The Almighty Rich Daughter Is Explosively Cool Chapter 1017

    Chapter 1017: Season Finale

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    Sang Wu: "..."

    This idiot still has some spine.

    She leaned on the door with her arms in her arms and scanned the room.

    Nothing has changed, including all her belongings and facilities, which are exactly the same as before she left.

    With a sigh in his heart, Sang Wu suddenly felt that there was no need to stay awkward.

    She coughed slightly and called out: "Mu Jingheng."

    When Mu Jingheng heard the sound, he turned his head immediately, obediently like a dog, but his voice was a little choking, "Why do you call me?!"

    Sang Wu ignored his little temper and said, "Actually, it's not all because of my son that I chose to come back at this time."

    Mu Jingheng: "...What's the reason for that?"

    Sang Wu: "Because you will have a **** disaster in a few days, the kind of death."

    Mu Jingheng: "..."

    Xiao Ling also said something similar, but that was because he only teased him as the other party was to recognize his dad.

    Now this dead woman actually said the same...

    After thinking about her words for a while, Mu Jingheng didn't think about the truth or falsehood, but his face gradually darkened, "You curse me?!"

    Sang Wu said, "I'm a fortune teller."

    Mu Jingheng choked, then sneered, "So you brought your son back to collect the body for me?! No need, I have my dad!"

    Sang Wu shook his head and walked up to him, "I came back, on the one hand, I want to give Xiaoling a complete home, but at this time, the main thing is to break the disaster for you."

    Her eyes were bright and she said every word: "You are the man who wants to live with me for the rest of my life, and I won't let you die."

    With a bang, Mu Jingheng's whole brain exploded.

    Her words echoed over and over again.

    You are the man who wants to live with me all my life, and I will not let you die.

    The light in his eyes ranged from anger, to shock, from shock, to perplexity, from perplexity to surprise.

    He grabbed her shoulder, "You still care about me, right?! You don't have no feelings for me, right?!"

    Sang Wu just answered Mu Jianguo the same question, but at this moment, when facing Mu Jingheng, it was a little hard to tell.

    But I have said all the bold words just now, and there is a tendon in this man's head, and he will never understand unless he clicks through it.

    She hesitated for a while, and still said, "Although I am not as good as Qingqing, I am more than enough to deal with one of you."

    Mu Jingheng: "..."

    Sang Wu continued: "No matter how bad it is, I will threaten my life, and it is impossible for Qingqing not to help me."

    Mu Jingheng felt that his brain was not enough, " what do you want to say?"

    Sang Wu: "If I don't have any feelings for you and don't want to commit myself to you, you can't force me, let alone be pregnant with Xiao Ling."

    Mu Jingheng was stunned when he heard the words, his mind turned for a while, and finally realized the taste, the light in his eyes suddenly became extremely bright.

    He hugged Sang Wu in a hug, happily like a child, "It turns out you mother-in-law has been enamored with me!"

    Sang Wu: "..."

    She regretted being honest.

    Facts have proved that this is just shining with a little sunshine.

    While she was thinking about it, she heard Mu Jingheng ask again: "Why do you like me?"

    After the surprise, Mu Jingheng was a little uncertain.

    Everyone said he was stupid, even he felt so.

    Although Sang Wu said he would be angry when he didn't like him, but she also felt that she had such a high IQ that it was normal to not look down upon him.

    But when he heard her say that she was also happy with him, he was so excited that he couldn't believe it.

    Seeing Mu Jingheng's half-suspected and half-excited gaze, Sang Wu looked down at him, "Probably I am blind."

    Mu Jingheng: "..."

    The handsome face of the person who was still happy just now suddenly darkened, "You say it again!"

    Sang Wu: "I don't understand how I like you, I can only be blind."

    As soon as she finished speaking, she suddenly felt the world spin.

    Once again, he was put on the bed.

    Looking at the handsome face above her head, she said with a dazed look, "What are you going to do?!"

    Mu Jingheng stretched out his hand to tear off his tie, gritted his teeth and said, "Can't you guess the blind wife with high intelligence?"

    Sang Wu's pretty face turned black immediately, "What are you messing around?! It's not dark yet! Xiaoling doesn't know when he will come over, you get out of here!"

    Mu Jingheng got up and closed the door, took out his mobile phone and sent a message to Mu Jianguo, then threw it on the desktop.

    "Well, no one will bother us now. Xiaoling's dad will take you to rest assured that you won't be hungry or cold."

    Sang Wu was shocked by his shamelessness: "You actually sent a message to Dad about this?! Are you shameless?!"

    "It's enough if I want you." Mu Jingheng hugged the running Sang Wu and threw it back.

    "It's daytime now!"

    "I've been holding back for six or seven years, regardless of day and night!"


    "Shhh, here comes the bastard."


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