The 99th Divorce
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    The 99th Divorce Chapter 933

    Chapter 933 Can You Get Out Now?

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    Yu Lili was shocked to see Shen Zhilie standing innocently next to the delivery man. She took the takeaway and wanted to close the door, but Shen Zhilie stopped her and stood there as if this was normal. He held the door open firmly and smirked. He casually asked, "What did you order? I havent eaten yet, why dont we eat together?"

    Yu Lili glanced at him angrily and said, "I didnt order very much. Im sure there isnt enough for both of us to eat!"

    "It doesnt matter. I saw that you have some bread in the fridge, Ill just eat that!"

    Yu Lili couldnt think of a retort and stared at him in amazement.

    Is there such a shameless person like him in the world?

    The delivery man was stunned. A moment later, Shen Zhilie pushed the door open and squeezed into the apartment.

    "Oh my goddess, why dont you turn on the lights? Its so dark here." Shen Zhilie found the switch and turned on the light in the living room. He went straight to the refrigerator and took out a bottle of Coke. He said, "Why are you looking at me like that? Lets a sit."

    Yu Lili stood and looked at him, still in shock. She was about to collapse and shouted, "Is this your home or my home?"

    "We are family, why do you say this about your home or my home? My sister and future brother-in-law are having dinner with the Ou family to talk about the wedding. Sooner or later, youll have to call me a brother," Shen Zhilie said and took a sip of cola.

    Yu Lili suddenly felt a tightness in her mind. All of the bitterness and discomfort that she had forced down suddenly came back up again.

    This guy Is he trying to hurt me deliberately?

    Yu Lili sneered at him. She threw the takeaway on the table and said, "Do you just want to remind me that Im a home wrecker and a mistress? I know I am! Can you get out now?"

    Shen Zhilie stopped in the middle of a sip of Coke and looked at her.

    Yu Lili looked seriously determined. Her eyes were red as if she was trying to hold back tears. Of course, she would not let herself cry in front of him.

    She is cute.

    Shen Zhilie raised his eyebrows slightly and shrugged. He said, "I didnt mean that. I am just telling you the truth. I honestly thought you didnt care. You live in a mans house, the purpose of doing so is either for money or sex. I know that you are sexually indifferent, so you are certainly not here for sex. So, it must be for money, right?"

    Shen Zhilies words were too straightforward. Yu Lilis face grew hot all at once, and she shouted at the top of her lungs, "Get out!"

    Shen Zhilie snorted. He blinked and stared at Yu Lilis back with surprise. "Hey, why are you coming back so early?" Shen Zhilie asked.

    Yu Lili was shocked and turned quickly to shout again, but, there was no one there. When she turned back the way she had been facing, Shen Zhilie had taken out a lighter. He flicked it once, and a blue flame came jumping out at her.

    Yu Lili only glanced at it, but she couldnt help but be attracted to the blue flame.

    It is so beautiful!

    "Isnt it beautiful?" Shen Zhilie asked in that seductive voice of his. His lips twitched into a smirk, and he quickly turned the lighter in his hand.

    Yu Lili watched his movements. She quickly decided to jump back from the flame. She looked at him with a sigh of relief. He had not hypnotized her this time. She roared, "Its not beautiful, now get out!"

    Shen Zhilie felt some difference. He looked at her and said with a smile, "Jesus, your spirit is quite strong. If you were a character in a martial arts novel, your name would be Little Dragon Maiden."

    Is he praising me, or belittling me?

    "Have your dinner," Shen Zhilie put the lighter away and said, "I was just trying to test you, nothing more. After all, you are my patient. It is my responsibility to cure you."