The Beautiful Wife Of The Whirlwind Marriage Chapter 905

    Chapter 905 The Little Shinians Birthday

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    Once Gu Jingze was home as well, Lin Che took out the huge cake.

    Gu Jingze walked in and smiled as he looked at Gu Shinian and Lin Che. Lin Che had forced Gu Shinian to wear a suit of red clothing. Gu Shinian really looked like he was dressed for his birthday, but he was not that happy.

    Lin Che placed the cake on the table and said to Gu Shinian, I made this for Niannian. Niannian, what do you think?

    Gu Shinian asked, Mother are you sure you made this?

    What do you mean? Lin Ches expression turned stony. She looked at Gu Shinian in warning.

    If you didnt make it, I think we can still give it a taste.

    Get lost, you little brat! I put effort into making this. You have to eat it no matter what!

    Mother, at the very least, its my birthday. You cant kill your biological son today right?!

    How is it bad? Look at how pretty it is.

    Gu Jingze looked on from the side and recalled that he had missed many of Gu Shinians birthdays.

    This was actually Gu Jingzes first time spending Niannians birthday with him.

    He walked in. Niannian.

    Gu Shinian turned around. Father, its my birthday today but Mother is still bullying me like this!

    Lin Che put her hands on her hips. What do you mean, Im bullying you? Im doing all this in the name of love. How can you be so unappreciative?!

    Gu Jingze looked at the two of them and smiled. Thats enough. Lin Che, its his birthday. We have to give in to him today. He approached her and put his arm around her. Well punish him tomorrow instead. It will be the same if you punish him after midnight today.

    Gu Shinian looked at the two of them in disbelief, dark lines etched onto his face.

    Lin Che laughed upon hearing this. She tugged at Gu Jingze and said, Sure. Youre right. Ill give him face since its his birthday. Its never too late for one to get revenge. Ill keep this in mind today. After twelve midnight, Ill punish him properly.

    Gu Shinian pursed his lips. As expected, there was no question that they were ganging up against him.

    Now, Mother isnt like she was in the past, he said.

    Whats different? Lin Che asked in confusion.

    Gu Shinian said, Now, Mother has someone to back her up!

    His father was so evil. With him around, it would probably be very difficult for him to bully his mother again.

    For a moment, he felt that it was truly a pity.

    However, he was still no match for his father, for the time being, so he could only admit defeat at the moment.

    Gu Jingze had not forgotten that it was his birthday today. He looked down and asked Gu Shinian, Today is your birthday. First, tell me, do you have anything you want?

    Gu Shinian asked, I can I go shooting?

    Lin Che could not have expected Gu Shinian to think of this all of a sudden.

    Gu Jingze raised his eyebrows. Shooting? You want to go shooting?

    Gu Shinian could not conceal the excitement in his eyes. He looked at Gu Shinian. I want to go shooting.

    Gu Jingze sneaked a probing glance at Lin Che beside him.

    Lin Che immediately came over to stop him. Shooting? Ill buy you ten toy guns. Go ahead and shoot.

    Gu Shinian said in disbelief, Mother, dont make me play with toys for three-year-olds, alright?

    It was true. It was his birthday now and he was no longer a three-year-old kid.

    He was a four-year-old kid

    Lin Che said, Dont play with such dangerous things!

    Gu Shinian said, I just want to try it out. Im not going to shoot anyone with it. Father, this is my only birthday wish!

    You Lin Che still wanted to speak but Gu Jingze stopped her.

    Gu Jingze looked at Lin Che and shook his head faintly. Then, he said, It would be good for him to go and check it out too. There will be a professional coach to watch over him. Well go with him as well. Well just let him take a look. Nothing will go wrong.


    He must learn how to defend himself too. Even if he doesnt know the complicated stuff, he should at least know the simplest techniques like how to pull the trigger.

    Gu Jingze shook Lin Ches hand.

    Lin Ches heart sank. She knew that Gu Shinian was a child of the Gu family. He was born with a gold spoon in his mouth and had a family background that was worthy of envy. At the same time, he also had to bear a burden that others could not imagine.

    He was in very grave danger, just like Gu Jingze was.

    He had to know a bit of self-defense.

    Even though Lin Che constantly felt that it was really inconceivable for a four-year-old child to have anything to do with guns and felt strange about it, this was Gu Shinians reality.

    From the moment he was born, his life was destined to be different from that of ordinary people. She could not impose her own experience of childhood on Gu Shinian.

    However, Gu Jingze was much more experienced in this aspect.

    So since Gu Jingze had already spoken, Lin Che had no choice but to agree as well.

    Lin Che looked at Gu Shinian and nodded reluctantly.

    Only then did Gu Shinian shout, Hurray!

    Gu Jingze said, Dont get happy so soon. You may not even be able to find the trigger when you get to that point.

    Gu Shinian said, Ive watched videos on how to use a gun.

    After watching many videos, he had wanted to try it out personally for a long time.

    Gu Jingze took the two of them out.

    Lin Che sat there and asked, Where are we going to shoot?

    We have a shooting club. Dont worry. Its very safe there. Many shooting enthusiasts can go there to shoot too.

    Okay. Safety came first. Lin Che did not wish for anything else. She only wanted Gu Shinian to just give it a try. It would be best if he tried it out, realized that he could not even hold a gun, and decided never to touch a gun again in the future.

    How could he casually touch such a dangerous thing?

    In no time, the three of them arrived at the shooting club.

    The family of three alighted from the car. Lin Che looked up and discovered that, sure enough, there were people here.

    Everyone liked novel and odd hobbies nowadays. Activities like fishing, shooting, and horse-riding had become common hobbies for wealthy people, so there were many people here too.

    The family of three entered the venue. The excitement was plain on Gu Shinians face and he looked like he could not wait to try it out.

    As they looked at the rows weapons displayed, the smell of testosterone filled the air.

    However, the people here were mostly young. A few men and women were here to join in the fun. From time to time, people who seemed very impressive took a turn and shocked the people around them with their skills.

    When the club coach saw that Gu Jingze was here, he immediately went up to him.

    Are you here to shoot? But our humble shop definitely doesnt have a coach to match up to you. No coach will be a match for your shooting skills.

    Gu Jingze looked at Gu Shinian and said, No. Im here today to let my child take a look.

    The shop owner looked at the child in surprise. He was still so small in size.

    This child he could not even reach the shooting platform. Why was he here to shoot

    But he was the Gu familys, the Gu familys Young Master

    Of course, the way he played was also different from the way ordinary children did.

    Children of his age in ordinary families only knew to watch cartoons and play games.

    However, at such a young age, a child of the Gu family was brought to a shooting club.