The Beautiful Wife Of The Whirlwind Marriage Chapter 910

    Chapter 910 Its Little Yunyuns Birthday

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    Throughout the journey, all of them were on very good terms with each other. Although they often had to fight for items, food and sleeping space, everyone did it cheerfully. This was also very typical for the sake of comedic effect.

    They even set up a group chat and added each others WeChat contact so that they could get in touch.

    After two days and nights, everyone made the trip back in complete fatigue. However, in reality, they still had a lot of fun on the journey. Despite their fatigue, they still had quite a good time.

    They returned to B City in no time. The moment Lin Che got off the plane, she saw people outside who seemed to be waiting for someone at the airport. She walked out through the VIP passageway and did not plan to walk outside. She had not told anyone her arrival details either, so she thought that they were probably not here to see her.

    When she took another look, she realized it was actually the production crew for Lets Travel Together that happened to touch down today as well.

    Yang Ling was with the production crew. When she walked out, she basked in the enthusiasm of the shows fans outside. Everyone was dressed in very eye-catching outfits as they waved to the people outside.

    Beside her, the producer of Traveling Poor said to Lin Che, They specially informed the media outlets and their fans about their arrival. They wanted to create hype by showing that they have a lot of fans.

    Lin Che raised her eyebrows. So they can do something like this? Sure. Why didnt our program do the same?

    The producer said, Its because we havent aired our first episode and we dont know how the viewer ratings will be, so we didnt dare to recklessly sensationalize it. This is to avoid us slapping ourselves in the face if the viewer ratings turn out to be very low. It wouldnt look good on us either. If the ratings for the first episode is in the three-digit or two-digit figures, then we will consider promoting it properly.

    Lin Che nodded in understanding. There were still certain ways to generate hype for reality shows. Naturally, she still did not know them. It was her first time participating in such a reality show and she did not yet know how it would turn out.

    However, in the outside world, the Internet hype on Lets Travel Together was already spreading like wildfire. Everyone seemed extremely excited.

    At the same time, no one expected several netizens to release some information about Traveling Poor. They said that they had seen the filming for Traveling Poor. Among the photos uploaded, there was a very funny one. It was of Lin Che setting up a roadside booth to read palms and talk about horoscopes. There were two words written on a piece of white paper, Fortune Telling. Thereafter, there were photos of her squatting by the roadside and waiting for customers to tell their fortunes.

    This photo really evoked a lot of curiosity in a short time. People immediately found it very amusing and looked forward to the show even more. They really wanted to see exactly what kind of show this was. How could it be this embarrassing?

    Following this, a few other pictures were also released. However, they definitely could not reveal what had exactly happened and the highlights of the show. If they did that, then the show would no longer be interesting.

    As a result, everyone could only wait for the first episode of the show to be aired on Friday. Only then would they get a definite answer.

    As for the production crew of Lets Travel Together, someone was very surprised after looking at the photo. Who wrote the script for their program? How can they come up with so many ideas? Why is our script getting worse and worse?

    The producer for the program was sullen as well. The ideas that we can use have already been used. Furthermore, their concept is traveling poor but ours is going on a vacation. The premises are different

    The director of the show scoffed. I dont care. Anyway, think of ideas. Think of fresh ideas. If you cant, then copy ideas from overseas programs. You must come up with novel ideas even if you have to copy.

    The director really felt a little threatened because the Internet had actually started sensationalizing that program.

    However, producer hastily said, Thats enough. In actual fact, theyre not getting that much publicity. Didnt we already build good relations with the higher-ups? We also agreed that the funds given to them would be as little as possible so that they cant spend any money on publicity. Well see what they can do. When the time comes, their viewer ratings definitely wont be as high as ours. Dont worry about it.

    Hearing this, the director thought it made sense too.

    Lin Che returned home just in time for Yunyuns birthday. Lin Che brought Niannian with her to Mu Feirans house. She told Niannian to get dressed. Then, she looked up at Gu Jingze. Well come back very late tonight. Do you want to come along too?

    Gu Jingze said, Birthdays and whatnot are very boring. You girls like spending birthdays together, so go ahead. I wont go.

    Spending his sons birthday with him was one thing. Celebrating someone elses birthday was another.

    Lin Che wriggled her nose at Gu Jingze.

    Thereafter, she took Niannian out with her.

    At home, Mu Feiran had already prepared what was needed for the birthday party. Although Lin Che and Niannian were always the only attendees, the mother and daughter still prepared very diligently.

    After all, Yunyuns birthday only came around once a year. Each time, Mu Feiran would make Yunyuns birthday party the best she could.

    The moment, Lin Che and Niannian arrived, Yunyun quickly ran downstairs to open the door for them.

    Yunyun, happy birthday~ Lin Che handed the large gift box to her upon entering the house.

    Yunyun said happily, Thank you, Auntie.

    Mu Feiran walked towards them. What present did you buy? Its so big.

    Lin Che said, I bought a set of Barbie dolls.

    Good gracious! Ive seen this brand. Its so expensive. Why did you buy it for her? Mu Feiran asked.

    Lin Che said, Its nothing. All girls like dolls, unlike our Niannian. He only likes playing with computers and cars.

    Niannian looked up and did not try to speak.

    Mu Feiran said, Girls are like that. But you spent too much.

    Lin Che said, Of course. Yunyun is my goddaughter. When it comes to my goddaughter, I dont feel bad no matter how much money I spend.

    Mu Feiran smiled and looked at her. Sure. Anyway, I just saw that the pre-broadcast reaction to your reality show seemed quite good. I reckon youre going to earn a large sum of money again. As a poor person without any source of income, I wont stand on ceremony with you.

    Tsk, tsk, tsk. Youve earned enough to retire.

    The birthday party was very heartwarming.

    The young Yunyun had an innocent expression on her face as she ate the cake with Niannian and played with her toys. She was extremely happy.

    Lin Che leaned back and chatted with Mu Feiran. Her heart ached immensely as she looked at Mu Feiran who had indeed become more haggard after returning to the country.

    They just want your money no matter what and dont want to just let you go. Did they tell you how much money they want? Lin Che started asking about her trip to the Mo residence.

    Mu Feiran said, They said that they want half of my assets.

    Ha, they must be mad Feiran, Ill go with you one day. I want to see how impressive they are to dare to ask you for so much money. Do they even have any shame?

    Even though Im really exhausted and I want to get a divorce no matter how much money it takes, I feel uncomfortable letting them benefit from this.

    Youre right. I find it disgusting just hearing about it. I cant let them get even a cent.

    Maybe they found out that I bought a house here and think that Im quite rich, Mu Feiran said.

    The location and size of her house were both very satisfactory. She had indeed spent a sizeable sum of money. She wanted Yunyun and herself to live a little more comfortably and wanted to give Yunyun to live blissfully, so she did not care about the price as long as it was within acceptable limits. In B City where any house would cost a few million, she spent more than twenty million on this small bungalow. It was indeed a little extravagant.