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    Chapter 516: Potential Potion

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    The difficulty in making potion potions is actually the phantom smelling grass.

    This kind of magical plant that was once used by wizards as currency was already a very rare magical plant in the era of Sigmund Bach.

    After Zygmunt Bach researched the potion potential of the phantom smelling grass, he kicked this precious magic plant to the brink of extinction.

    Today, four centuries later, sorcerers can only see the phantom sniffing grass in magical gardens in Europe.

    In fact, wizards have also studied how to grow Phantom Sniffing Grass. After all, where there is money, there is a market, and if there is a market, some people will try it, just like breeding runes for selling snake eggs.

    However, even the herbalists of the magic garden have never mastered the method of planting phantom scenting grass, which is quite delicate.

    Herbalists in the United States have spent a lot of money to "acquire" a few seedlings of the sniffing grass from the magic garden, spending a lot of manpower and material resources to finally feed them, but the planting failed because the leaves of the sniffing grass and Will not shine like copper.

    What they planted is not phantom scent grass, but some kind of strange plant.

    Later, the alchemist took those weird plants to study, and finally obtained some extracts from the liquid of those plants, and through the hands of the potionist, produced potent potions.

    Nicholas told Albert about the history of Potential Potions in the United States, and he was one of the participants.

    The most ridiculous thing is that the law of the Magic Congress of the United States prohibits the production of potent potions, but the senior officials of the Magic Congress at the time were aware of this matter and supported the experiment on the basis of Zhuo Guo. It is said that the cost of Zhuo Guo exceeded 10,000. .

    That was thirty years ago.

    At that time, Grindelwald made a mess of Europe, otherwise it would not be possible to get the seedlings of the phantom grass.

    "Potential potion is banned by the magic world" Albert guessed the reason.

    "Yes, it's forbidden, and it's still a felony. If you use the laws of the magical world in Britain, you will enter Azkaban prison." Nicholas had a weird expression. I'm afraid it will be stolen in a few days."

    "Understandable, so you changed its name."

    "Well, it's called magic booster now." Nicholas said with a smile, "Of course, no one dares to sell it on the surface."

    "After taking this medicine, the body will experience short-term discomfort, such as fever, weakness, blood vessel expansion, rapid heartbeat, and a certain degree of endurance to withstand the pain." He reminded kindly, "Of course, as long as it is over. Up."

    Albert directly opened the sealing wax and poured the potion potion into his mouth.

    It didn't feel much at first, but after the medicine entered the throat, it seemed to have drunk some terrible poison.

    There seemed to be a flame burning in his throat. Albert grabbed his neck with his hands and coughed violently.

    Serra raised her eyebrows and looked at Nicholas.

    "This is a side effect of drinking potency potion." Nicholas said calmly: "Catherine was like this back then."

    Soon, Albert's body temperature began to rise, and Nicholas put a bag of ice on his forehead to cool his head.

    The heartbeat speeds up obviously, the blood is rushing in the blood vessels, and the whole person seems to be in the burning flame, there is an illusion of going directly to heaven.

    This bad feeling lasted for about ten minutes before it gradually weakened and finally returned to normal. However, Albert's body and clothes were completely wet with sweat.

    "The reaction after taking the potion potion was a bit intense." Albert took a deep breath, "I almost thought I was going to die."

    "The effect should be very good!" Nicholas asked.

    "Effect?" Albert felt the change after drinking the potion, and fiddled around in the air a few times. A ball of light floated above his palm, "Magic power has indeed become stronger."

    No wand silent spell!

    Nicholas' eyes couldn't help but narrowed. Although the Glowing Curse was just a simple spell, many famous wizards couldn't do it to Albert's level.

    "It seems that the effect is very good."

    "No, I can only say that the effect is okay. My magical power is stronger than most wizards." Albert extinguished the light ball in his hand. "I'll talk about it later. I will take a shower first. Very uncomfortable."

    "I have asked Jack to prepare it for you." Nicholas said.

    The bathroom here is huge, expanded by the Non-Marking Stretching Curse, much like the prefect bathroom at Hogwarts. The water temperature was just right, Albert leaned lazily on the edge of the bath, opened the skill panel, and checked the effect of taking the potion potion.

    In fact, after taking the potion potion, he did feel that when he was using magic, his magic power had indeed become significantly stronger.

    The wizard's bloodline has reached level five, which is really a surprise, but level five does not seem to be the peak.

    If it weren't for using skill points, he really wouldn't dare to think about how much experience the ordinary level 5 skills would consume, it would be a bottomless pit.

    Although the magic power has indeed become stronger, the personal strength has not become much stronger. It still needs to master more magic and conduct professional training.

    When she came out of the bathroom, Serra was chatting with Nicholas in the hall, and Catherine came too, looking up and down Albert curiously, as if she wanted to see something from him.

    "You are also good at potions," she asked suddenly.


    "I have prepared the materials for Buffy Brain Rejuvenation for you." Kathleen still doesn't quite believe that Albert will refine Buffy Brain Rejuvenation, which is even more difficult than Fulin in a sense. The agent is still high.

    "I have Mr. Duggworth's improved formula here." Albert noticed the confusion in the eyes of several people, but did not hide it, "I gave him some advice last time."

    "You give advice to a potion master"

    Catherine couldn't believe her ears.

    "Why, is there a problem?"

    "No This medicine should actually be improved, and the materials are slightly different." Albert took the quill pen and wrote the required materials on a piece of parchment.

    Catherine picked up the parchment, glanced at it and said, "Wait a moment, I will help you prepare it."

    After speaking, she turned and left.

    "You have to go the way of Nico" Nicholas also realized one thing, frowned and reminded, "Nicol's success is because he has the Philosopher's Stone and has enough time, so he can be proficient and even achieve extraordinary achievements in many fields. ."

    "A lot of people have said this to me." Albert took a sip of black tea, and said calmly, "Actually, I didn't think about becoming the next Nico."

    Nicholas looked at Sierra, he hoped that the other party would persuade Albert.

    "Actually, Albert has only been in contact with the magic world for a few years. He is the most talented wizard in hundreds of years." Sierra explained, "So, I believe he has such talent and ability."

    "A few years, it's impossible, you mean he is a maji wizard." Nicholas was a little dazed, unable to understand why the heir of Wild Smith became a maji wizard.

    "In fact, I don't quite understand this matter, but Albert is indeed Wild Smith's heir. He is here and signing a contract with your granddaughter is the best proof." Serra is actually not clear, but Later, I simply didn't consider this matter. It didn't matter to him whether Albert was a Muggle wizard or not.

    "Does the wizard marry Maji?" Nicholas had already made up his mind automatically.

    It is indeed impossible in the American magic world, but Albert was born in England. In the British magic world, wizards are allowed to marry Maji, so it is not surprising that nature grows in the Maji world.