The Beautiful Wife Of The Whirlwind Marriage Chapter 186

    Chapter 186: There's Nothing To Be Jealous of Your Own Mother

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    Lin Li looked up and saw Qin Qing. She said pitifully, "Qin Qing, Lin Che is too much. Now that she's with Gu Jingze, she's starting to bully me. I got chased out of the mall by her today. It was so embarrassing. How could she do this to me, her own sister?"

    Qin Qing frowned and looked at Lin Li, "No, Lin Che is not that kind of person. There must have been some misunderstanding."

    Lin Li raised her head in contempt, "There was no misunderstanding. I was with my friends and we were all chased out. They witnessed everything."

    "Those friends of yours aren't good people, to begin with. There are no benefits for you to hang out with them."

    "What?" Lin Li looked at Qin Qing, "Are you speaking up for Lin Che now?"

    "I'm not speaking up for anybody. I just know Lin Che and she's not that kind of person."

    "So what you're saying is that I'm that kind of person then?" Lin Li asked him persistently.

    Qin Qing looked at her and then walked out without saying anything else.

    Lin Li chased after him angrily, "Qin Qing, tell me clearly. What exactly do you mean? What do you mean? You…"

    "Lin Li," Qin Qing suddenly turned around and gazed at Lin Li. His lips moved slowly as he said the words that he had been wanting to say for the longest time recently, "Lin Li, let's cancel our marriage. I feel like I can't marry you anymore."

    Lin Li's face fell in a split second…

    "You… what did you say?"

    After that, Qin Qing left the Lin residence. Lin Li chased after him persistently, "Qin Qing, I won't cancel our marriage. I won't."

    "Enough, Lin Li. I've already decided. There's nothing more to talk about."

    "You… Are you doing this because of Lin Che?" Lin Li looked at him grudgingly.

    Qin Qing's footsteps halted. When he thought about Lin Che, there was an inexplicable pain written on his face. After that, he continued walking without saying anything.

    Lin Li stood there and thought angrily, This damned Lin Che. Why were all the men now interested in this illegitimate child? She did not believe that Lin Che would have such charm. Lin Che… I will definitely make sure you die…

    On the other side.

    Lin Che and Mu Wanqing finished shopping and were on their way back.

    Lin Che did not expect to be in such a situation. She felt inevitably apologetic towards Mu Wanqing.

    Mu Wanqing was still in high spirits. She looked at what she bought and said, "Looks like I should come out more often. Shopping is very fun. Little Che, when you're free, take me out to shop more too."

    "Of course. I will keep you company when I'm free… But, today's misfortune made Mom get insulted too. I'm really…" Lin Che lowered her head as she spoke.

    Mu Wanqing immediately said, "It's alright. How could this be your fault? You're the one who was a victim. Your sister actually treated you that way. Seriously. Jingze should have met you earlier so that you wouldn't have to suffer longer."

    Lin Che looked gratefully at Mu Wanqing. Mu Wanqing was so good to her.

    This made Lin Che feel that she had let her down.

    If there was a divorce one day, they were definitely going to be sad.

    And she was definitely going to be disappointed in her.

    Lin Che tugged Mu Wanqing and leaned on her shoulder, "Mom, you're too nice to me. You're so nice that I can't bear to leave you."

    Mu Wanqing let her lean and laughed loudly. She patted her shoulder, "Silly girl. You married into our family and that makes you our daughter. You won't leave in the future."

    Lin Che had never felt the warmth of a family since she was young. She never thought that she would have her first experience of what it meant to be part of a family here. She really could not bear to leave.

    She turned her head and laughed. She didn't elaborate further on that and only told Mu Wanqing, "Mom, you're too great today. I haven't felt this good in a long time. Seeing Lin Li get chased out really felt so good."

    Mu Wanqing heard this and nodded her head profusely, "Yes, yes. I haven't handled people like that in a long time either. I didn't expect it to still feel this good."

    The two of them continued talking about how they handled Lin Li and her friends. The looks on their faces made them feel so good. They laughed and chatted all the way back to the Gu family's home.

    Gu Jingze was resting at home and heard the chatter of the two people from afar. He became curious.

    He went out and saw that they were like a regular mother and daughter pair. They were so close that they looked like one person.

    This Lin Che…

    Gu Jingze did not think that this loudmouthed silly brat would blend in so well with his family.

    When she first married into the family, perhaps he never thought that she would be recognized. Perhaps his family also didn't recognize her at the beginning and only treated her as a woman who could save himself.

    However, seeing them as close as any mother and daughter, it was undeniable that Lin Che was now really conquering the entire Gu family, the young and the old.

    He really did not know what abilities this silly brat had.

    Or maybe it was true that dumb people had dumb luck.

    Gu Jingze walked out with his long legs, "Mother, where did you go with her?"

    Mu Wanqing looked up and smiled until her eyes formed two lines, "We went shopping for some clothes. Eh, the malls these days are so modern. They have everything including food. It is so fun."

    "Yes. Mom, are you really okay after eating that ice cream just now? I don't think it was very clean."

    "It's alright. Nothing happened to me. Anyway, eating such a delicious thing once in a while won't hurt."

    "Heh heh. I even bought a few more to put in the freezer. You can eat them over the next few days."

    "Yes, you can take back some later too."

    "Yes yes. I will take them when I leave."

    "Ah, why not stay for a few more days?"

    "Mom, we live so close anyway. I'll come over and find you in a few days."

    "You're right. Come again when you're free then."

    Gu Jingze watched the two of them with a darkened face and said, "Mother, were you negatively influenced by this silly brat?"

    Mu Wanqing said, "What do you mean by negatively influenced? You are all usually busy doing your own things, so Lin Che accompanied me to shop. Ah, it's so good to have a daughter by your side. That sister of yours does not know how to come back from overseas anymore."

    Gu Jingze looked at the two of them and inevitably felt jealous.

    Towards others, Lin Che was so kind, obedient, and warm.

    When she was with him, she would always shun him and sometimes even ignore him.

    Gu Jingze said, "Lin Che, why haven't I seen you get this happy when you're with me?"

    Lin Che looked at Gu Jingze speechlessly, "Why don't you see how boring you are? You don't know anything and don't play anything. How can I be warm with you?"

    "…" Gu Jingze's face turned even sourer.

    Mu Wanqing said at the side, "Seriously, you're so possessive of your own wife. She goes out with your mother and you're already jealous. Relax, you two are still the closest. I just like to dwell in the lively atmosphere, that's all."

    Jealous? He was jealous?

    Gu Jingze's face darkened once again.

    Was he mad? What was there to be jealous of his own mother?

    However, he felt like what belonged to him was suddenly shared. Towards Lin Che… He just had this special emotion that did not make him want to share her with others.