The City Of Terror

The City Of Terror Chapter 292

Chapter 292

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Chapter 292 - Calling for Mars

    The worst part were the war elephants that were chased away. They seem to have regained their calmness and rushed towards the direction of the ancient Roman soldiers as soon as they turned.

As for the battlefield with more than 2,000 Carthaginian calvaries and 6,000 ancient Roman calvaries, the Carthaginian calvaries managed to regain its momentum. Although the Carthaginian soldiers couldnt reduce the disadvantage in numbers, at least they wouldnt be defeated by the ancient Romans for the time being by holding the enemies forcibly at the edge of the battlefield.

Well, the ancient Roman soldiers that were semi-surrounded were suppressed endlessly by the Carthaginian soldiers that rushed in, as if they were meat on a chopping block.

They didnt even have space to dodge the spears and were in the condition of being massacred.

Looking at the instantenous changes of the battlefield, Scipio Africanus became extremely furious. He raised the mace on his right hand and shouted, Mars!

Mars! Mars!

Suddenly, the ancient Roman soldiers that surrounded the white chariot also started knocking on their left hand shields with their short swords and shouted together.


The origin of this name started to come into Wei Xiao Beis thought.

The ancient Romans thought that their ancestors were a pair of twin brothers raised by wolves. Romulus and Remus were the names of the elder and younger brother respectively. Well, this is the origin of the sculpture of a twin suckling by a she-wolf.

The story was too long. Thus, it wouldnt be discussed further.

Mars was actually the twins father. Mars held an extremely high position in ancient Rome and was respected as the god of war. He was responsible for guarding ancient Romes wealth and land.

What are the ancient Romans cheering for?

The cheers spread like a plague. Everyone including the phalanxes that were yet to be involved in battle, the ones that were deadly wounded, and even the soldiers battling with the enemies joined in the cheers.


This isnt right! A very mighty atmosphere is descending!

Wei Xiao Bei involuntarily moved his sight to Scipio Africanus and the white chariot.

A classic ancient Roman figure slowly formed in the sky behind Scipio Africanus. The figure was holding a shield in his left hand and a sword in his right. He wore a fire red cape with his eyes closed and without any sign of life.  

As the figure of the ancient Roman soldier appeared, the morale of the ancient Roman soldiers suddenly increased. They became bolder and fiercer. They held the situation down and forced the Carthaginian to fall back step by step.

The strength of the ancient Roman soldiers increased as well, and the increment was even higher than the Carthaginian.

The soldiers around Wei Xiao Bei even increased to normal 2-Star Creatures in strength.

Wei Xiao Bei didnt enjoy any benefit from the increase, but he could feel a special change.

The benefits gained from the killings by the ancient Roman soldiers increased!

Before Wei Xiao Beis eyes, the soldier that just had removed the short sword from an enemys chest had his morale increased tremendously.

Other than the reinforcement effect brought by a halo, his actual strengths also increased significantly that he brokethrough 2-Star. The halo effect then boosted his strength to 2-Star Elite.

However, this lucky guy wasnt that lucky after all as he was subsequently trampled to a patty by a war elephant that ran toward him.

Of course, there were five other soldiers that shared the same fate as he did.

Wei Xiao Bei dodged to the side to avoid the war elephants collision and used [Status Appraisal] on the war elephant right after.

The status of the war elephant then appeared in his mind.

3-Star Creature!

The strength is increased to this extent?

Wei Xiao Bei couldnt help but frown and threw the javelin in his hand toward the war elephants back.


The jevelin became a shadow and pierced right into the war elephants anus in the blink of an eye. The war elephant screamed in pain and accelerated like a derailed train. It ran into the ancient Roman phalanxes and penetrated through after it trampled on the soldiers leaving blood and flesh on the ground.

Wei Xiao Bei didnt hesitate and chased after it immediately.

As the war elephant charged forward, the amount of ancient Roman soldiers that were trampled under the elephants feet increased tremendously, and they soon left this world.

At this moment, Wei Xiao Bei did not have the thought of staying on the battlefield anymore.

The battlefield became chaos after both parties utilized their mysterious power.

The formation of the phalanxes of either the ancient Roman or Carthaginian side had collapsed.

Every soldier had fallen into battle zealotry and madly killed each other. Any enemy that appeared in their eyes would be attacked endlessly by them, even if the enemy was far more powerful than themselves.

Even the cavalries forgot their duty of charging at this moment. They rode on their horses and used their spears and shields to pierce and knock down their enemies.

The soldiers of both parties mixed together during the battle. One might be besieged by the enemies anywhere on the battlefield.

