The Beautiful Wife Of The Whirlwind Marriage Chapter 911

    Chapter 911 All Of Them Were Here To Celebrate Yunyuns Birthday

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    The two of them were in the midst of conversation when they heard the sound of a car outside.

    They instinctively looked outside. They wondered if someone was here to look for Mu Feiran since the car was driving so close to the house at this time.

    As expected, the cars stopped outside.

    Lin Che and Mu Feiran stood up together and walked over.

    Only to see Gu Jingze alight from the car first. The person who got out after him was Mo Jinyan.

    Why are the two of them here Mu Feiran said.

    Lin Che froze. She felt that Gu Jingze had probably gone to pick Mo Jinyan up before coming here together.

    She hastily said, Its fine. I told Gu Jingze that its Yunyuns birthday together. Maybe he felt that the more would be merrier,

    Lin Che said without mentioning Mo Jinyans identity. Then, she smiled and went to open the door.

    Mu Feiran still felt very surprised. Indeed, the more the merrier. But she still found it strange that the two of them were here.

    Nevertheless, since they were already here, of course, Mu Feiran still welcomed them.

    She was very grateful to anyone willing to celebrate Yunyuns birthday. It showed that they treated Yunyun very well.

    Mo Jinyan and Gu Jingze walked in one after another.

    Yunyun and Niannian immediately went out as well.

    Yunyun happily ran over to Mo Jinyan the moment she saw him. Uncle Mo, youre here. Are you here to celebrate my birthday?

    The child could also tell who liked her more and she would be closer to that person too. Thus, she was very relaxed when she saw Mo Jinyan and ran to him affectionately.

    Mo Jinyan lifted Yunyun swiftly. Yes. Im here to celebrate Yunyuns birthday. Happy fourth birthday, Yunyun.

    She was four years old. His daughter was already four years old.

    But it was the first time he knew about it.

    To be honest, after going through so much hardship, Mo Jinyan had given no thought to the concept of family for a long time now. He felt that he would probably not have children or family in this lifetime but he did not expect to see his own daughter while he was still alive.

    Naturally, he pampered her as much as he wanted to.

    He lifted Yunyun high up in the air. It was a different embrace from that of her mother. It was an embrace that made her feel a very strong sense of security.

    Mu Feiran looked on and remembered that Mo Jinyan still had a wound on his body. She hastily said to Yunyun, Thats enough, Yunyun. Dont tire Uncle out. Come down quickly.

    Mo Jinyan smiled and shook his head. Its alright. Shes so light. If I cant even carry Yunyun, then I probably would have become useless already.

    Gu Jingze looked at Lin Che. His gaze penetrated past the other people to meet hers.

    Lin Che smiled as she walked towards Gu Jingze and hooked her arm through his.

    Gu Jingze coolly stuck his hand into his pocket as he watched the family of three in front of him.

    Mo Jinyan said, I was in a bit of a rush and didnt have enough time to buy a nice present. This is for Yunyun.

    He took out a box.

    After opening the box, Yunyun saw a very beautiful crystal hair clip. She was extremely surprised for a moment. Wow. Its so beautiful. It looks like its for a princess.

    The clip was shaped like a crystal crown. Indeed, it was a clip that looked like a princesss crown.

    Mo Jinyan said, Hn. Yunyun is a little princess.

    Mu Feiran did not expect him to actually bring a present. She could not believe that this man who did not seem meticulous would actually be so attentive to detail.

    She could not help but feel very touched as she looked at Mo Jinyan. Thank you. Youve gone to such expense.

    Its nothing. Mo Jinyan looked up at Mu Feiran. The depths of his eyes were pitch-black and his expression looked slightly complicated. For a moment, Mu Feiran slightly felt as if she was being sucked into its recesses and hastily averted her gaze a little.

    Otherwise, she would feel a little uncomfortable.

    Mo Jinyan did not say anything either. He smiled faintly. Have you finished eating the cake?

    Only then did Mu Feiran remember. Of course not. We still have cake. Lets eat it together.

    After finishing the cake, Mo Jinyan went off to play with Yunyun.

    With Uncle Mo accompanying her, Yunyun did not even want Niannians company anymore and kept playing with him over there.

    Even Lin Che found it very surprising looking at them. She wondered if it was the power of blood relations that caused Yunyun to be so close to Mo Jinyan. Or did Yunyun treasure it even more right now because she had never actually experienced paternal love?

    Lin Che looked at Gu Jingze beside her. Didnt you say that you werent coming? Why did you end up coming?

    Gu Jingze said, Its because he insisted on coming after I told him about it.

    Lin Che curled her lip. Seems like you dont detest him that much either since you were willing to bring him here.

    Gu Jingze looked at her. I was worried that he would turn things upside down at Chen Yuchengs place if I didnt let him come. That would be even more troublesome. Anyway, hes just here to celebrate a birthday.

    Alright, alright. I get it. Lin Che held Gu Jingzes hand and tilted her head even more to lay it on his shoulder. She looked at him affectionately. She felt that as long as Gu Jingze was by her side, her heart would feel very warm.

    In actual fact, she really thought that he was not scary at all. Instead, he was a person who looked cold on the outside but was warm inside. He had always treated her very well and had never been cruel at all. In reality, he could also treat others equally well as long as he wanted to.

    Anyway, he was undoubtedly a good person!

    Lin Che herself knew that she probably felt that this man was perfect because she liked him.

    Soon after, Yunyun put on the hair clip that Mo Jinyan had given her. It was so shiny that she really seemed like a little princess.

    Mu Feiran looked on with the hint of a smile. She felt that as long as Yunyun was very happy, she had nothing to worry about any longer.

    However, when she caught a glimpse of the boxs packaging and saw the price tag on it, she suddenly felt

    That this crystal hairclip seemed to be very expensive.

    She immediately got flustered before looking at Yunyun. But she had already put on the clip

    She felt as if she owed Mo Jinyan a lot and felt slightly guilty for a moment.

    When Yunyun tired herself out from playing and fell asleep directly in Mo Jinyans embrace, she quickly carried Yunyun inside and placed her on the bed. Her eyes glimmered when she saw Mo Jinyan standing at the side. Then, she slowly raised her crystal-like eyes.

    Mr. Mo, Im sincerely sorry to make you come here and stay until so late. Yunyun probably made you feel very tired. I shouldnt have let her cling onto you like that.

    Mo Jinyan looked at her. Of course not. I dont feel tired. I was also having fun with her while playing. Im very happy too.

    Mu Feiran pushed her hair behind her ear and bowed her head down. But I still feel very bad about it. I saw that hairclip earlier its so expensive. How could you give her such an expensive thing? You spent way too much money.

    Mo Jinyan smiled. Yunyun deserves it.

    His words were so domineering that she did not know how to reply to him.

    Mu Feiran looked at him and wanted to say something else, but Mo Jinyan said, If you really feel apologetic, then our old rule still applies. Just treat me to a meal.

    Just a meal?

    Mu Feiran asked, Or do you mean a meal at home?


    But my cooking isnt worth that much.

    Whether or not its worth anything depends on the person. If I like something, I will think it has value. If I dont like something, I wont think its worth anything even if someone sells it for tens of millions.

    Something he liked

    When he said this while staring at her, Mu Feiran felt as if even her ears were about to catch fire.