The 99th Divorce
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    The 99th Divorce Chapter 937

    Chapter 937 Showing Teethmarks

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    Shen Zhilie screamed and tried to push her away, but Yu Lilis hands and feet held him tightly.

    She bit his neck savagely, as if she was going to tear a chunk out of him.

    Shen Zhilie was horrified and shouted, "Yu Lili, whats wrong with you!"

    However, this enraged Yu Lili even more, and she bit down much harder.

    Shen Zhilies hands squeezed Yu Lilis arms, and she suddenly lost the strength that she was using to hold onto Shen Zhilie. He threw her on the sofa, gasping. He reached out, and his hand was full of red.

    When Yu Lili hit the sofa, she found herself confused. Yu Lili looked at the man in front of her and she felt a little dizzy. She took a closer look and found out that the man was Shen Zhilie?

    Shen Zhilie looked at her, his hands covering his neck, his face pale. He looked innocent and said, "I just ate some of your fried chicken. Why are you so fierce!" He looked aggrieved. "You see, you can see blood here."

    Yu Lili wiped her face, and her hands came away wet.

    Tears, and Something red is smeared around my mouth.

    Shen Zhilie saw her confused look and asked, "Did you just remember something?"

    What do I remember?

    Yu Lili didnt know when she had forgotten about that night, but she certainly remembered it now.

    That night, he treated me like that How could I forget? Such humiliation

    Yu Lili had been like a dog, humiliated and laughed at by everyone.

    Why? Yu Lili could remember trying to commit suicide, remember being bullied, remember why she wanted to die, but why couldnt she remember that she wanted to stay with Ou Ming?

    Why? Is there any reason to stay with this man any longer?

    I left because I was just a mistress. I always thought my status was not disgraceful, and I still had some self-respect But Ou Ming stole the only dignity I had left that night.

    Yu Lili wiped her tears away. When she stood up and was about to speak, she heard the sound of the front door opening.

    Ou Ming walked in. When he saw Shen Zhilie in his home, he was shocked. Immediately, his face turned dark.

    Ou Ming looked at Shen Zhilie and felt an unspeakable sorrow. He asked, "Why are you here?"

    Shen Zhilie covered his neck. When he turned to see Ou Ming, he felt awkward. "I"

    Yu Lili saw Ou Ming, and her face was also gloomy. Her eyes fell on Shen Zhilie, and she said with a gentle voice, "You should go now."

    Hearing Yu Lilis voice, Shen Zhilie sighed in his heart. Things are not good!

    Sure enough, Ou Mings face seemed more and more gloomy. He seemed to be swallowing a landmine, and the danger was at its peak.

    Shen Zhilie started to leave with his head down, but he was suddenly stopped by Ou Mings hand. Shen Zhilie was so stunned, his hand fell away from his neck. When his hand moved, it revealed the teeth marks on his white neck.