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    Chapter 934 Fried Chicken Beer And Shen Zhilie

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    Yu Lili walked over and said, "I cant eat if you are here."

    "Well, then youll have to lose weight, because I wont go. I have to wait for Ou Ming to come back here."

    "Ou Ming is not here. You should leave, and you can come back later."

    "No way." Shen Zhilie looked at Yu Lilis takeout and said, "What did you order? Can I see it?"

    "No!" Yu Lili opened the takeout and had a look.

    "Oh, its fried chicken." Shen Zhilie glanced into the bag and smiled. "How can you have no beer when you eat fried chicken? Wait a minute, Ill go get some beer."

    Yu Lili stepped aside to provide him with a clear path to the door.

    But soon, Shen Zhilie sat down again and said, "Thats not a good idea, since I wont be able to get in when I come back. Coke will be alright."

    It seemed that he had to make do with soda. He looked at Yu Lili. "You should set out the fried chicken and eat. I promise you cant finish it alone. Come on."

    Yu Lili snorted and reluctantly took out the fried chicken and placed it on the coffee table. The coffee table in front of Yu Lili was a little short, and she found a bottle of beer when she leaned over and opened the package.

    As soon as the package was opened, she smelled the fragrance.

    This is a lot of chicken, and I really cant finish it.

    She handed Shen Zhilie one of the small boxes of chicken, and he took it unceremoniously, looking at the only bottle of beer and saying, "Are there any cups? I want to drink some beer."

    Yu Lili gave him an angry stare and took a disposable cup from the small cupboard below the coffee table. Yu Lili poured herself a cup and gave the rest of the beer to Shen Zhilie.

    Shen Zhilie took a sip from the cup and smiled with satisfaction. "Great!"

    Yu Lili grabbed a chicken leg and ate with the same satisfaction. She said, "We have to finish eating soon. If Ou Ming catches us eating this, he will not be happy."

    "D*mn it, he wont even let you eat fried chicken?"

    "He says its junk food." Yu Lili ate as she showed a disgusted expression.

    "Thats annoying." Shen Zhilie glanced at Yu Lili, but he quickly turned his eyes, looked down, and said, "How did you find this store? Its so delicious, Ill order it myself next time!"

    "I just found it randomly." Yu Lili was full after eating a few pieces of chicken. She finished the rest of the beer, then pushed the fried chicken box to the side and said, "The rest is all yours, Im full."

    Shen Zhilie was shocked. "Do you usually eat so little?"

    "After eating, get out," said Yu Lili.

    "You are too ruthless. Well, since Im still eating something, cant you be a little gentler?" said Shen Zhilie.

    Yu Lili ignored him, and she looked down at her mobile phone.

    Shen Zhilie looked at her, and after he was full, he took a necklace out of his pocket. Yu Lili glanced at the necklace, not even realizing that she was. When she saw it in Shen Zhilies hand, she was drawn to examine it.

    Shen Zhilie shook the necklace and said, "Look at this necklace."

    "I saw it, why?" said Yu Lili.

    "Do you like it?" Shen Zhilie asked.

    When Yu Lili heard his question, she knew that he was probably setting another trap for her, so she pouted her mouth disdainfully and looked away. But just as she turned her head, she saw a flash of light shining in front of her eyes.

    Shen Zhilie smiled lightly. Then he took out a lighter, turning it in front of her, and asked, "Isnt this beautiful?"