The Cheaters Sonata
OngoingChapter 5

    The Cheaters Sonata Chapter 5

    8 Chapter Seven

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    @@"Sam! Boss wants you in his office." Her co-worker smiled cheekily as he handed her a folder that says "Summer Solstice Ball". Her eyes roll at the sight of it.

    Matthew Sung must have done it again - hosting awkward themed social gatherings for potential investors, artists and contractors. She chuckled bitterly as she flipped the pages. How much is the company paying for this thing? New artists will just come and go. There's no need to spend much grandeur but apparently her boss doesn't think so.

    "You wanted to see me?" She said halfway as she opened her boss' office door without knocking.

    "Gosh Sam what happened to manners maketh man?" Matthew smiled devilishly. He knew she was reluctant to go, every year she would complain for every single detail about the ball.

    But every year she never failed to take his breath away.

    Or at least that's what he sees. He would always dressed her up, wrapped her in expensive, shiny things then show her off to his business partners. As if he was branding her without her noticing.

    "Matthew!" He snapped out of his thoughts when he heard her snapping her fingers infront of him. She was so close, he could see how tiny his woman was.

    His woman, he smiled at the thought.

    "We need more artists. The board has decided to increase the business by releasing more songs and we also handpicked the targets." He pointed the folder that she was holding.

    "I know, I saw." Sam shrugged and threw the folder nonchalantly at the table.

    "Did you see the last page?" Matthew sounded so excited that she couldn't help but reached for the folder again and went straight to the last page. She reluctantly flipped the pages with a do-I-have-to attitude.

    No words came out when she came into the last page. All hell broke loose and she stood there completely frozen. As if she saw a ghost - a ghost of her tragic and slightly comedic past. Warm brown eyes, a killer smile and a devil may care face. He still looked the same but he was the last person she wanted to see.

    "I'm in Jewish hell." Was all she could say. Then suddenly everything went blank.