The Devil’s Love
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    The Devil’s Love Chapter 26

    Chapter 26: Flashback

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    Yang Corporation.

    Next day.

    " So how was it?" Meili asked.

    " How was what?" Ning asked.

    " The date." Meili said.

    Ning chuckled and said," It was good and I ate a lot."

    Meili rolled her eyes and said," I don't wanna know what you ate but did you talk to him?"

    " Talk to him about what?" Ning asked.

    " Ning don't pretend, I know that you know what I am talking about." Meili said.

    When Ning did not say anything, Meili sighed and said," Seriously Ning, how difficult it is to have a decent conversation with someone who is so close to you? Either you talk to him or Linyang and I will."

    " Linyang is coming?" Ning asked.

    " She will be here in a few weeks." Meili said. Wuxiaworld for visiting.

    Scratching his head, Mr Coulus awkwardly entered Ning's office and said," Ennn Boss."

    " What is it?" Ning asked.

    " This-there is another rumour about you and Mr Mo." Mr Coulus said before passing Ning the tab.

    " It says you and Mr Mo are getting married." Mr Coulus said.

    " It's not a rumour." Ning said.

    " Haa?" Mr Coulous widened his eyes in shock.

    " You can leave." Ning said.

    After Mr Coulus left, Meili said," Talk to him before Linyang comes back because the very day she is here, we will go and talk to Yichan. I will be going to Mo corporation to meet Guiren for a while, I'll be back after lunch."

    Ning nodded her head and said," Okay, lock the door before you leave."


    Mo corporation.

    " Are you sure you don't want my help?" Guiren asked.

    Yichan shook his head and said," No, I am fine."

    " The news about your marriage is already out in the public. Your mother called me twice and your ex-fiance is throwing a fuss too." Guiren said.

    " What did she say?" Yichan asked.

    " Who? Your mother or ex?" Guiren asked.

    " That woman." Yichan said.

    " She said that you can call her if you need any help. Also she will be sending gifts for her would be daughter-in-law and she said that she will visit you both too." Guiren said.

    " Ask her not to come. We don't want her blessings." Yichan said.

    Guiren sighed and said," I'll leave her a message."

    " Also ask Wang Juan to give that engagement ring back and after she returns it, throw it away." Yichan said.

    " Muchan is back after a long time so Yufan and I were planning a small get together." Guiren said.

    Yichan nodded his head and said," Okay."

    " We will do it after Guang is back from his honeymoon." Guiren said.

    " Just let me know when." Yichan said.

    " Also, the weapons arrived yesterday. You should go and check them before I sign the papers." Guiren said.

    Yichan frowned and said," Will you give me some time to breathe?"

    Guiren sighed and said," Look, I don't know what happened between you and Ning but I think you should talk to her."

    Pausing for a while, Guire continued," You see Yichan talking always helps. Like whenever Mei and I argue, we talk things out instead of keeping it inside and assuming things."

    " Okay so what do I talk to her about?" Yichan asked.

    " Oh hi love, I just wanted to talk to you because talking helps. So did you really sleep with that Wen guy when I was away only for fifteen days? Why did you do it? Why did you sleep with him?" Yichan said.

    " You want me to ask her that?" Yichan asked.

    Guiren widened his eyes in shock and shouted," Ahhh Ning is the woman that you met during the Vast island exertion."

    Yichan frowned and grumpily said," Yes she is."



    Five years ago.

    Twenty-two year old Mo Yichan sneakily left his house, swiftly tricking all the guards that were guarding the mansion.

    Yichan was sick of everything that was happening around him so decided to take a long break to clear his mind but little did he know that this long break would turn his life upside down and would make him a completely different person.

    Almost 500 metres away from the Mo mansion, Yichan managed to hail a taxi.

    After boarding the taxi, Yichan took out a paper from his bag which had several guidelines in it.

    Throw your phone away

    Taking out his phone, Yichan took out his cell phone, crushed the sim and threw the phone out of the window.

    Get rid of all the fancy gadgets that you have including your watch.

    After throwing away his watch, Yichan started digging his bag, discarding all the fancy things.

    One by one, Yichan kept on reading the guidelines and following them.

    Taking out a letter from his bag, Yichan sighed.

    " Stop by a postbox." Yichan said.

    The driver nodded his head and said," It's just a few blocks away."

    After posting the letter which said:

    "Dear Grandpa, I know you are worried about me and have your men looking for me everywhere but you should stop because it's useless. Don't worry about me because I am fine and I just need some 'ME' time to clear my head. I am not running away from my responsibilities. I just need six months for myself. I'll fly over to the States after six months to complete my training.

    Your loving grandson."

    Yichan boarded the taxi again and left to start the most incredible journey of his life that he would never forget.