The 99th Divorce
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    The 99th Divorce Chapter 602

    Chapter 602 Danger

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    Parent-child outfits? Li Sicheng put his hands into his trouser pockets and slowly followed them.

    Li Jianyue was held by Lu Yihan with a big smile on her pink face. Looking around with her round and dark eyes, she saw a clown was selling cotton candy, surrounded by a lot of children and parents. Li Jianyue saw the colorful marshmallows and the balloons floating in the wind, and her eyes were shining. She begged with a sweet voice, “I want it, Uncle Lu. I want cotton candy, and also balloons!”

    Li Jianqian was with Li Mosen. Shuang Yu bought sugar apples for them, and they walked inside while eating.

    Lu Yihan lined up to buy the little girl cotton candy and balloons. Li Jianyue held the balloon in one hand and the cotton candy in the other, giggling with her face sticky. From time to time, Su Qianci took out a wet tissue to wipe her face. Lu Yihan smiled and gazed at the gentle movements of Su Qianci, looking satisfied.

    Su Qianci did not notice the expression of Lu Yihan and complained, “Look at you, all sticky!”

    Li Jianyue handed the bare stick to Su Qianci and shook her head. “Not sticky. I still want to eat more.”

    “You’re not allowed to. Too much candy will rot your teeth,” Su Qianci said righteously, taking her stick and throwing it into a trash can.

    Li Jianqian and Li Mosen entered the amusement park, and they were more excited than Li Jianyue. Pulling each other, they finally went to the ground to play the shooting game.

    Su Qianci and Li Jianyue watched them shoot in the back. The girl pulled her hand and whispered, “Mommy, I want to pee.”

    Su Qianci picked her up and excused themselves to Lu Yihan, then she took the little girl to the toilet. Li Jianyue had no idea how to put on her overalls herself. After using the bathroom, the buttons were all wrong. When she opened the bathroom door and came out, Su Qianci almost laughed. The belts were twisted, and the pants were almost falling.

    Asking the little girl to wash her hands, Su Qianci helped her button up. Li Jianyue smiled and asked for a hug, and then they went out to the bathroom together.

    Not far from the bathroom, there was an air ride for children accompanied by an adult. It did not look dangerous, just about 10 feet high. There was laughter of children coming from the ride from time to time. Li Jianyue’s eyes lit up.

    “Mom, Ersu wants to play that!” Li Jianyue sounded sweet and pointed at the small plane above. “So much fun. Let’s play together!”

    “Okay, let’s go.”

    Li Jianyue was put down by Su Qianci and they went behind the line. The line was not long, and it was soon their turn. Su Qianci fastened Li Jianyue’s seat belt, and then hers. She whispered, “Don’t be afraid. It will be pretty high later.”

    “I am not afraid of it!” Li Jianyue’s little face was full of excitement, feeling nervous inwardly when she looked down.

    The small plane moved, Li Jianyue felt that she was flying and screamed, “Mom, I am flying! Ah!” Her voice was childish and tender, mixed with laughter.

    Su Qianci saw her so happy and reached out to hug her. However, suddenly there was a muffled sound underneath. Feeling that she was almost thrown out, Su Qianci suddenly panicked. With lot of screams, someone shouted, “Oh my! That little plane is going to fall!”