The Beautiful Wife Of The Whirlwind Marriage Chapter 907

    Chapter 907 Birthdays Must Be Spent Together

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    Gu Jingze smiled and said, Alright, alright. Try it out first.

    Lin Che held the gun with one hand. She had previously gone through the movements while filming. Thus, she definitely knew what to do, even though holding a real gun was a little different from acting.

    Lin Ches heart even jolted in excitement. Thereafter, she fired a shot directly.

    The large impact made her feel as if she had been pushed backward. Thereafter, she did not know where the bullet had long gone.

    Behind her, the coach felt the urge to laugh.

    Lin Che wondered in disbelief how the recoil could be so strong

    Gu Jingze said, Now you know, right? The recoil is very strong. Give it another good shot.

    Lin Che pursed her lips. Seriously. Im a girl and I have very little strength. Of course, I cant withstand it. She gave herself that excuse and proceeded to give it another try with both hands, wanting to restore her pride. This time, she had to hold the gun tight and shoot properly.

    Gu Jingze looked at how she was behaving and smiled speechlessly.

    This time, her bullet strayed again and missed the target.

    Lin Che could not believe it. What the hell is there something wrong with the gun?

    Behind them, Gu Shinian quietly shook his head.

    Lin Che was so angry that her face turned red. She refused to admit defeat and took many consecutive shots.

    However, none hit the target.

    Lin Che turned around with an upset expression. How loathsome. Something must be wrong with the target

    Gu Jingze shook his head. He put down his crossed arms and walked towards her.

    Be obedient. Dont move. Ill do it. He moved closer to Lin Che from behind. His arms stretched past Lin Ches sides and wrapped around her body. He helped her hold the gun, his fingers pressing hers. By doing this, he helped her hold the barrel steady.

    Look. Like this. Hold the gun level and dont move. Move your legs slightly further apart so that you can control the recoil better. Then, aim at the target. Remember that you dont have to aim very accurately. Just aim roughly, since this depends on your feelings and not on your eyes.

    She could feel his breath from behind her. The material of their uniform was smooth and created a very nice sound when rubbed together. It felt nice to the touch as well. It was as if both of them could feel it every time they came into contact.

    Lin Che felt warm. She felt restless enveloped in his embrace and was even more unaware of what she was doing.

    However, the people around them were really being tortured. They were incredibly smitten when they saw the way the man taught her how to shoot.

    There were also girls looking at them with envy, wanting their boyfriends to do the same to them as well. However, it would be even worse if they did the same thing in front of Gu Jingze when they were not as tall and stately as he was.

    Looking at them like this, everyone felt even more envious. They could only watch the woman learn how to shoot. Before this, they had even mocked her for being worse at shooting than a child. But now, they felt that this was the way it should be. Why did a girl have to be so strong? She had to be a little weaker so that she could be embraced like this

    Gu Jingze helped her with the gun and said gently into her ear, Come on focus. Pull the trigger

    This time, the shot was immediately fired and hit the bullseye.

    Lin Che was surprised for a moment. When she saw the screen indicate that she had hit the target on the bullseye, she was instantly stunned

    As expected, flying was extremely easy with a deity to bring you along.

    Gu Shinian went for another round. This time, he became more and more skilled with each shot.

    Thereafter, the family planned to go back home to eat the cake seeing as it was about time.

    While walking, Lin Che asked in disbelief, Why cant I hit it? Hmph.

    Gu Jingze tilted his head and looked at her. He smiled and said, Youre just not familiar with it yet.

    Lin Che pouted. Then, why was their son able to do it

    Lin Che looked at small Gu Shinian and really felt that she was not even as good as her son

    However, it seemed that Niannian was quite impressive. He learned things so quickly.

    Lin Che still felt very happy when she thought of the fact that essentially, she had given birth to such a prodigy.

    On their way home, Gu Shinian was a little tired due to his excitement and fell asleep mid-journey.

    He was a child after all. No matter how mature he was, he was physically a child and needed much more sleep than an adult.

    In one swift motion, Gu Jingze lifted the child in his arms. He walked on the streets with Lin Che while carrying him.

    Lin Che only started talking when she saw that Gu Shinian had fallen asleep. This was to avoid Gu Shinian from getting arrogant if he heard it.

    She said, Niannian seems very smart. He learned so quickly.

    Gu Jingze said, Dont worry. I told you so. He didnt inherit your level of intelligence. His ability to learn is very strong. Thus, he cant learn at the same slow pace that other children learn. His progress would be impeded instead.

    Lin Che pursed her lips and said defiantly, Every profession has its specialties. Do you understand?! Furthermore, girls have to be emotional. Boys are the ones who need to be rational. Theres nothing wrong with me being more emotional.

    Gu Jingze had already gotten used to the way she gave herself excuses anytime and anywhere.

    Furthermore, even though she was emotional, she was not actually particularly stupid. She had not been a hindrance to him and merely needed more attention.

    And he liked looking after her. He liked the feeling of lavishing every care on her.

    Looking after her as if she was a child made him feel very accomplished instead.

    When they arrived at home, Gu Shinian ended up sleeping before even eating his cake.

    However, he had gotten what he wanted this birthday. He was definitely satisfied with this as opposed to any other present.

    That night, Mu Feiran even said that they had not visited because Niannian had not organized a party this time but Yunyun had already handed her present to Niannian.

    Lin Che told her that they had not wanted to make it a huge affair this time so that no one else would know.

    Mu Feiran said, Of course. I was thinking that we shouldnt casually butt in since its the first time your full family of three is spending his birthday together. I wanted to give your family some alone time.

    Well still spend it together next year! Lin Che thought that it had actually felt very good in the past few years that they had spent their birthdays together.

    Alright. Yunyuns birthday is almost here. All of you can come over. Yunyun likes noise and excitement. If you dont come, only the two of us will be spending her birthday together.

    Thats obvious of course. We will definitely be there!

    Yunyuns birthday this year would definitely be very exciting because they would not be the only ones spending her birthday together. Black Hawk would probably attend as well since it was the first birthday he could spend with his daughter.

    It occurred to Lin Che that they were also a family of three, even though both Mu Feiran and Yunyun did not know this.

    On Mu Feirans end.

    She put down the phone, feeling her heart ache. It was not because she was jealous of others happiness but because she was still struggling while everyone was already living so blissfully. She had lived her life like this and could not blame others for it. It was all because she had been too naive back then.

    But this made her even more certain about her decision. She absolutely had to get a divorce. Absolutely!