The 99th Divorce

The 99th Divorce Chapter 935

Chapter 935 Shen Zhilies Trap

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“It’s beautiful.” Yu Lili stared at the flame, and she looked a little dazed.

“Do you like it?” asked Shen Zhilie.

“Yes, I do,” Yu Lili said.

“How about I give it to you?” Shen Zhilie smiled and looked at her. She responded with a beautiful, full smile. “It’s all yours. Here, catch it.”

He moved his hand forward in a throwing motion, but the lighter never left his hand.

Yu Lili reached out her hand as if catching the lighter. Her fingers crossed the blue flame, and she seemed enthralled by it.

“Yu Lili,” Shen Zhilie whispered, “Do you know who I am?”

Yu Lili heard his words and still looked a little dazed.

“I am Ou Ming.” Shen Zhilie looked at her, taking on one of Ou Ming’s expressions, while laughing in an evilly charming way and raising his eyebrows.

“What?” Yu Lili looked at him, and the expression on her face was obviously relaxed. “You are back.”

“Yeah, I’m back. Do you still remember what happened?”

“What happened?” Yu Lili looked at him confusedly.

“The last time you were in pain, and we seemed to have an argument, am I right?” Shen Zhilie said leadingly. “After the quarrel, we separated for four years. Four years later, we met for the first time. What happened when we met again?”

Yu Lili was unaware, and her thoughts were drawn back to the past.

Yu Lili paused, and she replied, “Your driver hit me and broke my boss’s computer.”

“And then?”

“You compensated me for the computer, then went to my apartment and read my diary…” Yu Lili told the story, and Shen Zhilie listened with his eyebrows locked.

After Yu Lili’s voice fell, Shen Zhilie asked again, “And after that?”

“The hospital. I tried to commit suicide and you saved me. You took me to the hospital and refused to let me die…”

“What happened then?”

“I wanted to jump in the river, I wanted to jump off a building, but you wouldn’t let me die. In the end, I figured it out; I didn’t want to die anymore, because I wanted to be with you.”

Shen Zhilie noticed something and asked, “Why did you try to commit suicide several times?”

“Because I didn’t want to live,” Yu Lili answered very honestly.

“Why didn’t you want to live? I did some things that really hurt you, am I right? But you have forgotten. Try to remember, what have I done to you?” Shen Zhilie’s voice deliberately lowered, imitating Ou Ming’s. “Think about it, Miss Yu.”

The familiar appellation made Yu Lili’s eyebrows furrow.

“My head hurts…” said Yu Lili.

Shen Zhilie knew she was struggling. The event might have happened a long time ago, but it had caused indelible harm to Yu Lili.

This is the most fundamental reason for her sexual indifference, and… Ou Ming isn’t willing to tell me, or maybe he’s afraid to tell me.

Maybe remembering this will make Yu Lili consciously choose to leave Ou Ming. Then, Ou Ming could finally leave this girl alone and marry Shen Manting?

Yu Lili’s eyebrows were wrinkled, and her mind felt crowded with confusing thoughts.

Ou Ming did something obsessive, what was it?

“My head hurts, I can’t remember it!” Yu Lili held her head and suddenly looked up, catching sight of a faint blue light flashing in front of her.

Yu Lili’s mind seemed to have a flash of light. She was a bit stunned and said, “Birthday.”

Shen Zhilie’s eyes suddenly brightened. He asked, “Whose birthday?”