The Anarchic Consort Chapter 259

258 The Day Of The Wedding

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"Hahaha, you've been caught woman, let's see how you are going to explain yourself." Yuan Ming laughed and gloated.

Helian Wei Wei frowned and cut off communication with him. She looked up at Baili Jia Jue: "It's it said that the bride and groom can't see each other three days before the wedding? I didn't think you would go to the academy." She remembered there was such a rule in the ancient times.

Baili Jia Jue looked at her, the ring on his finger that seemed to be made of jade followed his movements and reflected the light from the ice and snow: "So you felt the peace of mind to come out and meet someone else?"

His tone was cold, so much so that when Helian Wei Wei heard his question she couldn't help but cough.

Baili Jia Jue looked at her choked expression but was indifferent.

Helian Wei Wei looked at him seriously: "We were just having an innocent chat."

"Innocent chat?" Baili Jia Jue sneered, unconvinced.

Helian Wei Wei snorted, anyway, she had said all that she could.

It was said that there was a smile in Baili Jia Jue's eyes.

Just that the smile was a bit cold, reflected in the shallow waves in his eyes, it appeared very moving. At first glance, it gave people a thrilling feeling.

He leaned over suddenly, his long slender fingers moved her long hair aside, his manly cold breath shrouded over her in a moment, his long voice beside her ear: "Tell me if you think your Highness will believe your words."

"Basic trust should be maintained between people at all times." Helian Wei Wei met his gaze, smile in her eyes: "Not to mention that we are about to be married, the words are all there."

Baili Jia Jue's gaze fell onto her fair neck with a smile: "You are right, we are about to be married."

Helian Wei Wei frowned. Why did it seem that a simple statement never sounded the same coming out of His Highness' mouth.

"Shadow, take the Princess home." Baili Jia Jue took his hand away, his long body stood upright, his expression was indifferent. But his eyes were dark and deep, which made Helian Wei Wei think that he was up to something.

It got darker, and the night wind whistled, the trees swayed back and forth, like an invisible big hand, slowly approaching the quiet country.

In the darkness, Su Yanmo looked left and right, the servant girl held her steady as she walked into an abandoned courtyard. There was a person standing in the courtyard walking back and forth, as if thinking about something.

Upon seeing Su Yanmo walking over, her eyes lit up and a look of joy appeared across her face: "Madam Su!"

"Shhh." Su Yanmo put a finger up to her lips as she whispered softly and turned back to look at the servant girl behind her.

The servant girl knew to stand outside the courtyard to give them privacy.

Everything was going on in secret.

The person was not just anyone, but the wedding nanny in charge of Helian Wei Wei's wedding sedan.

The wedding nanny was elated at seeing Su Yanmo and tried her best to lower her voice: "Rest assure Madam Su, old slave has prepared everything according to your instructions. On the day of the wedding, old slave will coordinate..."

"That's good." Su Yanmo smiled coldly, a hint of hatred clear in her expression.

That vile spawn ruined both her daughters at the same time. How could she swallow this breath if she didn't teach her a lesson.

Once the eminent monks use their powers, she wouldn't even need to lift a finger, and no doubt the Third Prince will take her life!

Deeper into the night.

Over the next three days, Helian Wei Wei did not go anywhere. There were no classes at the White Academy. The classes would probably start after the wedding. Hence Helian Wei Wei was sat cross-legged on the floor as she played with a pile of armaments.

However, mercenaries had come twice bearing news about the plight of the Helian family. The elders probably wanted her to return but Helian Guangyao was not willing. Helian Wei Wei was not in a rush. She had given 100,000 to the mercenaries and told them to make arrangements as they saw fit.

She always believed that money makes the world go round. She would like to see how long Helian Guangyao could hold out.

Oh, to spit out something that you've already put into your mouth, the feeling must be bad.

However, Helian Guangyao, don't you forget that all your have now once belonged to my mother, including the dowry for your daughter!

You think that it will be fine.

How could it be?

She had only just begun...

"Woman, no matter how you deal with Helian Guangyao, sooner or later you will have to face the four big families." Yuan Ming said evilly: "With your current ability, it will be difficult to go up against them. Those old men are ruthless when they have to deal with things. Even us demons can't stand it."

Helian Wei Wei finished making the last armament and said lightly: "Yes, you do know them very well. However, Yuan Xiaoming, you don't know me well enough."

Yuan Ming was stunned, the corner of his mouth thickened.

Two days later.

Marriage in the prosperous age, welcoming relatives for ten miles.

The wedding robe Baili Jia Jue wore was made with attention to detail, embroidered with the purple dragon intertwining. Even the cuffs were made with the most complicated golden fringes. It showed his rich and prosperous status.

His posture was tall and handsome, his face was clear and beautiful. There was a piece of horse rope in his slender fair hands, his slender legs were on either side of the horse. The red colour of the wedding robes made his face appear even fairer. His sleeves blew up in the north wind, it made him look like a royal god arriving from a faraway land.

Behind him was a large red wedding sedan that was lifted up by eight people, it occupied nearly half the street.

The commoners rushed to look on their tiptoes, a sigh of surprise left their mouths.

Helian Wei Wei was still sat in the wedding room. She was probably the first girl from a prominent family who had no parents to send her off on her wedding day.

However, she did not feel anything. Therefore, she did not inform the Master Supreme participating in a martial qi competition about the news of her wedding.

She was sat on a wooden chair lazily and let the servants comb her hair, yawning from time to time.

Bai Mei couldn't help but glance over at her. She didn't want to admit it, but this Helian Wei Wei was indeed different. She had never seen anyone so relaxed before their wedding.

What's more, she was marrying Master, the one who could stand in the clouds. At this point, she was afraid even her sister was no match for her.

"I don't need to wear those cloth wraps, they make me tired." Helian Wei Wei leaned back and her slender legs tapped the floorboards in a rhythm. Casual and elegant. No one dared to say anything.

The wedding nanny looked on and thought, her figure is not bad but her face is too dark. No many how much powder was applied, it was useless. It was unlucky the Third Prince could bear it, he probably didn't have a choice.