The Beautiful Wife Of The Whirlwind Marriage Chapter 909

    Chapter 909 He Really Couldnt Bear To Let Her Leave For Filming

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    Mu Feiran looked at them. Just talk about the money if thats what you want. Dont throw dirty water on me. Waters are deep in the entertainment industry? Theres a lot of gossip? The industry is a mess? You talk as if Mo Ding isnt a mess just because hes not an actor. Those with good character will have good character no matter where they go. Those with bad character will have bad character even if they become monks!

    Mo Dings mother said, Hey, you yourself even had a child with someone else. How shameless must you be to shout here? We were giving you face by asking you to come here to discuss the divorce. We thought that we had at least been related and that dirty laundry should not be aired in public. Otherwise, well make such a fuss that it ends up on the news. Ill see who becomes a disgrace then.

    Mu Feiran sneered, Forget about getting the money. You wont get even a cent.

    Sure. In that case, dont get a divorce. Well see who tires out who first.

    Mu Feiran had truly never seen such a shameless family.

    She immediately wanted to leave the Mo residence but Mo Dings sister had already stood up and was commanding her husband.

    What are you looking at? Chase this evil woman out of the house.

    The man actually pushed Mu Feiran out together with Mo Dings sister.

    Mu Feiran turned her head. Let go of me. I can walk on my own.

    Mo Dings sister huffed. I just like pushing you. So what? You slut!

    Mu Feiran went down the stairs and looked at the people above. Sooner or later, she would make them retract the words they had said today. Sooner or later.

    On set, Lin Che received a call from Mu Feiran in the afternoon.

    Mu Feiran told her what had happened at the Mo residence.

    Lin Che asked furiously, How could they be so shameless?

    I dont know. Ive never met anyone like this either, Mu Feiran said.

    Lin Che said, Its because the people you met are inhuman! In reality, many people turn directly from lovers to enemies because of money. After all, profit is paramount in todays society. Ha. Lin Che sighed and said to Mu Feiran, Ill deal with it when I go back. Im about to attend the first filming session for the reality show. I will probably be done next week. Next week, Ill see just how capable the Mo family is. How can they stop you from getting a divorce?

    Little Che, I didnt complain to you because I wanted you to take action. You have already helped me a lot.

    Feiran, youve helped me a lot too. Were friends and should help each other out in the first place. I cant possibly watch you and that jerk stay married. Its too disgusting.

    Mu Feiran could not help but laugh when she heard this.

    Lin Che said, Anyway, dont do anything first. Wait for me to come back and then well think of a way, alright?

    On her end, Mu Feiran had no choice but to agree.

    On this end.

    Lin Che had taken a few days off filming since she had to participate in the reality show.

    Nan Gongyu had directly given her time off. He looked at her when he was leaving. Your husband seems quite wealthy. Why do you still have to participate in a reality show?

    Lin Che said, Reality shows are quite fun. Furthermore, it will air before our movie is released. If it gets famous, our movie may even benefit from its association with me.

    Tsk, tsk, tsk. When did my movies ever need to benefit from someone else? If so, it would really be time for me to retire.

    Lin Che stuck her tongue out at him before leaving.

    Gu Jingze was still a little worried when she left. He gave her repeated reminders and helped her pack her luggage. Then, he looked at her and said, Just come back if youre too tired and cant withstand it.

    Lin Che said, Alright. Its not that tough either.

    Gu Jingze put his arm around her waist and pecked her on the face.

    But I still dont want you to go through too many hardships.

    Lin Che immediately felt her heart soften under his gaze.

    She stretched her arm out and placed it on his neck saying, Dont worry. I will definitely look after myself properly.Visit on our

    There was no way Gu Jingze would believe her.

    Even though he knew that Lin Che would live well without him in any case, he just could not help worrying.

    But she still had to leave no matter what.

    At the filming location, she drove in by car.

    The staff arrived once Lin Che got out of the car.

    Lin Che immediately saw that the camera lens was on her. She knew that filming had already started, so she instantly started creating the desired effect. She had an expression of complete confusion as they confiscated her luggage. Then, she asked disbelievingly, Are you starting now? Can I take some clothes with me to change into?

    Filming for the reality show began. Just as had been decided, they went on a trip together and were traveling poor. They got into a small minibus and were on their way. Each person was given some money and they would have to depend on themselves later.

    At the start, everyone was a little reserved. They introduced themselves one by one and talked about what skills they had so that they could earn some money while walking.

    They later left the car but did not expect to go their separate ways immediately. The oldest member said that he wanted to go beg for food and the teen idol said that he wanted to busk. Everyone split up to earn money first. Lin Che thought about it and decided to set up a small booth and be a fortune-teller

    Initially, passers-by did not even glance at Lin Che. When they subsequently realized that it was Lin Che, they immediately ran towards her. Lin Che said that she did not know how to do anything else. She only knew about the horoscope, so she could tell them about it

    Everyone became extremely excited. Many people were willing to pay her, but she could not earn too much money in such a short time because of the concept of the program. Thus, Lin Che closed shop after earning a few dozen dollars.

    After they returned, they did not expect Lin Che to earn the most money.

    On the other hand, some of them did not earn even a cent. As a result, they started snatching money without caring about their image and fighting for food. They showed all sorts of embarrassing behaviors but there was always something funny happening.

    In the beginning, the production crew had not deliberately planned for them to have different personalities. However, after interacting for a day, everyone had totally different dispositions. Their differences made them stand out even more from each other.

    And on this day, everyone became familiar with each other. When they looked for a place to stay for the night, they realized that they had basically spent all their money on food. In the end, they were left with no choice but to look for a shopping mall. They made their beds on the ground in the corridor and slept for a night.

    The production crew looked on in great satisfaction. They felt that they had really found the right guests.

    However, even though everyone had done many embarrassing things for the sake of comedic effect, they also talked amongst themselves in private.

    The veteran host said, I heard that Lets Travel Together had pretty good viewer ratings the last time.

    The teen idol said, I watched it too. The broadcast was not bad but the viewer ratings did go down in comparison to last seasons ratings.

    Of course, the ratings would go down but its still quite high. Ha. Arent we just asking for death by competing with them?

    On the contrary, Lin Che was very calm and said directly, Forget it. Well entrust ourselves to luck. Even if we cant be first, we can be second too.

    Everyone looked at Lin Che in disbelief. They watched her sit there wrapped up in random pieces of newspapers that she picked up from outside to warm herself up. She really looked

    Hey, arent you supposed to be a goddess? Why do I feel like our production crew hired a madwoman?

    Lin Che immediately kicked him. Yours truly is the only female, so Im the goddess. There is accentuation where there is comparison. What do you know?!