The Beautiful Wife Of The Whirlwind Marriage Chapter 915

    Chapter 915 They Just Met Like That

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    Really? Thats great! Lin Che said to Gu Jingze. The two of them were already inside.

    They put down their stuff and walked into the hall.

    Lin Che saw some familiar faces who were also here for those M Nation activities. Since they were neighboring countries with M Nation being smaller, the two countries had many businesses together. Thus, some well-known C Nation businessmen were also here.

    Upon seeing Gu Jingze arrive, everyone came over to greet him.

    President Gu, youre here too, someone said.

    Gu Jingze smiled and gestured to Lin Che beside him. This is my wife.

    That person hastily replied, Mrs. Gu is really young and pretty. Shes very compatible with President Gu.

    Lin Che thanked him politely and looked at Gu Jingze. To think he intentionally mentioned her. Seriously

    That person chatted for a while before Gu Jingze made an excuse and left.

    Not long after, word started spreading that Gu Jingze was really nice to his wife, saying hello and then quickly introducing her as if he was afraid that nobody would know.

    Another person came to greet Gu Jingze. The man was also very surprised. President Gu rarely comes to M Nation for such gatherings. Today must be our lucky day.

    Gu Jingze replied, This time is also a coincidence.

    Oh yes, I heard that President Han from Bairui Group will be coming too.

    Upon hearing that, Gu Jingze raised his head slightly and looked at the man. Oh? Is that so?

    He should be here any minute. He doesnt like to grace such events either. Its a coincidence that theres a charity gala tonight as hes passionate about charity. That is why he is coming.

    Oh. And hes not here yet?

    Yes, yes, but he probably will be here soon. I just heard that hes already on his way.

    Gu Jingze smiled. Although it looked light and breezy, his eyes harbored a different meaning.

    And at that moment.

    Outside, Yun Luo walked into the hotel with an entourage.

    She wore a white off-shoulder mini dress. She looked soft and fragile, but people in the hall couldnt resist turning their heads to look at her.

    The one and only heiress of the Yun family.

    Yun Luo entered and everyones faces turned towards her.

    Lin Ches eyes also followed and she saw Yun Luo walking in fiercely.

    It wasnt fierce in reality, but it looked that way to Lin Che.

    She had much more confidence now than she had in C Nation.

    She heard someone from behind say, Yun Luo from the Yun family is here too? What day is this? Is the charity gala that important? This princess never turns up at events.

    Well, why would she? She doesnt have to. Did you think everyone is like a social butterfly, going out to socialize every day? Everyone is saying that whoever marries Yun Luo is as good as marrying M Nation because they control M Nations entire military force.

    Lin Che thought that these people really had vivid imaginations.

    Marrying her was equivalent to marrying M Nation?

    Just then, the chatter behind became quiet as they realized that Yun Luo was heading in their direction.

    Lin Che looked at Yun Luo.

    She was smiling, but it was obvious that she only had Gu Jingze in her eyes. She still did not notice Lin Che at the side.

    Yun Luo smiled and said, Jingze, you really came. Grandpa told me but Im still very surprised.

    Gu Jingze glances at her. Im here for work. Once work is done, Ill be heading back.

    Yun Luo said, Ah, Ive heard from others that youre here to see President Han from Bairui Group. President Han has many dealings with my family too. If possible, I can help introduce you to each other.

    Gu Jingze smiled. Thats not necessary. Its not a visit. Im just here to take a look. If theres a chance to meet, we can get to know each other. If there isnt, thats fine too. Its not an urgent matter anyway.

    After that, Gu Jingze did not look at Yun Luo again. Instead, he tugged Lin Che to his side and bent down to ask, Do you want to eat anything? You didnt eat on the way here. Are you hungry?

    Lin Che nodded, thinking that he was finding an excuse to leave. She said, My stomach has been growling the whole day. I want to eat some snacks over there.

    Come, let me get some for you.

    The two of them held hands and walked away. Yun Luo remained standing there feeling somewhat awkward. However, she looked around and decided to follow them.

    These are all M Nations specialties. Since you two are here, try some of the local food, Yun Luo said as she approached them.

    Many of the people behind were M Nation businessmen who did not know Gu Jingze. As Gu Jingze did not really come to M Nation, they were not familiar with him. Thus, seeing so many famous elite businessmen greet a young man submissively, they wondered who this man was.

    At first, they were still surprised. Now, the Yun familys heiress actually headed straight to this handsome man without looking at anyone else.

    From the moment Gu Jingze came in, he became the center of attention in the entire hall. Now, he had definitely become the focal point.

    Gu Jingze looked at Yun Luo and coldly pushed her hand away.

    My wife is not a fan of M Nation food. She doesnt like sweet stuff.

    Yun Luo froze.

    While she was awkwardly thinking of how to salvage the conversation, someone suddenly announced that President Han had arrived.

    Han Chengen was here.

    Gu Jingze looked up silently at everyone who was gazing at him.

    He saw a tall man who was neither fat nor thin. He looked knightly as he walked from a distance. As he walked, he shook hands with people on the side. He seemed humble and polite, characteristics of a fine businessman.

    However, he was alone.

    Gu Jingze narrowed his eyes and looked around. That mysterious wife of his was nowhere in sight.

    Just then

    Someone suddenly came to Han Chengens side and whispered something in his ear.

    Han Chengen raised his head slightly and when his gaze reached this side, his eyes were immediately locked on Gu Jingze

    They looked at each other. Gu Jingzes eyes were deep while Han Chengens harbored malice.

    Then, a cold smile appeared on Han Chengens poised face.

    President Han, Gu Jingze is here. This The person beside him whispered.

    Han Chengen raised his hand gently. Lets not panic. So what if hes here? We have nothing to fear.

    But he looks like he wants to attack us

    So what if he does? Han Chengen said, If he could come so quickly, this fella is not simple.

    He chuckled and walked towards Gu Jingze.

    President Gu, Ive heard many things about you.

    He held out his hand and shook Gu Jingzes.

    Gu Jingze smirked. Its my honor. I thought that I would never be fated to meet President Han.

    If President Han didnt intentionally seek after me and played dirty, we would have probably never met.

    That last sentence was unnecessary to say. Both of them were clever enough to know what he meant.