The Beautiful Wife Of The Whirlwind Marriage Chapter 916

    Chapter 916 This Person Is Here To Pick A Fight

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    Han Chengen said, Not at all. Two peoples fates may already be tied together before you know it.

    Gu Jingze asked, What do you mean by that, President Han? Care to elaborate?

    Han Chengen smiled and said, Patience, young lad.

    Gu Jingze said, Alright. I guess Ill change my tone of speech. President Han, weve never interfered with one another and it might have been better that way. However, once I found out that someone threatened my wifes safety, I cant follow the traditions of respecting my elders.

    Han Chengen fixed his gaze on Gu Jingzes icy cold eyes.

    Gu Jingze was a little arrogant. He dared to talk to him like that in M Nation, his own territory.

    Perhaps he really had never been threatened like this in years, especially not by such a young man.

    Han Chengen looked at this insufferably arrogant young man and narrowed his eyes, not knowing what to say.

    Just then

    Uncle Han. A girl obediently stepped into the scene.

    Han Chengen looked over and saw that it was Yun Luo.

    He turned to Yun Luo and greeted her. Yun Luo, what brings you here? How have you been?

    Im fine, thank you. This illness of mine is making people worry too much.

    Dont see it as a burden, Han Chengen chuckled.

    Yun Luo glanced at Gu Jingze and said, Oh right, Uncle Han. You know Jingze?

    Han Chengen looked at Gu Jingze. No, not really.

    Yun Luo said, Well

    Gu Jingze said, Were getting to know each other starting today. However, well have to wait and see if well be friends or enemies.

    At that moment, Yun Luo could feel that it didnt look simple between the two of them.

    Wasnt Gu Jingze here to visit Han Chengen?

    That was why Grandfather told her so that she could come over and help. This would have allowed Gu Jingze to see her in a different light.

    But looking at the two of them now, why didnt it look like it was a visit?

    Although the two of them standing there didnt look like anything, it felt as if there was some kind of aura flowing between them.

    Gu Jingze said, Ill leave you two to talk.

    He took Lin Che along with him. Lin Che looked behind at the man named Han Chengen.

    Han Chengen narrowed his eyes to look at Lin Che and suddenly hardened his gaze.

    Lin Che wondered if she was mistaken, but Han Chengens eyes

    It seemed to be filled with hatred.

    However, Lin Che didnt think that she offended that man in any way just now.

    When they were away, Lin Che then looked up at Gu Jingze and asked, What was going on? Did you come to this event so that you could see this man?

    You can say that, Gu Jingze replied.

    Lin Che asked, Who exactly is he?

    The third richest man in M Nation.

    Ah, that sounds very impressive but why do I feel Lin Che looked down.

    Feel what?

    Nothing. Its just Nevermind. Perhaps she was mistaken. After all, she didnt know that man and never crossed paths with him. It was better not to let her mind wander.

    Gu Jingze looked over in Han Chengens direction and narrowed his eyes.

    Since it was a charity gala, they had to do some charity, donate items for the auction, and bid for items.

    When everyone had gathered, they sat at their assigned seats and watched the performances begin. Si Yi also walked passionately on to the stage.

    We have some branded items for auction today which are extremely impressive. We have many charitable guests who have kindly contributed and we even have some items that are not often seen for sale. I hope everyone will be able to contribute to charity and bid for something you like at the same time. Enjoy yourselves!

    Lin Che looked at Gu Jingze. Are we going to bid for anything later? Are we donating anything?

    We donated. If you like anything you see, we can bid for it.

    Me? But I dont know what is worth bidding for.

    Since its for charity, you dont have to care whether its worth bidding for or not. The money will go towards helping others anyway, right?

    Lin Che heard this and thought that it was logical. Alright, then Ill bid for some rubbish and you cant get mad at me.

    Gu Jingze laughed and pinched her cheeks. It was so affectionate.

    After a while, the auction items were introduced one by one.

    The items that were brought out actually wouldnt be anything trashy. People still wanted their faces.

    Lin Che looked at the items. There were antiques and limited edition things but none of them interested Lin Che.

    Halfway through, they still had not made a bid for anything. It would look bad if they came here and didnt buy anything. It was for charity and they still should buy something.

    Just then, she saw an item that was brought up on stage. It was a saber pendant that looked rather charming. She was a fencer and although this was different from the sword she used, it was still a sword. She could buy it and place it on her old fencing sword. That sword was no longer in use anyway and it was only a keepsake now

    Lin Che thought it through and raised the paddle in her hand. Then, she called out a number.

    Si Yi smiled and said, This beautiful lady has very good taste. This accessory is really hard to find now.

    Lin Che smiled and felt everyone turn their heads to look at her.

    But just then, a man from behind also stood up and called out a number.

    Si Yi said, Oh my, it looks like this lady has a rival.

    Gu Jingzes lips moved slightly. He said to Lin Che, Continue.

    Lin Che immediately raised her paddle.

    However, the man did not give in and quickly raised his paddle.

    He and Lin Che took several turns. Neither of them intended to stop.

    Gu Jingze looked over in the mans direction and his eyes flashed. He said to Lin Che, Continue.

    Even Lin Che was thinking of giving up. Hearing Gu Jingze say that, she hastily replied, Why dont we forget about it? Its nothing special anyway.

    Gu Jingze said, No, we have to get it. Since someone is challenging us on purpose, we cannot concede so easily.

    What? Challenging us?

    Gu Jingze looked over there.

    Lin Che looked at the man who had an eye bigger than the other. It was clear that he was intentionally competing with her.

    Lin Che said, How now

    Dont worry, go ahead.

    Lin Che once again raised her paddle.

    This kept going on with neither one relenting. The host was starting to worry.

    Bidders, this accessory is already way past its value. Why dont the two of you look at the catalog and see if theres anything else youd like to bid for? We know you have charitable hearts, but there is no need to spend so much on one item.