The Emperor’s Daughter Chapter 65

Chapter 65: The Emperor's Daughter Chapter. 65

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I felt nervous without realizing it. I stood back and looked up at Caitel, but I couldn't laugh easily as usual. It felt like the air had changed. Yeah, that's how it felt like. The air I breathed now felt different. He seemed different from all the other days. Caitel's eyes looking at me were much colder than usual.

Was it just my feeling? No, I didn't think so. He was so unfamiliar, more than ever.

I felt weird. It felt like we had never met before. After all, we weren't very close, but it was weird. It was so much weirder than ever. We were kind of close, weren't we? I thought the distance between the two of us had narrowed, but…

Now, I'm not sure anymore.

"Where are you going?"

I can't stand the silence. He looked carefully up at the gaze that stared down at me, swallowing his dry saliva. I grabbed him by the hem of his dress. Normally, he would already be holding me in his arms. However, right now, Caitel looked so cold.

He usually didn't treat me like that, as if he's