The Ceo's Woman

The Ceo's Woman Chapter 466

Chapter 466: Always Have You in My Heart

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Everyone turned their attention towards the speaker.

"Brother, what are you talking about?" Li Jun scrunched his brows as he walked towards Li Qiang in his wheelchair.

"We have the same blood type. I am his father's twin brother." Li Qiang ignored Li Jun's question, his eyes were focused on the doctor. "I was also born with a smaller heart." Li Qiang was born with a weak constitution. This was the original reason why Li Jun was picked. Seeing everyone looked at him with pity and understanding, Li Qiang continued. "I am dying anyway. At least… " At least this way, he could stay with Wang Ruo inside Jiang Yue's body and somehow experience her love. Even though his consciousness and body are no longer around, Jiang Yue would still have his heart.

However, Li Qiang chose not to say this. He just looked at the doctor, waiting for his answer.

The doctor could only nod at Li Qiang's words. What else could he say? They only have eighteen hours to find a new heart. Moreover, in thes