The Beautiful Wife Of The Whirlwind Marriage Chapter 912

    Chapter 912 If Only He Were My Father

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    Mu Feiran escorted Mo Jinyan out of her house. She looked at his leg and asked, Is your leg fine now?

    Hn. It has almost fully recovered, Mo Jinyan said.

    Mu Feiran said, Really I think that not enough time has passed yet. You should still rest well. After all, its a bullet wound.

    The corners of his lips turned up slightly. Dont worry. I recover faster than the ordinary person.

    Mu Feiran was very frustrated, but she was not related to him in any way after all. She could only stand there and smile as she watched him wave his hand and leave.

    All men probably wanted to seem tough, even though she had never thought so in the past. When she had been with Mo Ding in the past, she had never thought about what a man should be like.

    And Mo Jinyan was a completely different man from Mo Ding. He was very masculine. She immediately wondered why she had been so blind to like a coward like him.

    People probably thought differently at different stages of their life. She had been way too naive in the past. She only became a little smarter after actually taking a beating.

    Yunyun felt a little sad seeing Mo Jinyan leave. She stood there and said, Mother, when will Uncle Mo come by again?

    Mu Feiran quickly looked down and said to Yunyun, Yunyun, Uncle Mo has his own matters to attend to but I believe that Uncle Mo is good friends with you. He likes you so much, so he will definitely come and visit you when he has time.

    Alright. I understand but it would be great if he were my father. He would be able to play with me every day if he was my father.

    Hush. Mu Feiran immediately got flustered. She quickly covered her mouth and stopped her from speaking any further.

    However, her own face started turning red.

    Forget it. What nonsense was she thinking? How could she and Mo Jinyan possibly be together?

    And on the other side.

    When the family of three returned to the Gu residence, Lin Che and Gu Jingze first put Niannian to sleep before going to their own bedroom.

    Back in his bedroom, Niannian lifted his blanket open, went to his window, and opened it.

    Come on in, he said while looking outside.

    The person who jumped in from outside looked down and said, Little Young Master.

    Did you find out?

    Little Young Master, your father found out that Mo Jinyan, otherwise known as Black Hawk, is Yunyuns biological father.

    Gu Shinian froze

    It was just as he had expected.

    Gu Shinian sat there and thought about what his mother had told him.

    So how is Black Hawk related to our family?

    Black Hawk may be the illegitimate son of the Gu family.

    Niannian closed his eyes. He could not believe that so many things were happening

    He waved his hand to indicate that he understood. He really needed some time to accept this information. He also needed some time to mull over it; now that he knew who Yunyuns father was, should he tell her

    And on the other side.

    In the meantime, Gu Jingze had already instructed someone to investigate who exactly the person behind Yang Ling was.

    Lin Che focused on filming the movie and the reality show. She did not notice that the two men back at home were both busy with their own matters.

    The reality show was going on air very soon. On the first day of its broadcast, Lin Che watched it together with the production crew as well.

    After editing, the show was incredibly funny. The hard work of the captioning team made some details even more obvious.

    However, just as they had expected, the viewer ratings for the first episode were not low. Because of the funny photos that had been previously uploaded, the ratings were indeed much higher than they had expected. However, the show was still less popular than Lets Travel Together.

    Everyone was pleasantly surprised and slightly disappointed at the same time. They really felt very gloomy because they had ultimately not managed to beat Lets Travel Together.

    They went their separate ways after watching the live broadcast, feeling disgruntled to varying degrees.

    However, everyone still comforted one another in the group chat. They told each other that they would take it slow since the other program had been going on for many years and had many die-hard fans.

    However, the next day.

    On set, Lin Che had just awoken in a daze when she suddenly received a call from Yu Minmin.

    Thinking that it was a casual exchange of greetings, she picked up the call and asked, Why is a pregnant lady like you awake so early in the morning?

    Yu Minmin said, Hey, do you think I wanted to wake up? Its because someone suddenly called me to tell me some good news. Thats what woke me up.

    Good news? Did something good happen in your family? Lin Che asked.

    Not mine. Yours.

    Why did they call you if it was regarding me?

    Silly. Its because a few people dont know that Im on a temporary break right now. They think that Im still working at the company and managing you, so they quickly called me to deliver the good news.

    Oh. What good news?

    You havent watched the news yet, right? I knew that you never watch the news after waking up in the morning. I heard that your show exploded yesterday.

    What exploded? Do you mean the viewer ratings? Oh, I know what youre going to say. The ratings were quite good. But theres still a large gap. Compared to Lets Travel Together, the ratings are much worse.

    Im not talking about the viewer ratings. Im talking about the number of online streams. Didnt you see it? After the show ended yesterday, the online reaction was huge. The number of online streams skyrocketed suddenly. Once it increased, it was unstoppable. It ranked first on all the charts.

    Huh? How did that happen?

    Apparently, the reviews were very good and everyone thinks its a great show. Quick, go and take a proper look.

    For a moment, Lin Che was extremely surprised and quickly opened the webpage to look at it.

    It turned out that after the first wave of people had watched the program, they immediately went online to upload many clips from the show.

    They had also started many discussion threads about the show.

    The show was very funny because the guests were particularly amusing. Furthermore, the show was executed in a very realistic fashion. It seemed that there was very little that had been planned. Everyone created a comedic effect very well and made people laugh uncontrollably, unable to stop.

    There were people in the production team who were very satisfied with Lin Ches performance. They had always felt that any show with Lin Che would not be bad because she was a very funny person. Now, it seemed that they had chosen the right person. The presence of the men made her seem particularly unique.

    Lin Che was a very natural comedian. She loomed in the background with a dazed expression on her face.

    She had intended to tell their fortunes but ended up telling them about their horoscope instead. After going back, her money got stolen and she immediately took their lead and conspired with the rest to steal money.

    Everyone felt that the way they helped each other out was very amusing. In the end, they were divided into two factions fighting against each other but they really had no money and continued being poor together. It was extremely adorable.

    Several interesting scenes, such as Lin Che stealing someone elses clothes while he was sleeping, the veteran host replacing the teen idols pillow with a brick, and picking out the meat and putting it in his own bowl when he went with Lin Che to buy their packed lunches while leaving everyone else with only a bit of vegetables, all made people burst out in uncontrollable laughter.

    Thereafter, everyone shared the clips and all those people who had not watched the live stream started watching the show online.

    In no time, the number of online streams shot up.

    Lin Che happened to be reading the related topics when the production team suddenly called her. The director was so excited that he kept stumbling over his words.