The 99th Divorce

The 99th Divorce Chapter 651

Chapter 651 Ou Ming You Will Regret It.

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“It’s me.” Li Sicheng repeated.

Ou Ming had lost his voice, and he said after a long while, “No way, Li Sicheng?”

Li Sicheng had a hint of a smile in his eyes and joked, “I haven’t seen you for more than four years. Are you stupid now?”

Ou Ming felt that he must be dreaming, pinched himself, then hung up the phone and initiated a video call. It was picked up soon, and the face of Li Sicheng appeared in front of him.

“Are you alive? Still alive?” Ou Ming asked, his face full of disbelief. “You are still f**king alive? Not dead?”

“What do you think?”

When Li Sicheng said that, Ou Ming only felt that he was on fire, but at the same time, his eyes were immediately covered with fog. His eyes hot and red, he excitedly asked, “Where are you?”

“Home, old house.”

“Wait for me. I am on a business trip in the capital!” Ou Ming immediately called his assistant. “Help me book the fastest flight back to Kingstown!”

The assistant said, “But, they are still waiting for us to sign the contract. There is an event with Shengfeng tomorrow, and the day after tomorrow…”

“Cancel all of them!” Ou Ming waved his hand, and the assistant looked a bit troubled.

“No need,” Li Sicheng stopped him and felt a bit amused. “Business first. I will not believe after coming back this time.”

Ou Ming heard this and saw the assistant’s worried look. He sighed and nodded. “Okay, wait for me.”

“Of course.” Li Sicheng smiled slightly and reached out with a fist to bump it against the screen of the mobile phone. Ou Ming also reached out a fist. The assistant saw this and went out again, closing the door behind him. For a time, in the entire conference room, only Ou Ming was left. Ou Ming’s heart was torn, and when he sat back in his chair, he even had some difficulty in breathing. Finally, he came back.

He was still alive, he was still alive He finally came back. How amazing. He is back, what about her?

In his mind, a face that had been away for four years reappeared. Her arrogance, fierceness, and behaviors were vividly engraved in his mind.

Four years ago, she aborted his child and said mercilessly, [Ou Ming, do you think you’re charming? No joke, I have been very clear from the beginning, I want your money! Now that I have enough money, it is only normal that I want to break up with you! Why do I want to have your child? I am not that cheap! I did that deliberately. I don’t want your child, so I took the medicine to get rid of it. Now that you have f**ked me, it is only you. You killed your own child!]

At that time, he was so angry that he slapped her, and almost choked her to death in bed. In the end, the nurse came in in time and asked someone to pull him away.

Yu Lili’s eyes were red, and she glared at him and roared: [Ou Ming, you will regret it! ]

[Regret? The only thing I regret is to sleep with a woman like you! Because of you, I killed my brother, unless he becomes alive again, I will never have anything to do with you for the rest of my life! Get lost! Do not appear in this city later, otherwise I will find someone to kill you! Bitch! ]

Too exhausting. It was too exhausting to keep a woman who did not like him around. Ou Ming put his elbows on the table and held his head in pain.