Qin Fen earlier was actually evaluated as not serious? Was that still not his full strength?

    A slight shame flashed across Alices heart. It was already embarrassing to have been defeated just by a punch, and now she got to know that the opponent didnt even attack with full force.

    "Unleash your true energy external oscillation, dont hide it anymore, otherwise you will lose." Caesar twisted his wrist gently, "Unleash your true control power and fight me. For both of us to really compete, it should be on who could outperform the challenge by the greatest span."

    "Your span is not enough." Qin Fens voice was very indifferent. He turned to look at Sky Splitter Brooks, who was already eliminated in the top sixteen, yet at the same time had improved his star-class, "Do you also want to fight with me?"

    "Thats right!" Brooks chin twitched, as if he had not been pressured by Qin Fens tyrannical aura of power. Instead, he was extremely disappointed with not challenging Qin Fen after entering the eight-star level.

    "Alright then." Qin Fen glanced at the other people, "When they come forth to battle together, you can come as well."

    Brooks was silent for a while. If he could choose, it would be best to fight one-on-one. His eyes flashed with a hint of self-deprecation. As a martial artist who didnt advance to the top eight, it was already considered lucky to be able to fight with Qin Fen. He shouldnt hope for more.

    "Okay!" Brooks pointed to Caesar, "The premise is that you have to win him with only three punches! Otherwise, we will play a one-on-one game."

    "Sure." Qin Fen turned his attention back to Caesar.

    At this moment, Caesars face was finally no longer completely indifferent as it was before. There was a hint of anger at the corner of his eye. It was an anger that was brought out from being ignored.

    Caesar was angry

    The emperor could also get angry! An emperor under the wrath didnt mean he was stupid! At the same time, it also represented the scariness of thunder!

    "Qin Fen" Caesar raised his right arm slowly, and his palms showed the shape of a seal, "I only hope that when I finish taking your three punches, you do not quit the Recruit Tournament. I want to defeat you in front of the whole audience. I want to tell those people that the European recruits are the actual strongest recruit for this years tournament."