The Bumpy Road Of Marriage: The Ex Wife Is Expecting Chapter 165

    Chapter 165: Why Don't I Marry You?

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    Shui Anluo could still feel a stinging pain all over her body so she refused to initiate a conversation with Chu Ningyi even though he had just helped her.

    Earlier on, she had not felt a thing due to her extreme anxiety. Now, her neck, collarbone, and her cheeks were in excruciating pain. Even the base of her thighs was hurting thanks to all his digging.

    Shui Anluo carefully put her son down. The little guy's small legs kicked a little but he went right back to sleep.

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    She shifted her shirt from her shoulder and saw that the bite on her collarbone was now bleeding. Shui Anluo frowned and stared at it. She then picked up a paper towel and headed to the bathroom to carefully wash it with water. However, she almost scared herself to death when she looked into the mirror. No wonder everyone who had seen her had gone into shock.

    Her eyes were red and swollen. In the beginning, she had burst into tears after being frightened by Chu Ningyi. After that, she had cried