The 99th Divorce
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    The 99th Divorce Chapter 936

    Chapter 936 Reveal The Truth

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    "Birthday cake?"

    In Yu Lilis mind, there was a shoe swaying in front of her, and just above it, there was a smear of white cake.

    "Lick it clean!"

    Ou Mings voice seemed to be ringing in her mind.

    Shen Zhilie saw her expression change. Holding the lighter in his hand, he walked quietly to her side.

    Yu Lili stared at the blue flame, and it seemed to be a nightclub. In the nightclub, men and women were dancing wildly, and there were beautiful bar girls who were watching her and laughing at her.

    Countless pairs of eyes were staring them, their gazes filled with contempt, ridicule, sympathy, as if they were saying: Lick it clean, lick it clean, lick it clean!

    Yu Lili stood there. She wanted to escape, but there was another person behind her who stopped her.

    Shame, desperation.

    Yu Lili had never experienced such an unbearable situation. But then, the scene shifted to something that was even worse.

    That man, the man who she loved so deeply, had put her in the most unbearable and embarrassing situation

    Someone nearby lifted their phone and started recording a video, as a man raped her in public.

    In front of so many people, in front of everyone

    Ou Ming bowed his head and smiled, and it seemed very evil. His beautiful charming eyes were filled with flirtation and retaliatory pleasure. He whispered, "You are coming."

    Yu Lili shot up from her seat and screamed, "No way, no, Ou Ming, you are such an a**hole, a b*stard! Im done with it. Do you really think that I cannot live without you? You are so shameless, self-righteous!" She slammed her fists down on the "Ou Ming" in front of her, almost exhausting the strength of her body. She punched hard and without mercy.

    Shen Zhilie didnt say anything. He held out his hands and let her beat his palms.

    Although he did not feel much pain, it was definitely not easy to suffer.

    "Why are you doing this to me? What is the difference between your behavior and raping me in public?" Yu Lili cried, and she beat the man in front of her, but soon her hands were held.

    Tears suddenly fell as Yu Lili cried, "Why are you forcing me to remember? I have already forgotten, why do you want me to think about it!"

    Shen Zhilie held her hands and looked at her and asked, "What did I do to you in public?"

    Birthday? Cake?

    And then?

    She remembered, but she said nothing.

    Shen Zhilie looked at her and asked in a whisper, "What did I do to you? Tell me, okay?"

    Yu Lili couldnt say a word, and rushed toward him, slamming his chest. "B*tch! B*tch! B*tch!"

    Shen Zhilie snorted, holding her hands and stepping back. At the same time, he was beginning to feel embarrassed, but then he saw that Yu Lili was staring at him.

    Or, she was staring at Ou Ming.

    Shen Zhilie was scared of the look she was giving him. This was hatred. This was hatred that Shen Zhilie had never seen before.

    Does Yu Lili not love him? Why does she have such hatred?

    Shen Zhilie was looking at her, confused, when Yu Lili suddenly rushed toward him and jumped. She even wrapped both hands around his neck.

    The faint aroma sent Shen Zhilie head over heels, but then there was a sharp pain in his neck.