The 99th Divorce
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    The 99th Divorce Chapter 914

    Chapter 914 Are You Recovering From The Frigidity?

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    Ou Ming held Yu Lili close the whole night.

    Yu Lili ached all over because the sofa was too small to accommodate both of them. Ou Ming had held her all night without letting go, so she didn’t dare to move. They had stayed in the same position all night, and their bodies were stiff. Ou Ming woke up in the dark with a splitting headache and looked down at the woman in his arms. She was still wearing her work clothes.

    Yu Lili woke up as Ou Ming stirred. He liked the feeling of holding Yu Lili like this, so he didn’t let go. He hugged her closer and asked, “How did I come back last night?”

    Yu Lili didn’t know whether to laugh or get angry. She elbowed him in the stomach as she said, “How dare you have the audacity to say that!”

    She laughed and told what had happened yesterday, but Ou Ming wasn’t really listening.

    “You don’t remember?” Yu Lili asked. She looked at him and felt a little disappointed.

    Ou Ming shook his head and said, “Not really, but there is one thing I remember very well.”

    “What is that?” Yu Lili asked curiously.

    Ou Ming leaned over her, pressed himself against her, and inquired, “Are you recovering from the frigidity?”

    Yu Lili blushed. Before she could respond, Ou Ming hugged her again and bowed down to kiss her.

    The sensual kisses fell onto Yu Lili’s neck and collarbone. The traces of last night’s lovemaking were still there, which made Ou Ming smile. He slowly entered her, excited to please her again.

    When he did, Yu Lili moaned loudly. She folded her legs and had to grit her teeth to stand him. The sofa swayed with their movements, but Yu Lili didn’t feel as she did last night. It was even a little painful.

    It’s not the same as last night.

    Yu Lili frowned and pushed him away. When he pulled himself out of her, his member was covered in thick, sticky blood.

    Ou Ming was shocked and asked stupidly, “Are you bleeding?”

    Yu Lili reached down and felt the blood coming out of her. She felt a sharp pain in her stomach. She thought she was sore from sleeping on the couch all night, but now it seemed that she was sore because of her period. She calculated her period cycle and realized it was late. Her period should’ve started two days ago.

    Yu Lili noticed Ou Ming’s disgusted expression. She smiled and said, “It looks like I started my period.”

    She knew that Ou Ming was grossed out because his lips were convulsing. Yu Lili felt a little guilty and bowed her head. She also knew that he would be disappointed that they didn’t get to finish.

    Suddenly, she raised her eyes and shouted, “What time is it?”

    Yu Lili looked at the clock – it was a quarter past eight in the morning!

    “I’m screwed. I’m screwed!” She shouted. Yu Lili jumped up and began putting on her clothes. “It’s too late to go to work. What should I do? The editor-in-chief doesn’t like me, and if she catches me coming in late, she will fire me. This is all your fault!”

    Ou Ming frowned at her words. He tried to be gentle as he asked, “Why does the editor-in-chief dislike you?”

    “How should I know? I was hired for the assistant editor position, but the editor-in-chief told me I had to work as a receptionist. She acts like I take advantages at work. My God, she’s going to be so angry!”

    Ou Ming watched her as she rushed to get ready. He tried to hold her down and said, “Don’t go to work today, take the day off.”