The Beautiful Wife Of The Whirlwind Marriage Chapter 914

    Chapter 914 Who Is This Arrogant Young Man?

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    This was M Nations passageway for private aircraft.

    When the others heard that Old Master Yun was here to fetch someone, they instinctively looked over. They wondered who had arrived and was actually receiving such extravagant treatment. The most powerful military family of M Nation, the Yun family, was made up of the descendants of generals and was a reputable and influential family. The old master had been in seclusion for many years. Why had he even asked his men to pick up this young man?

    Everyone looked at Gu Jingze in curiosity.

    Gu Jingze looked at the people down below. He appeared calm and seemed completely unaffected by the respectful manner of the Yun family.

    I dont think I informed the Yun family that I was coming, he said.

    Yes. But since youre in M Nations territory, we definitely know the butler said while chuckling. Although he looked respectful, he, nevertheless, felt that this was M Nation after all and Gu Jingze had no choice but to show respect to the Yun family. He did not have to lower himself too much since he was in his own territory. No matter how rich and powerful Gu Jingze was, he was still a citizen of C Nation. No matter how large or wealthy C Nation was, this was ultimately the nations matter and it had nothing to do with Gu Jingze.

    The Yun family was used to throwing its weight around in M Nation. They definitely would not be afraid of anyone.

    Thus, there was more or less some arrogance in his expression.

    Gu Jingze swept his eyes over him coldly before putting his arm around Lin Che beside him. Theres no need. Im not really used to staying in someone elses place. I will stay in the Gu familys hotel in M Nation. No need to trouble the old master.


    After he finished speaking, Gu Jingze did not even glance at him and immediately went down with Lin Che.

    The people around them were all dumbfounded and could not help but wonder in amazement who exactly this proud and arrogant man was. He did not even show respect for the Yun family. Had he gone mad?

    The Yun familys butler had been completely snubbed as well. He stood there embarrassed and angry, momentarily at a complete loss for words.

    This Gu Jingze was way too arrogant. How dare he disrespect the Yun family and brush them off in their presence just like that?

    The butler thought to himself furiously,You still think youre in C Nation even though youre in M Nation, hmph. I will definitely make a complaint about you when I go back.

    Lin Che matched Gu Jingzes steps. When they came out of the private passageway, they could not help but find it strange that everyone around them was still staring.

    She said, I cant believe the Yun family came to pick you up.

    Gu Jingze said, Even if theyre here to pick us up, we wont go with them either.

    Lin Che pursed her lips. Theyre here to pick you up, not pick us up. Earlier, he only invited you alone.

    Gu Jingze looked at her.

    Ultimately, she could also be intelligent at times. She could detect this too.

    He said, Thats why I couldnt even be bothered to look at him. I took revenge on your behalf.

    Hearing this, Lin Che smiled and said, Forget it. Ive already gotten used to being your accessory.

    Gu Jingze said, Thats enough. In my heart, youre the most important to me. You will never be my accessory no matter where we are.

    Lin Che felt the sweetness in her heart when she heard this. She looked up at Gu Jingze. Do you mean it?

    Of course. Listen if you dont believe me. He took her hand into his and placed it on his chest.

    His heart was beating loudly and vigorously.

    Lin Che said, Alright, alright. Everyone is looking at us.

    The two of them behaved affectionately towards each other while leaving M Nations international airport without looking back at all.

    When they arrived at the hotel, he asked for someone to bring him the invitation cards. The invitation cards stated the time of the charity dinner it was scheduled for tomorrow night.

    Gu Jingze conveniently asked them to bring over the gown that Lin Che had to wear. The corners of his lips turned up as he looked at the invitation cards.

    He asked, Someone from Bairui Corporation will definitely attend, right?

    Yes, Sir. Bairui Corporations President Han has already confirmed his attendance but we still dont know if he will be bringing his wife.

    Let me take a look at the results of the investigation on Han Chengen.

    Sir, its here. All of the documents are here.

    Han Chengen, fifty-six years old, childless.

    He had built Bairui Corporation from scratch. Today, it was already one of the top hundred companies in the world.

    Han Chengen was the third richest person in M Nation.

    He seemed quite capable.

    But Gu Jingze certainly did not know why he had something against Lin Che. Exactly what enmity was there between them?

    At the Yun residence.

    Old Master Yun looked at the butler. Where is he?

    Yun Qis face was lined with wrinkles. His hair had already turned completely silvery. His wispy beard made him look like a traditional old man.

    With a sullen expression on his face, the butler said, intending to add fuel to fire, Old Master, Gu Jingze really didnt show even an ounce of respect. I said that the Old Master was inviting him here. He immediately responded that he didnt want to stay in someone elses place. I said that this was a gesture of sincerity from you, but he just had to say that he did not inform the Yun family to pick him up and that it was the Yun family that had approached him of its own accord. He even said

    Thats enough. In summary, you just didnt manage to pick him up. Yun Qi frowned and interrupted him.

    The butler quickly shrank back slightly.

    Yun Qi said, Look at how useless you are. I just knew it. You probably didnt heed my words. I told you to be more respectful and to have a humble attitude. You must have been disrespectful with your words and triggered his unhappiness. Hmph. I knew it. Gu Jingze is smarter and more cunning than you think. Do you think that he couldnt detect your petty intentions? He clearly saw it from the start, hmph.

    I I didnt really care about it. I was just worried that he would look down on the Yun family.

    Enough, you. Hes an important guest of ours once he steps foot in M Nation. What do you know? Youre always making your own presumptuous decisions, seeing things from your narrow perspective and thinking highly of yourself.

    Having been reprimanded, the butler felt that their old master was now old and more cowardly.

    Yun Qi said, I have to think of a solution to help my youngest granddaughter. I cant drag her down. Previously, that unreliable father of hers sought out Black Hawk for no reason and already humiliated her. This time, we cant let the Yun family lose face.

    Ah then

    Yun Qi said, Arent they going to attend Bairuis charity dinner? Tell Yun Luo to come back too.

    Yes yes.

    The butler thought to himself that he was already married. Did a daughter of the Yun family have to marry an already-married person? Even if it was a remarriage, that sounded bad too.

    But for some reason, the Yun family still seemed to favor Gu Jingze.

    The butler had no choice but to quickly leave and make the necessary arrangements. He thought to himself that if their family was going to approach Bairui, they probably had something they wanted from Bairui. However, the Yun family was on good terms with Bairui and they often had interactions in M Nation as well. When the time came, they would clearly show Gu Jingze that even without permission from the Yun family, whether or not they could get close to Bairui depended on whether that family was easy to approach. Did he really think that the Gu family was so capable and that they could turn their noses up anywhere they went?

    Preparations for the charity dinner had already ended. Lin Che and Gu Jingze alighted from the car together and looked at the streets of M Nation.

    At the moment, the weather was a little chilly. Gu Jingze draped her shawl over her shoulders before hooking their arms and walking inside with her.

    Lin Che said, Looks like M Nation isnt much different from C Nation.

    Gu Jingze said, Of course, the central districts are more or less the same. There are many Chinese people here too. When the place empties out, Ill bring you around to take a look. There are still some differences in local conditions and customs.