Some of the commanders strengths had also been promoted toward 3-star.

Danger might occur at any time on the battlefield where strengths were generally increased.

One of the ancient Roman commanders was wearing a helmet with a feather. He should be a leader of 400 soldiers. He charged toward the war elephant whilst holding a giant shield, trying to stop the war elephant that was killing wantonly.

However, before he could reach it, another elephant bumped into him from the side. He immediately guarded with his shield, but the next moment, this leader of 400 soldiers was knocked flying with his shield like a baseball.

The shield shattered while the ancient Roman commander fell to the ground and spurted blood from his mouth. Not long after, he sprang up from the ground and grabbed a Macedonian spear as he dashed toward the war elephant that knocked him away.

Any Carthaginian soldiers that were in the way of this ancient Roman commander were pierced to death with one move.

This ancient Roman commander was now at least as strong as a 30Star Creature. If he wasnt, he wouldnt be able to recover that fast after the collision with the war elephant. If he was below the level of a normal 2-star, he would be irreparably wounded with that hit.

Wei Xiao Bei killed a Carthaginian soldier with his javelin and continued to chase after the war elephant.

Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh. The slingers had gotten mad as well. They agilely dodged the attacks of the Carthaginian soldiers while swinging the slings in their hands and made the fist-sized stones fly across the battlefield.

At this moment, the soldiers from either party that were before the slingers could only depend on their luck.

The war elephant on the right also launched an attack. It ran toward the battle between ancient Roman cavalries and Carthaginian cavalries.

Blood and flesh splashed everywhere as it passed. Both parties cavalries would be knocked flying when they were bumped by the war elephant.

They didnt care much about their allies in the battle anymore, but their goal was now to damage the enemies as much as possible!

It didnt matter if their allies were wounded or killed in the process.

As the Carthaginians war elephants joined the battle, the scales of the goddess of victory was now tipping towards the Carthaginians.

Quick! Faster! Throw! Throw!

Wei Xiao Bei had almost caught up with war elephant. This was the back line of the ancient Roman army.

The empty field before was now occupied by more than 30 catapults with heights height of more than 10 meters. Under the supervision of the ancient Roman soldier, the slaves were doing their best to put the big stone into the spoon at the end of the catapult.

As the commander gave the order, the whistling sound of objects flying through the sky reverberated as the dustpan-sized rocks were shot out.

In a blink of an eye, a war elephant that was madly trampling on the cavalries was struck. The gigantic body fell and could never stand again.

What a powerful weapon!

Wei Xiao Bei couldnt help but feel envious! Being able to launch rocks a thousand meter away in a blink of an eye could not be achievable in reality. However, a war elephant at the level of 3-star was easily eliminated here.

Witnessing the scene, Wei Xiao Bei couldnt help but think of the Mutated Farmers Market.

Without a doubt, for such a strong catapult, the Mutated Farmers Market that could not move became the best target.

With ten of these catapults, the Mutated Farmers Market would probably surrender and beg for mercy.

The war elephant that had its anus injured was suffering in pain. For these kinds of craetures, it vented its sufferings on the enemies, since it couldnt settle the pain from the anus.

The catapults in its eyes undoubtedly became its target for venting its anger.


After a low rumble, the war elephants moved its pillar-like legs and charged towards a catapult.

Actually, the Carthaginian soldiers were helpless pertaining to the war elephant's behavior on tackling the catapult. They had lost control of it, and they could only look at the war elephant's behavior like an audience.


The catapult made entirely from wood was shaken and collapsed in half with a deafening noise. The war elephant once again bumped into it, and the catapult shattered entirely.

The slaves that werent able to dodge were killed by the falling woods. The other escaping slaves were then stabbed by the short sword on the elephants nose.

The ancient Roman commander that was looking after the catapult was furious. When he was about to pounce on it, he saw another war elephant charging madly toward him. Right at that moment, Wei Xiao Bei launched the javelin in his hand toward the elephant.



The sound of a javelin piercing into the war elephant's body was loud and clear.

The body muscles of the war elephant began to stretch. Half of the javelin went into its body and stopped. Then, the impact of the great force shattered the other half of the javelin that was outside the body of the war elephant.

This was also the reason that Wei Xiao Bei used a lot of strength on this strike.

The ancient Roman commander looked at Wei Xiao Bei and shouted, probably meaning to leave this place for Wei Xiao Bei to guard.

Without a doubt, after witnessing Wei Xiao Beis powerful strength, the ancient Roman commander was relieved. Then, he held a big shield and ran toward the war elephant far away.