The Beautiful Wife Of The Whirlwind Marriage Chapter 908

    Chapter 908 All Actors Are Bad People

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    Mu Feiran had already sent someone to inform Mo Ding about her decision to get a divorce.

    However, Mo Ding had yet to respond.

    She heard nothing from Mo Ding even on the next day. However, she received a call from the Mo family that told her, Feiran-ah. You returned to the country but you didnt even think of coming home to visit.

    In reality, the Mo family had always criticized Mu Feiran greatly. Because Mu Feiran was a celebrity while they were merchants, they had once said in front of her that prostitutes were heartless and actors were immoral. However, Mo Ding had consoled her at the time, saying that it was enough that they loved each other and there was no need to care about what his family said.

    In retrospect, everything had been a joke.

    Mu Feiran was very surprised to receive the call too. She did not know who had given the Mo family her number.


    Mu Feiran said, I was thinking that you may not welcome us even if I went over. Now, just as you wanted, Ive already decided to divorce Mo Ding, so there would all the more be no need for me to visit too.

    Eh, we heard about the divorce from Mo Ding. The two of you cant make such a reckless decision. Its definitely better for all of us to discuss it together. Come over so that we can discuss it together and see how best for you to divorce. Wouldnt that be better?

    Mu Feiran wondered if the Mo family was very glad after hearing that she wanted a divorce and wanted to hasten her into getting a divorce?

    As Mu Feiran wanted to resolve this matter sooner, she agreed and said, Sure. I hope everyone will be present this afternoon. I will go over and discuss the divorce with everyone.

    The Mo family agreed very happily.

    That afternoon.

    When Mu Feiran arrived at the Mo residence, she felt that nothing seemed to have changed in this place.

    The first bucket of gold that Mo Ding had received in his life was sponsored by the Mo family. As the Mo family operated a private bank, had some savings, and was also considered to have a bit of a reputation locally, many people felt that she was living off a rich man.

    However, Mo Dings family was very stingy toward him. In reality, Mo Ding had not given her much capital. On the contrary, the company had earned quite a lot of money through her. Ever since she became famous, she had not taken a break. She had filmed production after production: dramas, commercials, movies, various advertisements she did not feel tired at the time and merely felt that the two of them were working hard together. They were working hard for their future and the money they earned was their joint savings.

    However, the Mo family continued thinking of her as a luvvie who was not a match for Mo Ding at all.

    Mu Feiran sighed as she looked at the large courtyard in the Mo residence. Mu Feiran adjusted her satchel before striding in resolutely.

    Mu Feiran is here.

    Mo Dings mother, grandmother, younger sister, and brother-in-law were all at home.

    Mo Dings father was probably not here because he did not care about such things.

    Mo Dings mother stood up first when she saw Mu Feiran and smiled faintly.

    The person who had called her was Mo Dings grandmother. She looked at Mu Feiran cheerfully and seemed kindly. However, she was a very crafty person.

    Mu Feiran knew how terrifying she was when angry.

    Mo Dings grandmother said, I heard that you and Mo Ding are getting a divorce. To be honest, we have no objections. But after the divorce, regarding the division of assets should we do the calculations properly?

    Mu Feiran froze. It turned out that they were here to ask her to divide her assets.

    Mu Feiran smiled grimly and looked at them. I dont think there are any assets for us to divide.

    Mo Dings grandmother asked, How can that be? Dont tell me you have no money. You lived abroad for so many years. You definitely spent a lot on food and accommodation. Forget what you already spent. You must still have a lot of savings at your disposal.

    Mu Feiran said, Thats my money! You said so too. Those are the savings at my disposal.

    What do you mean, your money? Didnt our Mo Ding earn all that money for you? If he didnt support you, would you be able to earn so much money? Mo Dings grandmother had a sullen expression on her face.

    Beside her, Mo Dings mother joined in. Feiran. You cant forget your roots. Have you forgotten how tough it was when you were not yet famous? If not for our Mo Ding, would you have what you have today?

    Mu Feiran said, Yes. Mo Ding made me famous. But was he the only one working hard? Do you think he made me famous with the little resources he had? You dont know this, but I know that I was the one who obtained a lot of the resources on my own. It has nothing to do with him!

    Hey, I dont care what you say. You married Mo Ding, so all those things are considered your matrimonial assets, right? Dont tell me that you want to take everything away after the divorce? Mo Dings grandmother said.

    Mu Feiran scoffed, We had a prenuptial agreement before our marriage. I can take my money away if I want to.

    Their expressions immediately changed when they heard this.

    A prenuptial agreement?

    None of them had expected her to actually be so scheming.

    Mo Dings mother said, I knew it. You couldnt have been such a good person. You said that you married Ah Ding out of love, but in actual fact, you still had a scheme of your own.

    Mu Feiran said, I dont care what you say either. In any case, you can forget about taking even a cent of money away from me. Im definitely getting a divorce too.

    Mo Dings mother huffed and slapped her hand on the table as if her words were going to be powerful.

    We also want you to get a divorce quickly but we will definitely not let another woman take the Mo familys money for no reason. If you want a divorce, fine. In exchange, give Ah Ding half of your assets. Well part without hard feelings.

    Impossible! Mu Feiran immediately said.

    Mo Dings grandmother said, In that case, you can delay the divorce. It wont really affect men. Anyway, no matter how old Ah Ding gets, he will still be desirable. I cant say the same for you. Youre getting older and older. Youll be an old woman in the future. It will be impossible for you to sell yourself for a few more cents in the future. Ill see who ends up dragging who down.

    Mu Feiran seemed to have been immune to her caustic words from a long time ago. She only felt wave after wave of disgust as she listened to her.

    If you dont agree, Ill commence a suit to get a divorce. Anyway, weve lived separately for many years and everyone knows that Mo Ding has a mistress.

    Ha. A mistress? Do you think you can win if you bring it to court? I can just tell the judge that you were unfaithful first. Dont think we dont know. That child of yours is a bastard and we dont know where you got her from. You didnt know where to put her, so you hastily married Ah Ding, wanting him to take the rap.

    Mu Feirans heart clenched again. She felt unbearably sad because they had called Yunyun a bastard.

    Can you treat a child with more virtue?! Mu Feiran could not help but shout.

    You can do such a thing but you wont allow others to talk about it? Mo Dings grandmother said.

    Mo Dings younger sister scoffed. Grandmother, you have no idea. Dont think that these so-called actors are so impressive. All of the money they earn is money from selling themselves. I reckon that this child belongs to some wealthy businessman with a family of his own and cant marry her. To tie him down, she didnt want to abort the child and instead married my brother and gave birth. If you dont believe it, Ah Sheng, isnt it true? All the actors are bad people.

    Yes. Ive heard so much gossip. About some actress sleeping with the director to get a role, knocking on the door of the male lead in the middle of the night, and having an affair with multiple wealthy businessmen