The Days Of Being In A Fake Marriage With The Ceo Chapter 86

    Chapter 86: Our Young Master Wishes to Meet You

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    Unfortunately for him, Mu Huan’s attacking style changed the moment the match started again. Each time, she would hit him in places where he could not bear the pain. He wrote it off as accidental strikes for the first two times, but the third, fourth, and the subsequent attacks all landed in spots that hurt him a lot as well. That was when he realized that something was amiss.

    It was also then that he suddenly recalled her match with the first boxer. He had initially chalked it up to that boxer’s lousy stamina and to him underestimating his opponent, which resulted in him being KO’d. Thinking about it now, he realized that that punch landed on the spot where it most easily made people collapse and unable to climb back to their feet!

    This made him conscious of the fact that his rival had a deep understanding of human anatomy. Despite him having a basic knowledge when he learned boxing, what she knew was far beyond his understanding, and each attack landed so precisely in place.

    Alas, it was by far too late by the time he realized this. After a series of accurate attacks from Mu Huan, he was now unstable on his feet and could only rely on his last ounce of strength to flung his fist at her.

    That punch sent Mu Huan and him tumbling down together.

    It instantly caused an uproar among the crowd. Was this a draw?

    Avid fans of boxing matches were aware that the two were truly drained as of now.

    Right then, the referee stepped forward in preparation to begin the countdown.

    “Get up! Get up!” urged Li Meng and Wu Xingye loudly as they cheered for their friend and encouraged her to stand up.

    If she could not get up, then she would have wasted her time and energy in today’s matches and suffered injuries all for nothing!

    There was no prize money for draws.

    Their shouts brought the audience back to their senses and they began shouting too. Some cheered for Mu Huan while others cheered for the celebrity boxer to get up. The atmosphere of the arena had reached its peak!

    Just when the referee was about to start counting down…

    The celebrity boxer watched Mu Huan effortlessly getting to her feet while he remained on the ground, regardless of how much energy he exerted.

    As she regarded him, she shook her head and said, “It’s no good that you’re too bulky. When you need to get up, your weak strength can’t support the weight of your body.”

    The boxer almost spat out blood when he heard that.

    And yet, he could not help but find that there was a point to her words!

    As for the young man on the VIP seat upstairs, the excitement in his eyes intensified when he saw that Mu Huan remained the last one standing. He summoned the manager who was attending to him from the side. “Get her to come upstairs and collect the money from me later!”


    After the match, the manager invited Mu Huan to go upstairs.

    Having worked part-time here before, she knew that the winner need not go upstairs and could just collect their prize money downstairs.

    “Manager Wang, I’m in a hurry.” What she meant was for him to transfer the money directly to her bank account.

    “Our young master wishes to meet you.”

    “I have something urgent on.” All she wanted was the money, and she did not want to meet anyone.

    “How about this? Why don’t you go settle your urgent matter first, then come back and collect your money after that?” the manager suggested with a smile.

    Mu Huan: “…!!!”

    Will I still be able to receive the money by then?

    Her friends began making their way to her when they sensed trouble, only for her to signal them to wait there in that spot. To ensure that she could get her prize money, it was better to keep them out of this matter first.

    And so, she ultimately decided to head upstairs with the manager to check things out.

    As she left, she sent Li Meng an eye signal, indicating that if she was yet to come down in fifteen minutes, they were to call the police before rushing upstairs to look for her.

    When Mu Huan arrived upstairs with the manager, she saw a young man lazily leaning against the sofa with beautiful women surrounding him, feeding him wine, and massaging him. That was one vivid and captivating image.

    Despite noticing her arrival, the man did not move and only lazily lifted his gaze to her.