The Beautiful Wife Of The Whirlwind Marriage Chapter 913

    Chapter 913 Is M Nation The Yun Familys Territory?

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    The director chuckled good-naturedly. Through the phone, Lin Che could almost see him laughing with his mouth open.

    The director said, Public reception was quite good this time. Even though the ratings were not as high as Lets Travel Together, the number of online views shot up and it has been viewed a million times more than Lets Travel Together. Earlier this afternoon, the higher-ups in the company even called me and told me to start doing all kinds of promotions. They will take on more advertisement deals and allocate some of them to us. Once the advertising fees increase, our pay will increase slowly too.

    Lin Che said, Alright, director. Dont get too excited.

    Of course Im excited. Ive been suppressed by that show for so many years. For once, weve beaten them. Theyve been targeting us from a long time ago. Ill be honest with you. Before this, the executives of the company did not look upon us favorably. They even listened to the director of Lets Travel Together spout nonsense and took away so much of our publicity. Look at the situation now. They know that were indeed doing a better job than Lets Travel Together.

    Lin Che knew that the director was excited. The only thing she could do was shake her head and listen to his incessant nagging.

    She listened to him talk for a long time before hanging up the phone.

    Similarly, people at the company were celebrating too. They said that Lin Che had performed well this time. Right now, her name had instantly shot up to the top spot in the search rankings. Her Weibo page was completely filled with comments. There were tens of thousands of comments on her page within a short amount of time.

    The company had also received many offers for interviews. However, Lin Che should have given interviews with the production team, so she basically rejected all of them.

    On set, Lin Che still had to continue filming. Nan Gongyu looked at her and said, Not bad. Since youve gotten famous this time, lets quickly take our movie along for the ride too.

    Lin Che asked, What does it have to do with the movie?

    During your promotional activities, talk more about the movie and aim for better box office results. In any case, we signed a profit-sharing agreement. When the time comes, we will give you a share of the box office profits, you know?

    Lin Che pursed her lips but Nan Gongyu was actually just joking anyway. He could not force her to do it.

    Nan Gongyu said, Ive never heard about your husbands real identity. He looks quite wealthy. Is he the heir to a wealthy family?

    Lin Che smiled and looked at him. He could be considered one.

    Look at you. What do you mean?

    Lin Che huffed and said, Ill go home first. Were done filming for the day, right? I want to go home and see my husband.

    Nan Gongyu shook his head at her speechlessly. He felt that her husband was not an ordinary person. However, he had not encountered such a person, so her husband was probably a rich heir who had not really gotten involved in the entertainment industry.

    Several of the wealthy heirs were intricately involved with female celebrities and often mixed around in the entertainment industry, to the point where they nearly became part of the entertainment industry.

    Although Nan Gongyu showed his displeasure towards Lin Che on the surface, his impression of her was actually improving. Thus, when reporters came to interview the production crew and mentioned Lin Ches reality show, Nan Gongyu nevertheless praised her very highly.

    He said, Lin Che is usually that silly. Shes completely the same as she portrays in the reality show.

    The reporter asked, Are the two of you very close now?

    Yes. Were friends now. I dont really make friends easily, but Lin Che is an exception because shes quite a silly person. I think I like making friends with silly people. They make me seem smarter.

    Lin Che was very popular at the moment, so any interview related to her became a hot topic, including Nan Gongyus interview. When everyone saw that even Nan Gongyu had said so, the group of people who were like Nan Gongyu, more cultured and more socially conscious, looked upon Lin Che much more favorably. They felt that if a person as harsh and caustic as Nan Gongyu could be friends with her, she was definitely worthy of their friendship.

    When Lin Che returned home, Gu Jingze was in the study room having a discussion with some people.

    One of the maids said, Sir is in the study room with a few guests.

    Lin Che gave a sound of affirmation. She did not bother about disturbing the guests and walked inside. The maids did not stop her either because even Gu Jingze would definitely not stop her too. Their master had never kept any secrets from their mistress. Lin Che was allowed to enter and leave the study room as she pleased. There was no question of whether it was safe or not. So, of course, there was no way they would stop Lin Che.

    In the study room.

    Gu Jingze was having a discussion about Yang Lingxin.

    Someone said, Sir, the people from Bairui Corporation seem extremely anxious. We just threw out some bait and they immediately knew about it. Its clear that throwing out bait related to Sir is useless against them. On the contrary, throwing out bait related to Madam

    Why? The moment Gu Jingze heard something related to Lin Che, his gaze immediately hardened.

    When we said in private that we have secret information about Madam and want to sell it and that it would affect Madams future in the entertainment industry if it was released, they immediately said that they wanted to buy it.

    I see I see. It seems that its time for me to meet this Bairui Corporation.

    Gloom emanated from Gu Jingzes calm gaze.

    Since Lin Che was their target, he had no choice but to deal with them once and for all.

    Just then, he heard some noises outside.

    Whos there?! One of the people inside thought that someone was eavesdropping and was about to rush towards her.

    Hey, hey, hey. Its me, its me. Lin Che quickly pushed the door open. I passed by and wanted to see what you guys were doing

    When they saw that it was Madam instead of a snoop, the people at the door hastily turned to look at Gu Jingze.

    However, Gu Jingze said nothing and walked out directly. You were being so loud and clumsy. Come in quick.

    Seeing as Gu Jingze did not care at all that Madam was eavesdropping, they quickly bowed their heads and went out as well.

    Lin Che said, I heard you guys talk about something related to me. What were you talking about?

    Gu Jingze grabbed her arm. Why dont you come with me to M Nation in a few days?

    Huh? Why?

    To attend a charity dinner, Gu Jingze said.

    Oh, alright. Since youre traveling so far to attend the dinner, is it very important?

    Thats right. Were going there to meet someone.

    Gu Jingze was choosing to actively launch an attack. He was not going to wait for his enemies to play tricks on Lin Che secretively. He would go over first and tell him to stop messing around. Whatever you were doing, we saw it all. All of us should just fight openly and stop doing it in the dark.

    After all, when they laid everything out on the table and everyone attacked overtly, it was better than stabbing each other in the back where they could not see anyway.

    On that day.

    Lin Che and Gu Jingze packed up and rushed to M Nation together.

    M Nation was nearby. It was a small country at the periphery of C Nation.

    The country was not large and there were quite a few descendants of C Nation there, so there were also many people who spoke the language of C Nation.

    Lin Che and Gu Jingze got off the plane together. They got out only to see numerous people here to welcome them.

    Lin Che froze before looking at Gu Jingze in surprise. She did not know who the people outside were.

    Gu Jingze squinted his eyes slightly and said, Theyre people from the Yun family.

    Lin Che was even more stunned.

    Only then did she suddenly remember that the Yun familys headquarters were located in M Nation.

    Gu Jingze held Lin Ches hand and took her down the stairs with him.

    Someone who looked like the butler of the Yun family walked over respectfully and bowed to Gu Jingze. Mr. Gu, our Old Master specially instructed us to welcome you. Weve already prepared your room for you too.